Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lulu's Style Series: What I Wear to Photo Sessions | Part One

Over the past year or so, I have randomly received a couple of e-mails from other sweet photographer muffins asking what I wear to photo sessions. They always said the same thing: "I feel like I'm obligated to wear a black dress to weddings or black slacks and a black shirt. I'm so over it! Any advice!?" It got me thinking because I've felt that exact same way before. Since then, I've always thought it would be fun to put a couple of posts together of what I wear!

When I first started wedding photography, I thought, "I need every black dress in this store." I mean, black is always in and yes, I still wear black dresses. BUT I also think it's important to stay true to your style and yourself when you're photographing events/weddings/people. My philosophy? Switch it up and simply just wear what you feel good in! Something comfortable, but cute, and something that is easy to move around in because you better believe photography is a small little workout. Trust me, I sweat (a lot), my make-up is GONE within an hour, and I find myself out of breathe sometimes  all the time. OKAY, so maybe I need to just get in shape, but I swear 8-10 hours on your feet, or heck, even 2 hour sessions will leave you burning a lot of calories.

The amazing gals Lulu's and I decided to team up and come up with some looks for photographers. I have some wedding outfits planned coming y'alls way but for now, I wanted to start with THIS DRESS. 

I wore it recently to an engagement session (and even a wedding!) and absolutely LOVED it. It was roomy, long enough to stay modest when I had to drop it like it was HAWT (haha) AND you couldn't see up my dress (trust me, THIS has happened to me before - face. palm. & lesson. learned). #redfacesunite (P.s.) I am not preggo. It just looks like it in that photo above. This is what happens when you don't suck in and don't photoshop your gut out. That's all. I LIKE POTATOES OKAY!

THE best part? IT. HAS. POCKETS. POCKETS PEOPLE! (I forgot to take a photo with my hands in my pockets, but I swear they are there!)

I also could easily put my phone/camera cards/ etc. and not feel like I would lose them. I'm just obsessed.

Lulu's has an amazing selection of clothing y'all. They have something for everyone, for any occasion, but what I think is great is that there are so many cute and fun things for photographers to wear! Black can work, but so can a dress like this. I got so many compliments on it and I was SO comfortable. Also, the quality of the material is AWESOME and the size was dead on! You seriously can't beat that.

YOU CAN GET THIS DRESS HERE. DO it. I promise you will love it! :)

 I am so excited for this little series y'all! I'll be back with more posts/outfits very soon! :)

P.s.) Just between you and me... It's probably not 100% safe to jump like a freak in any dress...or this could happen.

 #yolo ;)

P.s.s.) Head over The Glow Workshop website to read an interview from one of our amazing sponsors, Lara Casey! :) 12 days away, I can barely stand it! :)


  1. You're just hilarious. The comment "I LIKE POTATOES OKAY!" made me crack up laughing! & I'm SO glad you're in Central Texas because you will be dong my engagement photos, once i'm engaged, of course! So, yay for hilariousness/precious dresses/ & future awesome photography!

  2. You have THE BEST personality! I feel like so many times we feel like we have to echo the voice of everyone else online, and you are true to yourself and reflect God that way. You are loving who He made you and shining that to the world! Love every single one of your posts! XO

  3. You're so cute! Your posts are so touching and happy!

  4. not going to lie, pretty sure you are my favorite person. now let's convince the boyfriend to move to texas so we can hangout. yes?!

  5. you are the cutest thing ever :)

  6. Love the dress and the pictures! :) Any dress with pockets is a favorite of mine!