2015 Yearly and February Goals


Before you read this post, I request that you watch this video first. 

Did you watch it? 

Good. Because there are a lot of GOALS in this post and you're gonna need that song to get you through this! HAHA. I'm kidding. Kinda.

Alright, now that you're going up, on a Tuesday with me, let's get to it!

In case you missed my post yesterday, you can read how I spent my January here or scroll down to the next post.

These were Drew and My 2014 Goals 

1. Stress less = less busy. Simplify our lives, commitments and schedules.
2. Mentally prepare and get comfortable with the idea of Baby Nelson's in 2015 or 2016.
3. Vacation - Just the two of us.
4. More fun. More spontaneity. More adventure. More dates.
5. Meet Steph and Neal.
6. Figure out our housing situation. To build or buy? Save. Save. Save.
7. Count Our Blessings, Daily.

We were able to complete all but number 3. BUT we did travel a bunch and made some really awesome memories! :)

Personal Goals from 2014

Learn Film
Host The Glow Workshop again
Cook and Prepare more meals for Drew ( Betty Crocker hates me )  Still need to work on this, though.
Gain more confidence/Stop apologizing for who I am  Some months were better than others.
Guest speak at a conference/Inspire/Teach/Help the growth of others
Limit the amount of weddings I photograph/More selective  Will be doing this again and applying what I learned this year.
Travel to a place I've never been - We went to NYC and Charleston (both places we had never been before!)
Take more photos of MY life - FAILED. BIG TIME. Does my iPhone count?
Own a bike with a basket - BEST DAY EVER
Try something new  I tried calligraphy, and other fun things throughout the year!
See my work published in a magazine (DREAM BIG! WHY NOT!?) -  I had a photo of mine featured in Southern Weddings! :)
Less complaining & Less Wanting - I am blessed! I have all I need.
Trust my gut instinct. It hasn't failed me yet but I've failed to listen to it, way too many times
Stop holding back in fear of what other's will think/ BE FREE - I was up and down with this.
Finally make the Vegas trip happen with my blog girls we've been talking about for two years


2014, you weren't too shabby my friend! There were ups and downs, just like any year…but you were different. A good different and a pivotal year for me. I felt you change doubts in my heart, in big, big ways…and you helped me get outside of my comfort zone. I learned A LOT about friendships and this business, you helped me test new waters, gifted me with a bible study with amazing women and budding friendships…you opened my eyes and helped me see the value of my work, my time, and my profession more than ever before. God was bold in my life and lead me to have deep conversations with Him that I won't ever forget. He helped me navigate through those deep dark woods and swim through troubled waters which helped reveal the core of my heart. He showed me how you want me to use my gifts and how I should serve others well. The unknown place of "success?"at the end of the road that I've been thinking I've been traveling towards like every person in life…was the wrong path. I didn't realize it until that day in November when you and I had that hard three hour conversation full of tears, worry, anxiety and frustration that turned into an understanding of meaning, love, faith, hope and purpose. I'm jumping in to this new year using everything He has taught me and letting him guide EVERYTHING I do, rather than letting Him guide most of my steps…It's all Him now. I'm all in, with more understanding of why He choses our paths and steps…so with one foot in front of the other, here we go, with all the faith, hope and trust you've instilled in me.

2015 Yearly Goals with Drew

1. Take a trip, just the two of us to Lake Louise.
2. Establish and Build Savings Account by 30%
3. Plan our forever home
4. Finish remaining renovations left in our home (Master Bath, Yard/Landscaping, Countertops in kitchen)
5. Start a "Nelson" book club between the two of us.

My Personal Yearly Goals

1. Go all in with #lovethenelsonsproject and not look back.
2. Photograph a wedding in Europe
3. Have a full shoot of mine in PRINT
4. Finally get a business website up
5. Floss Every Day

It's now officially LOVE MONTH!!! Bring on all the puffy hearts, chocolates, teddy bears, and cheesy cards! This month has shaped up to be extremely exciting and FULL of fun!

February Goals

1. Announce My Passion Project…I have butterflies in my stomach just typing that.

2. Get published in a magazine … My very first film session is going in Magnolia Rouge and I can't breathe. Basically.

3. Travel to Memphis for a girls weekend.

4. Share some fun features with you guys that I will get to be a part of this month

5. Photograph The School of Styling Workshop

6. Photograph Three Engagement Sessions

7. Photograph One Bridal Session

8. Visit my friend LEAH in Houston when she comes visit from Michigan

9. Host Steph and Neal here in Austin (Can't wait!!!)

10. Attend the She Inspires Experience that my dear friend Nycia is hosting! YOU SHOULD COME!

11. Go on a fun Valentine's Day adventure with my sexy husband


13. Buckle my seatbelt and proceed with the #lovethenelsonsproject adventure

14. Limit myself to one diet Dr. Pepper a day

15. Drink MORE water

16. Start Pilates Classes, again to get myself in shape so I can have energy again!

17. Start THIS program with my friend Brittany

18. Take a hip hop dance class and shake my tail feather like a boss!

19. Finish Season 2 of New Girl with Drew

20. Pay it Forward, every single week.


  1. If you come to Memphis, Call me! :)

  2. You are going to rock 2015's socks off my dear. Lots of great things happening this year and I love that you get to start it off with such a clear heart and mind. You've got this!

  3. These are some amazing goals! I can't wait to hear about your new project. If you need any good recommendations for Memphis I can help.

  4. Ok so I started following you on IG for #hattiethehedgehog photos and this is the first time I've read your blog. I think we could be great friends! My husband and I started our own little book club last year and we loved it! I also started pilates last year and I am forever hooked. It is amazing and you will love it!

  5. BEST goals ever and you are going to rock them sweet thang!!! Missing you muchly x

  6. Shay, I think you're so amazing. I loved reading how God has worked in you and has grown you in 2014. I'm seriously super excited for you and 2015!! He's gonna make it waayyy better than you ever dreamed, and I believe that. And your goals for this month are bomb - kill 'em!

    P.S. I haven't been to your blog in a while, but I am in LOVE with your new blog design. It's perfect!

  7. Literally can't wait to hear about your top secret passion project. God is doing big things through you, girl!!

  8. Memphis is a great place to go! (That's where I'm from!!) Enjoy it and eat some BBQ!! :)

  9. I'm so jealous that you are going to get to meet up with Leah, she's my favorite, along with you of course ;) ! Those are some awesome goals, and I can't wait to learn more about your project, it sounds so exciting!