Monday, May 13, 2013

Weekend, and a hilarious photo booth photo!

Goooooooooood Afternoon Muffinheads!

I woke up this morning feeling like I ran a marathon this weekend and then got hit by a big truck full of bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-YEAHHHH. I also like to call this "The Wedding Hangover." I'm sore, and delirious still. I am totally cracking myself UP over here at how disheveled I look. I'll save you the horror and not post a photo. (You're welcome!) I'm just a mess but I am a happy mess ready to tackle this crazy week ahead of me! :)

This past weekend was so good. On Friday I went and set up a photo booth for the Mark and Graham party that the beautiful and talented Camille Styles hosted. It was so much fun and I met some really awesome ladies. Please head over to the Mark and Graham website and check out all of their awesome goods! I will def. be ordering this soon.

After the party, I went back to our house where I found Drew up on a 12 foot our living room. We were supposed to have started moving in on Friday but the weather had a different plan for us. Drew decided to install a new ceiling fan instead and I about peed my pants when I walked in. It looks SO good ANDDDD his non-fear of heights amazes me. He's so handy I swear y'all! I can't wait to start decorating my home again! :) (Our ceiling is realllllllly high btw). 

Then we woke up early on Saturday and headed to Galveston to photograph Alyssa and Sean's wedding day! It was absolutely beautiful and we had a blast as always! :) The photo booth at the wedding was a HIT and I couldn't help but share this sequence of photos...It's a little TMI but y'all...I couldn't stop laughing when Drew told me the backstory. Ready for this?

See the Uncle in the upper left hand corner? Barely? Look for the orange hawaiian lei.

Well, he was up to something...

The guy in the white mask and the guy with the mustache next to the Uncle quickly realized what was happening. 

Uncle is happy...and the guys next to him aren't. 

 Andddd it spread...

Very quickly.

Andddd needless to say, that photo booth photo cleared out quickly after that.

#sorryimnotsorry #toofunny

After the wedding, we went out with my friend Amy and the wedding party (all mutual friends) and as much as I wanted to just go home and sleep, I stuck it out and tried my best to be a trooper. (I may have fell asleep at the table...)

Before the wedding, and after the wedding. We couldn't resist a good photo op. Thank you to the guy that decided to put sharpie to the wall. Haha.  

On Sunday, we met Drew's parents in College Station for lunch at Olive Garden and some continued our traditional Mother's Day desserts at a local yogurt shop in town. We got back to my brother's late last night, ate a huge steak dinner with my Mom, and then went into a coma. For realz.

Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend and an amazing Mother's Day! :)

I'll be back tomorrow to show you guys the beautiful bridal portraits of Alyssa (my bride from this past weekend!) I've been holding onto these photos for what feels like forever and I am SO excited to share.

I hope you're having an amazing start to your week y'all! Make this one count! :)


  1. Those pictures were hilarious!! You could so tell he was up to no good! lol

  2. You're the BEST! SO proud of you and your weekend! :) Love love love! xo

  3. Looks like an AWESOME weekend!! :)

  4. That is h i l a r i o u s! I love it! The bride and groom will treasure those photos! :)

  5. Love love love!!! Can't wait to see them all! Had fun with you this weekend girly!

  6. WOW! Y'all did have a busy weekend! Sounds so fun though! & That picture sequence... HILARIOUS! Happy Tuesday friend!!

  7. Hahaha, the photobooth pictures were hilarious! It looks like you had the best weekend Shay.

    Chelsea & The City

  8. Oh my goodness, that photo shoot looks so hilarious! & that looks like the most fabulous event... amazing details!

  9. you & drew are just too precious! on a totally unrelated note: where are your sunglasses from?!

  10. That photo booth photo is hilarious...the look on the uncle and everyone else's faces is priceless.

  11. Hahahaha! the photo booth pictures are awesome!!