Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Megan's Bridal Shower


I don't know if you remember, but back in December I had the opportunity to fly to Santa Barbara and attend my friend Megan's Wedding Shower. If you don't know Megan, go say hi! Her shower was recently featured on Wedding Chicks and her day was documented by the mega-talented Oz Visuals. Before you go any further, go here to check out the feature! I promise you won't regret it.

Now where was I?

Oh yes.

She's a total babe.
She's got killer legs.
She's from LA but lives in Ireland and is planning on coming back to the good ol' USA very soon.
She's now married to a super sweet and studly Irishman named Stephen.
She's hilarious.
She's got legs for days. Wait, did I already say that?
She's beautiful.
She's got an MSC in Neuroscience.
Yes, you read that right.
She's in love.
What could be better?

I met Megan through this blog world a long time ago, and I was so happy and honored when I got her beautiful invite in the mail to attend this exciting time in her life.

Santa Barbara, CA?
Wedding Shower?
Blogger Babes?

Count. Me. In.

I also got to meet a couple of other beautiful faces as you have probably seen around blog world such as Sabrina, Ashley, Michaela, Christine and Emily! Everyone had such a fun time, and Megan's bridesmaids Ahnika, Emily, and Allie put together the most AMAZING shower. Everything looked straight out of a magazine and the details were out of this world. Her bridesmaids put so much hard work, thought and time into making sure her shower was perfect, and it absolutely was! :)

Here are some photos I got of the shower, but PLEASE head over to Megan's blog first to see the her shower HERE and HERE that her super talented and sweet photographers shot (Oz and Allie) from Oz Visuals! :)

Enjoy! :)


Megan, my head is twice the size of yours...btw. STOP being so hawt! ;)

It was a beautiful day for a beautiful bride.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Wow...I literally think I'm going to pin every picture because this shower looks absolutely amazing! I love the take a photo and the dream jar and all the fancy dresses and the cheese!!! Congrats to your friend and a round of applause is needed because trust me I've been to some bad bridal showers...this one looks like one of the best I've seen! =)

    Ergo - Blog

  2. omg SHAY!!!! these are sooooo beautiful!!!! I am so glad i got to see all of these!!! going to share this post all over the place now...lol

  3. Pretty ladies! Love seeing the blogger meet-ups, especially when they are taking place at such a STUNNING shower! Amazing details!

  4. This is seriously SO gorgeous, Shay!! Amazing photography :) Can I hire you ;) xo

  5. Wow! You captured it so beautifully! What an amazing shower!

  6. I saw some of Megan's bridal shower photos on her blog a couple weeks ago, and I'm happy to see more on yours! Shay, these photos are gorgeous. It was such a beautiful shower! So happy for Megan, and can I say so sweet of you girls to fly out and celebrate with her!

  7. Such pretty shots, girl! What a fun day!!! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures! You all looked gorgeous!

  9. That shower is perfect. PERFECT.

    I've followed your blog FOREVER. You and your husband are amazing. I love how real you are. I love TEXAS.

    I've started a new blog come take a look: www.danplusally.blogspot.com


  10. This is just stunning! Love it and you all look so beautiful. Love that cake too!

  11. Gorgeous setting, gorgeous girls! So fun!!!

  12. I love Megan! She is definitely gorgeous. I wish i could have been there it looks like so much fun and the photos you took are AMAZING.

  13. That shower was beautiful!!

  14. GOOOORGEOUS pics my love!!!! you are such a talented muffin :)

    that pic of you and sabrina i wish i could print and post on my wall. It makes me miss you both SO DAMN MUCH. Would that be creepy!?!? ;-)

    love it!


  15. shay just since i've known you i have seen such a dramatic growth in your talent. these pics are amazing - like straight out of a magazine amazing.

    and you are beautiful and i am DYING over your new hair. so lucky to have friends that are such babes!!

  16. Beautiful pics of a special day Shay!! And so jealous some of my favourite bloggers were all in one place x

  17. You did a wonderful job Shay, these are stunning photos (not to mention the gorgeous bridal party!!!). I'll be checking out every single one of these blogs today!

    Chelsea & The City

  18. Oh. My. Gosh. This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I want this for myself! Now, which one of my bridesmaids can I send this link to.....??

  19. What a small blogging world, I saw this same bridal shower posted by Ashley at the Sweet Seasons. Everything is gorgeous!

  20. This bridal shower is AMAZING love!! So much fun and color all in one place. What a beautiful way to celebrate a beautiful bride!!

  21. I don't even know Megan and I'm super jealous I wasn't invited!

  22. Wow, these are beautiful pics! You have inspired me in my bridal shower planning. I hope mine turns out as great as yours! Time to get a move on those Bridal Shower Invitations!

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  25. Shower looks startling! I loved the color theme used by you, it is damn perfect. Everyone seems to enjoy the party.