Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Goals

Happy Thursday! It's the second day in May and for some reason Texas is experiencing a "cold front" of some sort. Not really digging it, BUT I can't complain because we've been having some beautiful weather here lately. Mother Nature needs to get herself in check...youknowwhatimsayin? 

I'm working my tail off these days. I'm trying to get all caught up before next weekend because wedding season is about to hit me hard and I am striving to arrive at that wedding Saturday with nothing else waiting for me to edit at home. However, I am getting closer and closer, and really enjoying this whole full time gig I have going. Who would have thought that I'd be even busier than I was before? I'm not going to lie... in the back of my head I had a smalllll little voice sayin, "Great Shay...What if you are working from home with nothing to do? WHAT IF..."

Oh and those office hours I set for myself? A dream. Do you work from home? My only advice for you at this time is this: OFFIIIIIICE HOURRRRRRS. They have changed everything for the better. I'm more determined to get more done in my work day...AND I am officially NOT WORKING after 5:00. It's been a lifesaver, stress reliever, and my sanity is slowly but surely finding its way back in my life. Can I get a HOLLA HONEY BOO BOO!? Sorry. I can't say 'holla' anymore without the honey boo boo. Stupid habit.

I'm feeling so blessed...and in a million and one ways FOREVER thankful for these clients of mine. They rock my friggin' socks off. Anyway, I'm just feeling happy despite the chaos that's surrounding me. You know...that silver lining? Yeah, I found it. ;) 

As far as our house update goes...We are approximately TWO weeks from getting back in. We were supposed to have been in two weeks ago, but one of the companies working on our house draaaaagged their feet and were not the most awesome to work with. SO, we have been patiently waiting. In happier news though...Drew and I bought a new front door. We walked around Lowes last night for about 2 hours picking out paint colors, a new ceiling fan for the living room, and a NEW front door. I am SO excited y'all...our front door hasn't worked for about 2.5'd think I was celebrating a new pair of Christian Louboutins or something by the look on my face. You know you're an adult when...

It's Monthly Goals time y'all! :) I knowwww you have been looking forward to this. Haaaaokay, probably not.


Write WHAT NOT TO DO post when you buy your first house
Cosmetic damages fixed
Photograph Wedding

Second Shoot with a wonderful photographer

Enjoy the outdoors. 
Lay in the grass. 
Eat lots of ice-cream 
Dance in the rain...(if it rains)
Practice Patience

Work on getting e-mail systems and work flow in place
Practice this: Done is better than perfect


Move back into home - SOON!
Lay floors in home with Drew - THIS WEEK! 
Finish last wedding album - ALLLLLMOST DONE!


Lay floors in home with Drew
Paint the hallways, laundry room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms
Move back into my house
Throw away ALL the clutter when we start to move back in our house (I LOVE simplicity)
Start cutting back on my sugar intake slowly but surely
Photograph two weddings
Clean OUT my car 
Go to the new Top Golf in Austin with Drew
Have a garage sale 
Participate in a random act of kindness every single week

And last but NOT least...

REVEAL the new Love, The Nelsons LOGOOOOOOOOO! :) YAYAYAYAY! 

What are your goals for this month? How did you do with yours last month? Tell me! :) 

Have an amazing day y'all! 


  1. You are awesome...and adorable :)

  2. Great list of goals you got their. I find that monthly lists of goals make sit easier for me to be productive.


  3. you guys will love Top Golf! We went in Dallas, it is so much fun! I was so terriblethough :-) fun date night

  4. YAY! :) Can't wait for you to be able to move back into your home! :)

  5. May goals for me are to re-format my blog, so it is more user-friendly. I have to do a couple reviews, a giveaway, and follow up with guest posters. Normal Blog Posts. Homefront wise: Survive life with 2 small children... and Re-organize the house so I stop losing things lol.

    Glad those office hours are working for you!


  6. I'm hoping to have my May Goals up tomorrow! Thanks for the inspiration to include these every month :) :)

  7. i can't wait to see the new logo!! :)

  8. I agree with Rhiannon, you go girl!

    Chelsea & The City

  9. I read an article about setting office hours for yourself as a photographer and it makes SO much sense. Congratulations on having enough clients to keep you busy!

    Hopefully the logo reveal will be sooner, rather than later because I am kind of excited about it.

  10. That cold front is just brutal! It's May for goodness sakes! And I can't wait to see the logo!

  11. It's funny how we grow up and our wants and needs change. I can remember when I got a brand new Dyson vacuum and I was elated. Now that we are getting married and we are getting stuff for the house I am stoked.

  12. Hi! We obviously don't know each other but I wanted you to know I love your blog! You are such a sweet person. I was wondering if you traveled to do photos? Just one state over to Louisiana! ��

  13. Love your May goals! I skipped May with the wedding & all! For June I'm back at it though! Goals help me SO much & I have you to thank for the wonderful idea of writing them out each & every month - & keeping tabs on myself!