Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Katie | Bridals

Meet Katie.

She's a beautiful, beautiful bride ... and just a real, kind, and genuine sweetheart.  She's a Sam Houston State University Alumni (EAT EM' UP KATS!) so naturally, I can't help but love this girl.

Her husband Aaron is a lucky, lucky man! You can see for yourself. :)

Another sweet moment of the day... A little boy that was walking by us with his parents stopped in his tracks and just stared in awe at Katie. He then went and handed her a flower. 

Katie's wedding went off without a hitch and it was the most. beautiful. day. ever. I can't wait to get it finished up and up on the blog! :)

Thank you for the fun day, Katie! I'm glad we can now look back at this day now and laugh at all the craziness that happened! ;)  Love you so so so much lady and SO thankful for you and your big heart! :)

Have an Amazing Hump Day y'all!


  1. These pictures are AMAZING! How do you get your brides to look so relaxed and not posed? We had our engagement pictures taken last weekend... I HATE getting my picture taken... and I swear it showed in a bunch of the pics. Our photographer did a sneak peak... loved some of them, but others I feel like I look so awkward and posed. Any tips for how I can get better for the big day so that I can have gorgeous pics like Katie's?? Seriously, these pics are AWESOME!

  2. Beautiful beautiful photos!!!!! Nicely done!!!

  3. You know I love you and all your pictures. Perfection. Love love love.

  4. I was just saying on the blog how I wish I had spoken up to my photographer about wanting pictures of all the little details of my dress. These are so pretty they make my heart ache. Great job

  5. I don't care if I'm biased, but us bearkats are the best!

  6. These pictures are gorgeous! She looks like an angel! I've been thinking about you lately! Hoping the house construction is going smoothly! Have a great weekend Shay!