TWO YEARS & a first dance you don't want to miss! #


It feels just like yesterday that I was saying "I do" to my best friend. I can't believe we have been married TWO YEARS!? Does this mean that we are no longer considered "Newlyweds?" When does that term supposedly go away anyway? All I know is that I am more in love with my husband than ever. My love for him grows more and more every day and I seriously do consider myself the luckiest girl in the world.

This weekend we were supposed to go to Fredericksburg, but we didn't. We decided to stay home and you know what? It was really nice. Our weekends have been go-go-go and we thought a staycation was just what we needed. That, and we need to save money.

Our alternative?

We rented movies, went to H-E-B and bought three bottles of wine, and had our own little wine tasting at home. We made lunch and layed in our backyard and enjoyed ourselves a sweet little picnic. We put crown molding up in our kitchen. We slept in. We visited my brother and sister-in-law and had steaks. I spray painted some frames. We made four trips to Home Depot & Lowes. We just did things around the house and ran some errands. It was busy, and not really THAT relaxing, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. It doesn't matter what I'm doing with my husband, it's always fun.

I didn't take any pictures this weekend (I know, shocker). My hubby wanted my full attention, and said, "NO pictures this weekend, promise? Just me and you." So, I obeyed his wishes. :) I know, that makes for no fun on here huh? Haha, but I assure you, the picnic was precious, and our little wine tasting was so much fun.

My husband and I had some funny moments this weekend too. They probably aren't funny to y'all, but I thought I'd share anyway.

Me: I'm so hungry.
Him: Me too.
Me: What do you want to eat?
Him: I don't know...what do you want to eat?
Me: ...Babe, we really have to stop having this conversation.
Him: For the love of Peter, let's just decide on something.
Me: Who is Peter?
Him: I don't know, I thought I'd just throw that in there.
Me: Er, ok?
(10 minutes go by.)
Me: I'm hungry babe.
Him: Me too.
Me: ....What do you...(he interupts me)
Him: Top Ramen.
Me: Are you serious?
Him: No.

...And this went on for another hour before we decided on Chick-fil-A. Haha.


(We were driving at night, with the windows down)
Him: You smell that pollen?
Me: THAT'S pollen!?
Him: Yeah, smells like mashed potatoes and gravy.
Me: What? (Insert weird confused face and burst of laughter from both of us) That's the best smelling pollen I've ever smelled.


Him: Babe, I don't know if I should tell you this or not, BUT the neighbor just told me something.
Me: Yes?
Him: Well, supposedly a person on our street had a small dog, and left it outside for awhile...and when they went outside and called their dog, it was gone.
Me: And...
Him: Well, a hawk or an owl ate it.
Me: Whatttt?
Him: Yeah, they looked everywhere, and then all of the sudden, a huge hawk was sitting on the fence.
Me: So, how do they know for sure the dog got taken away and eaten by the hawk?
Him: ...I don't know, but he told me the dog was blind and deaf.
Me: Well, my dogs aren't either of those... (the dogs are sitting right beside me with their heads tilted sideways like they were attentive and really understanding the conversation, no joke.)
Him: No babe, hawks and owls can pick up rabbits.

Like I said, you probably won't think any of these conversations are funny. I will just add them to the "You had to have been there" category.

Anyway, it was a really nice weekend. We are going out to dinner tomorrow night and to the movies (with our giftcard from my super sweet in-laws and a free movie pass from Andrew's employee)...We like free :) Our wallets do too! :)

Random thoughts: This weekend we came to conclusion that we will be getting hard wood floors (laminate most likely) before we get a new couch. I wish I could have both... :( If only haha.

I also booked a wedding for January. I'm pretty stoked about that.

I also need to finish my wedding posts, so without further ado...

OUR RECEPTION IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enter the "hallelujah" music! Haha.

Our reception was a blast. I had so much fun, and our guests did too.

We started it off with introducing everyone as if we were an NBA basketball team, with the whole "All-Stars" music playing in the background. Our DJ was bad-A and introduced everyone just like they do at a professional NBA game. It was hilarious too because we added little tid-bits and embarrassing moments on the end of each intro. The crowd loved it.

For example, "Coming in at 6 foot, we have Jeremy, college friend of the groom. Jeremy is single ladies, he loves bambi, long walks on the beach...and likes to cuddle afterwards." It was something like that :)

We watched a wedding video of our childhood, our relationship, and some funny videos of us singing in the car. I will have to find those so I can show y'all someday. They are rather embarassing, though.

We ate our cake, and all that good stuff too. And yes, I do REALIZE that there is a hideous backdrop BROWN TABLE in the background of these photos. What the heck is right! Ugh, these pictures bother me. I have no idea where this table came from... But oh well...

We had our toasts...

And we had our first dance.

Getting a little boring? Well, we have a surprise foooor you. :)

We got downnnnnnnnn with our badselves. Look for the video at the end of the post. You don't want to miss it! :)

Then we handed out the shades...& it got CRAZY and FUN! :)

I have no idea what I am doing in the picture below...Haha. Glow Sticks make me act a fool.

I wish I had the time to show you all of the pictures from this night, but I think these sum it up best. :) It is a night I will never forget.

& there we to our Greek Honeymoon that I will be posting about soon.

Are you still thinking about that first dance? Well, before I put this on here for you to see. Keep in mind my husband DID NOT want to do this dance. After much convincing, he did it. And we only ran through it the night before in a very small, two stall bathroom. I do not claim to know how to "get down" as I'm usually a very conservative dancer, so no judging allowed! :) It's not AWESOME by any means...but it was fun. I'm glad we did it...FLAWS and all.


Happy Two Year Anniversary sweetie! (I know you are reading this and I'm sorry I posted THE DANCE! ;)) You are my world!

I love you, forever & always.

<3 Shalyn


  1. Ok you and your husband are officially the cutest couple ever! And I say the term "newlywed" doesn't ever have to go away, especially if still feel all lovey dovey and still get butterflies sometimes :)
    And your reception? Looks like one heck of a party! Your dress and the fireworks? Perfection!

  2. When you were talking about what to eat that made me laugh so hard because that is so my boyfriend and I. We end up fake arguing about who makes suggestions. Just the other day we each went back and forth making suggestions... We finally decided on Chick-fil-a like we always do :) We love that place.

    Love your post!
    You rock girl :)

  3. LOVE it! what great pictures and that video! awesome memories forever :) seriously, you two are so cute!

  4. bahahahaha I love it! Ive seen this at a few weddings

  5. really gorgeous photos!

    (and btw you're not alone in the unproductive-decision-making-process-when-it-comes-to-food thing... we regularly attempt to start talking about dinner while we are having lunch just so we can decide by the time 8:00 rolls around. Sad, I know.


  6. I love that dress you changed into! I was thinking about doing that and I think you have convinced me. Did you change a little bit before you left the reception or did you wear that for most of the reception?

  7. Love the dance video haha! So cute! My husband would never do something like this!

  8. I loved this post!! And I loved all of your conversations, I thought they were hilarious! My husband gets the same way about the camera, sometimes I just have to put it down and ENJOY it in the here and now.

    You two are so cute!

  9. HAPPY anniversary you too! Gotta tell ya- that video made my WEEK, cutest thing everrrrrr!

  10. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! This was an amazing post! I LOVEDDDD THE PICTURES FROM YOUR WEDDING! It was gorgeous! You looked absolutely stunning! Loved your dress and the dress you changed into! I love the dance! You guys are seriously the cutest couple everrrr! Thanks for sharing all those wonderful wedding pictures with us! XO

  11. Those conversations were so funny! My husband and I have a similar back and forth about food every single weekend! Lol

    I love your reception photos! BEAUTIFUL! It's bringing back so many memories of our wedding!

    The video was great!!!

  12. Happy Anniversary! Looks like ya'll had a blast on your wedding day! May you continue to have as much fun and more in your marriage!

  13. Wow!! I LOVE your wedding photos! it looks like you guys had an amazing time =) Happy Anniversary!

  14. That first video dance was classic! Soooo funny!!!
    Your reception looked like a PARTAYYY!!!! I loved all of your ideas...especially the one of the sunglasses!

  15. This is ADORABLE!!!! You and your hubby are so flippin cute! I love oyur dress too:) Hi, I'm Hanna! I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say hi! Have a great day Shayln!! Nice to meet you

    xoxo Hanna

  16. omg! I love love all the pictures from your reception it looks like it was soo much fun you look gorgeous! and The dance perfect is all I can say for someone you normally doesn't get down lol.

  17. Ok, your pictures are amazing!!! Some of them were priceless!!! (like your grandpa (im assuming) wearing the glasses and you mom dancing)

    You and your hubby make such a sweet couple!! You can see your love in the pictures alone!!

    Happy 2 years!!! I am sorry that you are going through a rough time with things in your life right now, but you have your hubby and the two of you can conquor the world TOGETHER!!! Take Care!!

  18. I found myself clapping and giggling the whole time watching your video!! I LOVED IT! Your husband was so sweet to do that!

    You, of course, look gorgeous!

    You had such great ideas for your wedding! I love the sunglasses. Your blog makes me happy, but it makes me miss Austin! SO SO MUCH. Thanks for giving updates!

    Sabrina Says

  19. Are you an Aggie? It looks like you all are singing the War Hymn in two of those pictures.

    Your wedding was gorgeous!

  20. OMG that was adorable! Your husband is such a great sport! What a beautiful wedding!!! :) Congratulations!

  21. i literally just read this and watched the video and cried!

    lol damnnittt you guys are the best