Monday, October 28, 2013

Life Lately Chy'all!


The past few weeks have been a BLUR and this little space of mine has been neglected. My bad! :)

That said, here's what's been going on! :) Not that y'all really are on the edge of your seats or anything haha. But still.

1. I had kidney stones. They took ME OUT and I was miserable for about a week. Like, in bed, screaming wanting to die. BUT I managed. I'm here. I'm alive. I'm never dramatic btw. ;) I even photographed a wedding through this and I have to say, I am super proud of myself. THANK GOODNESS for pain meds. PRAY you never get them. Drink lots of water and when you think you're FULL of H20, drink another glass. Manage your stress better. AND also pray kidney stones aren't common in your family. It isn't fun whatsoever.

2. I've photographed some amazing weddings this month. I had two double header wedding weekends in a row (first time for me) and I am pretty POOPED but really happy. I def. see a massage in my very near future. It's crazy how being on your feet that long will take it out of you. I just keep thinking, "Keep going...KEEEP GOING. Your bootayyy is gonna look good girl. Keep goinggg!" It really is a work out y'all lol and so far, the booty isn't making any awesome changes in shape, but I'll def. keep you posted! ;) Anyway, these awesome weddings will keep me busy for the next few weeks at this desk of mine. I welcome sour patch kids, coffee and energy drinks in this home anytime y'all. Feel free to stop by! Muhahahahaw! ;)

3. With those weddings, also means a lot of time traveling and fun car time with Drew. New Braunfels, Brookshire (near Houston), Lake Kiowa (right by Oklahoma border), second shooting with the talented Kelly Rucker here in Austin, and downtown Houston. Drew and I were totaling up our mileage this weekend since October 5th, and we have drove over 2,000 miles. So glad we got a new car to help us get from Point A to Point B and not feel like we would be on the side of the road waving our hands in the air at our car like "SERIOUSLY!? THIS IS NOT OKAY!" or just face-palming with a phone at our ear - you know - like all us crazy people do when their cars break down. I am really looking forward to our wedding THIS Mexico! It's our first out of the country wedding and I'm hoping that we can do more of these one day! How fun will that be!? :)

4. I went to Round Top to work on The Glow Workshop with Amanda that's coming up here in 15 days. I can't believe it's ALMOST here. I am SO. STINKIN. EXCITED y'all! I can't believe I'm doing this, but my heart has been leading me to do this. I thank the Lord every day for the amazing ladies who are coming to learn, love and have fun! :)

5. I've been editing like a mad woman, spending less time away from my phone (which is broken - shattered screen and battery life of 5 minutes if I'm lucky), having meetings, attending coffee networking dates with sweet photographer/industry friends and potential clients, and of course, squeezing in photographing families, friends and businesses during the week. Last weekend I got to meet the beautiful Jessica and her husband (and pups!) in Salado and had so much fun! We've been wanting to meet for what feels like forever, and it FINALLY happened!!! :) Love her so much!

6. Drew is LOVING...LOOOOVING his new job. It's been hard not seeing him very much but we are both keeping busy and thankfully that means the weeks are FLYING by, which helps. Adjusting to this new schedule hasn't been awesome. Our weekends together right now are spent working but we are just thankful to be together, holding hands, and hugging the mess out each other when the end of the week comes. It might be spent in a car or working, but we are together and that alone is something I feel blessed to be doing. We hold hands more. Our time isn't taken for granted and that is nice. Also, can I just say...Sunday's SUCK. I used to look forward to Sunday's (our day of rest) but now I just find myself dreading it because it means I just keep looking at the clock and know that he's about to leave. I am however so happy to see him loving what he's doing and excited about it none-the-less. :) It makes this transition worth it (love seeing him happy) but it's not getting any easier on this heart of mine. I'll be honest. I CRY EVERY TIME HE LEAVES. Most of the time I try to stay strong and wait for him to leave before I let it out, but waving "see-ya-soon" gives me a lump in my throat just thinking about it. We have been having a lot of heart to hearts about how we can make the best of the time we have together (changing up my business hours, scheduling weekends for us and slow down some...(more on this soon) etc.) and I'm feeling really content with the changes we are going to start making. Our time together is the most important thing - always. Our marriage matters and we have to treat it that way. Especially more now than ever. Marriage IS work too. We have to make it a priority. I miss him a lot.

7. I just started reading this book. A sweet friend of mine recommended it to me the other day and I am so pumped about it . I'm not even an avid reader (I get bored easily) but for some reason, I am so anxious to get through this one. Anyone read it yet? I'm trying to find a nightly routine that's healthy and helps me wind down at night, but also HELPS me. I feel like I'm always scrolling on my phone right before bed and for some reason that bothers me. I want to do something more meaningful, or do something that makes me feel calm, at peace, or motivated to take on the next day. This book applies to my life in so many ways right now. It helps me realize that I'm NOT ALONE with the way I feel all the time (being a natural people pleaser, emotional, and always over-thinking, great intentions but can't do it all). All I can say is I'm LOVING it more than I can express. Do yourself a favor and read it.

8. Drew and I are currently renovating our upstairs (the bathroom for the 4th time (don't ask) and we had new carpet put in on Friday). I can't even tell y'all how awesome it feels to have fresh carpet! After the work on our house a couple of months ago, you can only imagine what kind of shape it was in. It makes me cringe just thinking about it - it was straight up NASTYYY! I have been so embarrassed to have people come stay with us, but now I can feel more at peace with having company over. :) We also have noticed a few, small cracks popping back up in our house. I'm sort of freaking out, but Drew isn't (yet) but you can imagine how great that feels. :-| Some days I want to just throw my hands up and put a FOR SALE sign in the front yard. But, we can't right now. One day...but for the time being I will just pray that these are just signs of "settling" and that it gets nowhere back to how our house used to be. This house has been a wild ride y'all! #neverendingprojects #homeownershipproblems

Welp, that's all she wrote. There's been a lot of working, renovating, editing, laundry, sour patch kid eating, showers, sleeps, chores, errands, and sitting in traffic/at red lights. Ya know...real life stuff. ;) I am excited to rock out this busy wedding season and serve my clients in the best way I can! I'll get back to a routine on this blog of mine soon - Promise! I miss you guys! XO! :)


  1. Great post! I've read that book, and loved it as well!

  2. So glad you are over your kidney stones! That sucks! I love when I get to shoot for weddings! Always a blast!

  3. I just love you so much. A great update with so much going on. I am so glad DDHP is loving his new job. That makes all the difference in the world. I can't wait to see you soon. LOVE YOU long time!

  4. Love getting your updates! So sorry about those kidney stones. Blah! It is such a blessing DDHP loves his job!

  5. That is a whole lot of traveling, I complain when we have to drive two hours to Houston!

    Do you have a website for your photography? I wanted to get more info about doing a family photo shoot if you have any openings in the fall :) We're about 1.5 hrs from Austin.


  6. I got a bladder infection from our hot tub (chemicals WAY off balance) and I thought the world would end. Can't even imagine kidney stones, glad you are feeling better. Little love notes are the BEST!!

  7. ahh i felt so bad when you had kidney stones!! i hear those are THE WORST!! Glad you are better now!!!

    VIVA LA MEXICO!!!!! SOOO excited for this!! you guys are amazing!!!

    it makes me so happy knowing drew loves his job! you guys can moooooove mountains! (i hate that phrase but in your case it makes sense!!! hahahah) you guys are an inspiration to everyone...for real!!

    love you guys so much!

  8. Aw I'm sorry about getting kidney stones but you actually sound like a trooper doing photo shoots while feeling miserable. I'm glad you're all better now!

    You and Drew are absolutely so perfect together, my feels are out of control looking at that chalkboard! I'm glad you guys are still finding time for each other. Sometimes schedules can get nuts but you have to remember family comes first :)

    lita @ xo

  9. Yay, so happy to have you back!! Sounds like you've been one busy person. But I love how positive you are, it's truly motivating and inspiring!!! Have a great day and an even better weekend coming up!

  10. you are seriously the funniest person ever. i love love your blog and have to meet you some day. you made my day with those laugh videos OMG! uuuum you also have a killer ear for music and i NEED to know who is playing on the video you made of your adorable maw and paw. Who is that band? And who is the birthday song by on the video you made for sabrina? nice dancing btw-seriously you rock. xoxoxo brielle