Monday, January 20, 2014

Callie + Thomas | Love Session

OKAY, SO I know I've been really bad about posting my wedding and couple's sessions on the blog this past year, but I'm hoping I can start to make this more of a habit! :) Today I wanted to share these photos of my precious friends, Callie and Thomas. They reached out to me back in the fall wanting some fun Christmas Card photos, and even though Christmas has already passed, I still can't help but want to share them because of how beautiful this couple is! Callie and I both share the same love for gold, cupcakes and everything SPARKLY! Callie is such a sweetheart and Thomas is one of the funniest people I know. It's been a huge blessing to have these two in my life, and absolutely adore the love these to share with each other. Enjoy! :) 


  1. These are beautiful!!!!! Dangit I need to get engaged already so you can take my pics toooooooo!!! ;-)

  2. What a beautiful shoot!!! If I was choosing for a card it would be very difficult indeed because there is such awesome shots!