Blog Swap! What, What? #


Yeah yeah I know, no reception post yet. No time, will explain later.

I wanted to get this post done before midnight, which means I have 45 minutes. I can do this! :)

I did the Spring Time Blog Swap with Ali @ Analyze This and I was partnered up with the BEAUTIFUL, & super sweet Jenn @ West Sac Honey.

Turns out we live in a very small world people. I used to live in Northern California, and after a few facebook convos, I realized I reallyyy like this girl! Nor-Cal, represent! Haha. She is so fun and I hope to meet her one day! Don't forget I will be in California this June Jenn! I would love to meet you! Go follow her now!

So, I was at work today (it's so busy right now my head is spinning) and my manager comes up to me and goes, "I think your bff sent you a package." May I mind you my best friend lives in Sacramento (too), and then I got all embarrassed and said, "Ohhh, no it's not from Danielle (my bff), it's from my blog swap partner!!!" I'm smiling, and he's looking at me like "Wtf mate!?" Haha, I guess you had to be there! :)

Jenn, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE my goodies SO SO SO SO SO much! Okay, I'm done with "SO" for the rest of the post, promise.

I really love it all and I can't wait to wear it all! :)

I got home tonight from working an event downtown for a vintage shop (can't wait to show y'all pictures because the place is adorbs) and I was like CRAP! I gotta take a picture of my stuff babe! So, Jenn, without further is me with all my stuff! :) Haha!

And please disregard the messy hair and shiny face. It's been a long day. K? Thanks! ;)
This is not supposed to be a boob shot. You can thank my husband for this one. I just wanted to show you the detail of the necklace.

I love the earrings. I love the scarf. I love the white necklace. I love the gold flower necklace. I love the pink nailpolish! AND I love the note you sent me! :)

And now I need to edit more pictures because I have two senior sessions, a wedding, and the event from tonight to work on. They all have to be done by next week, AND I am not going to be home much this weekend. Say a little prayer for me will you? And get some sleep for me too. I am lacking in that area so bad. Helloooo under eye circles. Blah.

K, Smoochies.

P.s.) Sorry I'm a total slacker and a half and haven't got around to the reception posts. I'm trying, promise!!!


  1. Love the necklace, and I am especially loving your nails!!! How cute!

  2. Love everything that Jenn sent you! what fun spring stuff!

  3. What a FUN and lovely swap...I am in the process of doing one with a lovely lady in France! Love that scarf on you!

    Liesl :)

  4. Oooh love the scraf! The color is great! :)

  5. Aw I'm so happy you liked it all! I love the color of the scarf I'm wearing a sweat shirt in the same color I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite color along with the polish.. Well pretty much everything :)

    I just realized you have a photography buz.. I love the pics you posted yesterday on FB sooo cute..

    And yes June count me in we can have lunch or coffee when you get here!

  6. Something fabulous about getting anything in the mail. Anything but bills, that is. :)

    Kindly cut yourself a little slack about the posts. The past two weeks I have been very busy and posted far less than usual...and it actually felt pretty good! :) Don't stress yourself out over what others will think if you do or don't post.

    Breathe. Do what you need to do. Posting should be secondary. ;)

    Hope you get all your photo editing done. I know, it is work! (But so satisfying.)

    Sophisticated Steps

  7. awesome! You hit the jackpot with that blog swap. You look so pretty in your picture! And you and your hubby are so so cute also :)

  8. A blog swap- How fun! Love all the goods you got!

  9. blog swap!? Never heard of this, but loving it! Love that necklace too! I love cute small details!