Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Goals

Hey Y'all! :) 

WASSSSAAAAAP!? Anyone remember this from back in the day? Just takin' y'all BACK because I'm cool like that. :) 

I've been out of the country the past couple of days photographing a beautiful wedding in Mexico, and I'm trying to get a grasp on these November monthly goals…but honestly, I can't even seem to get past an overwhelming to-do list that is starring at me in the face right now. It's RUDE I tell ya! :)  I'm not going to lie…I wish I could just push a button and everything say, "COMPLETE! DONE! YOU DID AWESOME! WAY TO GO SHAY! YOU KICKED BOOOTTAAAY! GO KICK YOUR FEET UP AND WATCH KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS GUILT FREE!" But, then I quickly come back to this thing called REAL LIFE, realize that I need to watch better television shows, and really FEEL the slap upside the head and LISTEN that little voice in the back of my head: "GET ER DONE!..GET. ER. DONE!" 

OKAY. OKAY. OKAY. I am. And I will. But here's the thing. 

Life and business are making my days seem like a complete and total blur. I've been warned that "wedding season" is HARD. I was feeling really discouraged a minute ago when I looked at my list of photos to edit, e-mails to answer, clients waiting, a workshop that's JUST days away, obligations, chores haunting me, text messages from family and friends needing me and asking when we can visit, dogs who want me to play with them for more than 2 minutes, and an empty fridge delightfully decorated with dead lettuce, baking soda, molded cheese, and a half empty water bottle. All I could think of when I got home from this past weekend was, "Lord, Help me!" And then I checked Facebook and saw these two statuses from other wedding photographers: 

"15 engagement/portrait sessions and 4 weddings in the last 30 days. My hard drives are full, and my pantry/refrigerator are bare. Today I am thankful for a day of rest....aka grocery shopping for the first time in over a month. And oh yes...laundry. Loads and loads of laundry. Specifically Jordan and I's coats which got pooped on by flying geese at our shoot yesterday. Haha great way to end this chaotic season!!"

"'Tis the season of weddings. All of my wedding-work clothes have holes in them, my shoes are falling apart, and my right hand and shoulder have perpetual soreness. Hoorah! Let's do it again tomorrow!"

I am not alone. I FEEL BETTER.

October was insane. Just insane. A good insane, no doubt! AND really…I'm thankful for all of it. It makes me feel human because let's face it-  I am not superwoman. 

I am however, a wife. I am a daughter. I am a sister. I am an aunt. I am a friend. I am a photographer. I am a business owner. I am ME and I am doing the absolute best I can at all of those things. That's all that matters. Trying your best. Doing your best. I refuse to apologize for it.

Even on days that I feel discouraged, not good enough, not quick enough, not awesome enough…I still can't help but look up and say, "Thank you." Shoot-chy'all! I'm forever thankful for this season of life and all the lessons it is teaching me. 

THANKFUL doesn't even begin to describe my heart right now. 

I do feel like I'm in a weird place with my life and business. I have so many aspirations, goals, wants, needs, dreams, desires, and thoughts that drench my thoughts day in and day out. I crave stability, confidence, consistency and a place where I can feel like I can look at myself and say, "THIS IS IT YO! YOU HAVE MADE IT. YOU HAVE IT TOGETHER." 

Pshh. One day. Maybe. Hopefully that day will come.

But for now, I'm going to be thankful for this time of growth and learning - this season of complete awkwardness and coming into my own. I will embrace the good, the rough patches, the battle of trying to get to where I want to be professionally and personally.I will be thankful that I am just on the journey. That's something I need to be proud of right? I'll celebrate that TODAY and every day. I'm thankful for these moments the Lord has given me and I won't question it, get impatient or upset with it. Even if I struggle to feel that way, I am making the conscious effort to be optimistic. Things take time. It's a good place to be, even if it doesn't necessarily feel peaceful or meet my desires.

I AM DOING MY BEST. Granted - My best might not be as good as your best, or be "the best" according to other's standards- but that's okay. My best is MY best. 

I constantly go back and read this article my friend Lauren wrote on her blog, Love, Milk and Honey a couple of months ago. I feel like I could have written this post word for word, thought for thought…but sadly, I didn't. Go read it HERE. It's exactly what I want to say right now. 

ALRIGHT- Enough of my long-winded-ness! Let's get on with it! :) 


Do a proper introduction of Hattie (I swear it's coming)
Go to a Yoga Class 
Before/After Front Foyer (SOON!)
Photograph SIX weddings this month
Get a freaking hair cut (Haven't since last DECEMBER y'all! - My hairs are not happy with me.)
Prep for GLOW Workshop with Amanda
Work out 3 times a week (NO excuses!)
Early to Rise - Early to Bed
Make Smores with Drew
Manage my social media use - Live more IN the moment rather than checking my phone 
Follow new business hours - FRIDAYS OFF (With Drew since it's our only day we have together)
Cook a new fall recipe and eat it even if it tastes terrible lol
Go to the Pumpkin Patch and pick out the cutest, plumpest pumpkin ever! Name her Pam. 
Continue to work on Love, The Nelsons Website
Pay it Forward
Tile Front Porch
Get Carpet Installed Upstairs
Manage my stress - Working out, breathing, praying, YOGA, Chocolate, Sour Patch Kids... :) 
Start saving for a Contax (THIS could take awhile haha)
Do something spontaneous and fun

I tried my best to Rock October, and I would say I did okay! :) Didn't get everything done, but I def. tried. 


Do a proper introduction of Hattie (I swear it's coming)
Go to a freakin' Yoga Class (ANYONE WANT TO GO WITH ME!?)
Before/After Front Foyer
Tile Front Porch
Continue to work on Love, The Nelsons Website
Photograph Two Weddings (Ending my 2013 Wedding Season!)
Photograph Six Sessions (Ending my 2013 Portrait/Engagement/Bridal Season!)
Spend more time in prayer - Really work on my relationship with the Lord where I fail.
Go to the deer lease with my family
Take my advanced calligraphy course with Lauren
Finish Reading "Boundaries"
Complete all October/November weddings by first week in December (Fingers crossed)
Do my best and not apologize for it
Continue to NOT be glued to my phone
Pay It Forward
Drink MORE water (No more kidney stones, please!)
Tell someone in my life thank you every single day
Host a friend in Austin
Finish Guest Bathroom Renovations
Make my bed every day
ONLY ONE SOUR PATCH KID BAG EVERY TWO WEEKS (This will be really hard, sadly)
Take Christmas Card Phi-zotos
Research places to go for my 5 year wedding anniversary with Drew in March! (DANGGGG GINA!)
Make out with Drew (HAHA! Jk. ;)) Okay - I'm totally serious.)

What are your goals this month!?!? :) 

Photo Credit: Ryan Ray


  1. Great Post and an excellent reminder that your best is the very best YOU can do-which is awesome! You are extremely talented and an inspiration to many, many people. Oh & I would totally join you for a yoga class!

  2. I know you'll do great in November. You are such an amazing photographer and hope to do as good as you one day, as I reopen my photography business (and going at it from a whole different perspective).

    When will we get to see your new site?


  3. you are going to kick ass this month. just like you do every month. also, just buy the realllllly big bag of sour patch kids.

  4. You always have to have a good make out sesh! :)

  5. Hang in there, Girl! It will slow down and God will be glorified. :)

  6. Love the goals! :) You are always so inspiring! I just wrote out a few of my goals last night on the blog too!


  7. Girlfriend I think you did great in October!! I know you have been sooo stinking busy (total blessing though) but, you rocked October & I know you will November as well!

  8. Dang this is super cute! I went through the "breaking up with sour patch kids" phase a while ago too and it was really hard... but it's do-able and you can do it! And you're teeth will like you more.. and if you're like me, then you won't get those canker things from having too much sugar. When in doubt just have an apple.. or an orange.. or grapes... or something that's kinda sweet and sour. :) Happy November!