Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

I'm joining up with Jenni again today...because the topic makes me, well, uncomfortable. I feel challenged to write about this because my mind was blank when I first thought about it...and then slowly but surely I started to list things off.

1. Wedgies in man's work pants. Never, ever okay.

2. Socks with Sandals. Again, this is never, EVER okay.

3. When you're in the bathroom and the person next to you is letting it all out. TMI...but you know you've all been there. I feel bad for the person and want to hightail it out of there as fast as I can so we don't ever make eye contact.

4. When I catch people look through the crack in a public restroom. Don't you know this is against the rules? I DO SEE YOU. Now knock it off! Creepers!

5. I hate when people test me. Meaning, if they say, "Ohhh let's see if you can answer this!" Even if it's the easiest question in the world...I will freak my brain out and most likely answer it wrong. "Shay what's 4 + 4 = ...?... "9! No 8! I knew that!" Naplolean Dynomite said it best..."Idiot!"

6. When people chase me. I don't know what it is but the thought of someone chasing me makes me nauseas. I automatically stop running, and form myself into a little ball and wait for the person to catch me. I hope nobody wanting to kidnap me sees this...because this could be awkward.

7. Seeing earwax in people's ears. It's called a Q-Tip. Use it.

8. The pre-sneeze face. You know it, I know it...We look straight up ugly.

9. Rude people in general. Nothing makes me more uncomfortable. Why be rude? It does no good to anyone, or anything. It's a waste and it makes me want to go Chuck Norris on your attitude.

10. And last but not least... Toupees...especially ones that blow in the wind.

10.5 That, and creepy baby dolls that have no hair, a busted eye, and a broken leg. Yeah, that one that stares at you with that "I'm going to come off this shelf when you're sleeping and get you!"

Happy Friday Friends! (& Sweeeeet Dreeeeeams hahahaha).

 I am going to be participating in a SOCIAL FREE MEDIA WEEKEND. Drew thinks I will give in by Saturday afternoon...We shall see. I can do this. I can.


  1. Hi Shalyn! I found your blog through Jenni's linkup. I love this list! I was cracking up reading it. When writing the things that make me uncomfortable, I totally forgot about socks and sandals, ugh. Those are the WORST. Donald Trumps flying toupee had me laughing so hard!! And those dolls FREAK ME OUT lol.


  2. the last one had me laughing, they are so creepy!!

  3. Hahaha, this post was perfect Shay! I was just thinking about the bathroom stall eye contact thing yesterday and feel your pain.

    Chelsea & The City

  4. Well now I'm picturing Chucky ... dolls are so creepy - especially porcelain ones. Instead of chasing... I coul never do hide and seek - I feel like I'm in a slasher movie where when they find me, I'm dead. Then there's that anxiety attack.

  5. girl you are hilarious!!!
    the bathrooom thing...oh my word i am so with you!! why oh why do people creep?!?!? it's just terribly gross! lol

  6. hahaha. I HATE being chased too! it terrifies me and I fall into a ball too. have no idea why. hilarious.

  7. These cracked me up!!
    The socks with sandals thing... I have no idea but that is a HUGE trend for high school kids right now. Socks and those athletic sandals. Kills me.

  8. Too funny! Seeing ear wax, yuck!

  9. HAHAHAHA! :) Love this! Happy Friday!

  10. Creepy baby dolls!! I can't even look at them, my brother played the cruelest prank on me when we were little with one. To top it off it sung ring around the Ring-a-round a rosie, A pocket full of posies, Ashes! Ashes!
    We all fall down! Since then I have been traumatized!

  11. Haha- socks with sandals are THE WORST!! And I hate peepers in the public bathrooms... don't they know to just look at the GROUND for feet?! UGH!!

  12. Haha love these! And socks with sandals, oh yes. Worst ever. One of mine is people who walk slow but you can't make your way around them. SO AWKWARD.

  13. I agree, socks and sandals are a fashion don't in every way! ;) Thanks for making me smile, Shay! <3

  14. Those are all so good and hilarious! I would have never thought to come up with some of those.

  15. OMG #3 hilarious and I totally agree!

  16. Ew...I just HATE public bathrooms. Why do they make the stalls with huge cracks? So awkward. And I hate when people test me too...I get so nervous. Haha.