Monday, July 15, 2013

Ketrin | Bridals

Stunning isn't she?

You might remember this pretty lady's engagement photos from this post HERE. Ketrin got married a few weeks ago and I have been dying to get her bridals up here on my blog. My schedule has been so hectic that I've barely had time to focus on anything work related besides e-mails, weddings, and editing out the whazoo. Blogging my work is an uphill battle but I'm currently working on getting a better system into place so I can show you guys what I'm doing 5 days a week! I experimented with a different lens than usual with this session as well. I can't say it's my FAVORITE lens because the bokeh effect that I love isn't as evident in these photos, but it was still fun to switch it up and try something new. :)

Today, I can finally show you these gems. Ketrin's bridal session was taken in her Mom's friends backyard out in the beautiful hill country here in Austin. It was absolutely gorgeous and we had the best time. AND jusssssst wait until you see her wedding y' was the most perfect day.


  1. hey that is me (: love you!! best photographer ever yall!

  2. Holy smokes, her eyes are incredible! And YOU are incredible, such beautiful photos.