November Goals


Hey! Remember me!? I'm coming up from a sea of wedding editing real quick to say hello! :) Hi! What's up y'all!? :) I've had my goals ready to go since November 1st, but I have failed to post. Mostly because I have a to do list the size of the grand canyon and well, I'm just plain overwhelmed right now. It's a great thing, no doubt, but I'm just trying to keep my head down until I can get caught up!  It's been a whirlwind of a wedding season, let me tell ya!

That photo above? That's a photo I took in Bend, Oregon where I got to spend 4 amazing days learning at the Erich McVey Workshop. If you check out the hashtag #erichmcveyworkshop on Instagram, you can see all the incredible work that the attendees got from the workshop as well. I'm amazed at all the talent that I was surrounded by - True, TRUE artists! I'll be recapping this here on the blog very, very soon.

Okay - October. Duuuuude! You win man. It was a close race, and I didn't go down without a fight, but I bow my head to you. You were brutal. Simple as that. Yet so eye opening at the same time. All I know is that I am ready to make the necessary changes both personally and professionally so I can live a life with more meaning, a clear head and heart, and that will allow myself a lot more Grace. God has been moving mountains in my life this month and I'm already feeling things making a dramatic change. :)

I need to get back to editing (light at the end of the tunnel, where you at yo!?) so let's get to it!

How did I do on my October Goals?

October Goals

Attend Erich McVey Workshop (!!!)


Photograph Three Weddings

Photograph Six Sessions

Pay It Forward

Go on a HOT date with Drew

Celebrate my Brother's Birthday

Meet my love muffin from South Africa Caley! :)

Go to the Pumpkin Patch

Organize File Cabinet and DVD backup drives

Continue attending Pilates Class - Add a Cycling Class during the week steps!

Declutter Home - Clean out CLOSET

November Goals

Finish Editing EVERYTHING  in my editing que... Fingers crossed!

Photograph 5 sessions

Photograph our last 2 weddings of 2014

Go on a HOT date with Drew

Declutter Home - Clean out CLOSET

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Family / WORK FREE

New Pricing Guide

Blog More Sessions/Work/Weddings

Make First Step Toward a HUGE Passion Project of Mine

Tidy Up My Home/Office

Decorate for Christmas

For November, I simply just want to get all my editing done (this is going to be my whole month - let's be real), celebrate our last weddings of the season, spend whatever left over time I have with family and hot husband, tidy up things around here, tie up the lose ends, and start working on/implementing the big changes we are going to be making in our business for 2015.

Annnnnd go! :)

Oh, DUH! Here's a playlist I've been working away to these days. Hope you like it! :)


  1. LOVIN the music playlist I am listenin to it as I work away right now :) Great goals mamacita and can't wait to see what your big passion project is - and you better go on that hott date with your man!!!!! xoxo

  2. That picture is gorgeous!!! Make sure you go on that hot date this month, its well deserved and I can't wait to hear about your passion project (:

  3. Hiiii friend... These are awesome goals - and good on you for working on the price list AND I'm excited for your passion project x

  4. I ALWAYS look forward to your playlists! Thanks for sharing!

  5. yay! you are awesome and I can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2015. :)

  6. You got this girlfriend!! Just keep plugging away & it will all happen!!

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