October Goals


Hey love monkeys!!! :)

It's about that time of year when my friends and family stop asking me what I'm doing and what my plans are on the weekends. WEDDING SEASON is here and I'm officially in game mode. October is about to ra-ra-rock me to the core and I'm over here putting black ink on my cheeks saying, "BRING IT!"

I'm actually going to keep things simple, straight and to the point today...I know, you're like yeahhhh right Shay, since when have you done that!? OH, since...NOW! :)

I'm currently about to finish editing a wedding and a bridal session, headed to a Pilates class, which will shortly be followed up by prepping for a wedding this weekend, which will then be followed up by an airplane ride straight to Portland, Oregon! I need coffee, coffee, coffee and energy drinks in mass amounts starting nooooow.

OH! Real quick! :) For inquiring minds...just thought I'd let y'all know that the watercolor print shop thing I've been doing for, oh...FOREVER now...yeah. We finally have a launch date.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th LADIES AND GENTS! Mark them calendars!!!! :) I'll be writing a post here later this month about how the shop will run, what will be available, etc. etc. I'm really nervous/excited y'all! I hope you are too! :)

Alright, let's get on with it shall we? :)



Photograph Three Bridal Sessions

Photograph Two Weddings

Pay It Forward

Finish ALL Summer Weddings to prepare for a busy Fall season

Repaint Kitchen

Finish Kitchen Floors/Countertops

Go on a date with Drew

Get Hair Done

Clean off Computer Desktops and Organize Hard drives (again)

Organize File Cabinet and DVD backup drives

Join Cycling or Pilates Class on a regular basis

Declutter Home

Clean out CLOSET

Re-Organize Office (I need a little refresh right about now) :)

Get Cameras and Lenses Serviced/Cleaned

Practice on my CONTAX more (Waiting on my first two rolls as we speak! SO excited and nervous!)

October Goals

Attend Erich McVey Workshop (!!!)


Photograph Three Weddings

Photograph Six Sessions

Pay It Forward

Go on a HOT date with Drew

Celebrate my Brother's Birthday

Meet my love muffin from South Africa Caley! :)

Go to the Pumpkin Patch

Organize File Cabinet and DVD backup drives

Continue attending Pilates Class - Add a Cycling Class during the week too...baby steps!

Declutter Home - Clean out CLOSET


Whooty whootyyyyy shakeeee yoooo booootayyyy! :)

Oh, and here's a playlist for you guys! ENJOY!!! :)

Shaytastic Mix October by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark


  1. Girlfran you did a whole little check! Check! Check! In September!! Jealous of your trip to Oregon!! Even if it is for work, it's going to be beautiful & awesome!!

  2. YEAH!!! So excited for the shop!!! :)

  3. yay for your shop opening, i am beyond stoked!!! i hope you take custom orders ;)
    also...love love love your playlists!!! I play them while i work all the time.

  4. Love your playlists! I listen to them all day while I edit :)

  5. And now I'm singing All About That Bass at work... love it! Can't wait for your shop to open!

  6. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!! WOO HOO!! I made the list :) Counting down the days lovely lady x