Wednesday, April 3, 2013

April Goals

A couple of minutes ago, I asked Drew, "What's today's date!?" "April third, babe." Say whaaa? 

Is it me or is this year flying by quicker than most? Seriously. It's ALREADY April!?!?!? SLOW, down 2013! ;) 

It's time for April goals, y'all. 


Continue working out 3 times a week.
Drink only water (such a difference, for reals!) I had two diet Dr. Peppers. I needed them and don't regret it. ;) 
Send off taxes (Imagine me sticking out my tongue at the IRS right now. I know, real mature.)
Announce Business Name - YAY!!!
Pack up entire house and MOVE OUT for a month 
Fix our foundation (whomp, whomp)  (In progress)
Fix our plumbing (whomp, whomp) (In progress)
Write a post on WHAT NOT TO DO when you buy your first house.  It's coming.
Keep eliminating the unnecessary clutter in my life
Attend SXSW
Spend a weekend with StephanieKristen, and KATIE 
Celebrate my 4 year wedding anniversary
Buy a strangers meal or coffee
Love more on people who deserve it.


Host giveaway - Going to wait until my brand launches.
Fix our cosmetic issues in our house (whomp, whomp) - Not quite there week! :) 
Participate in a social free media weekend
Set the date for our branding photos with the most amazing photographer, EVER! -  In the works! 
Edit all my sessions from January, February, and March. BE CAUGHT UP! - Work in progress.
Finish wedding albums for my clients - Just have one left to wrap up and order. :) 
Golfing date with Drew 


Write WHAT NOT TO DO post when you buy your first house
Move back into home
Cosmetic damages fixed
Lay floors in home with Drew (My back is already saying, "Grrrrrreat.")
Photograph Wedding
Second Shoot with a wonderful photographer
Finish last wedding album
Enjoy the outdoors. 
Lay in the grass. 
Eat lots of ice-cream 
Dance in the rain...(if it rains)
Practice Patience
Golfing Date with Drew
Work on getting e-mail systems and work flow in place
Practice this: Done is better than perfect

How are your April goals looking y'all!? :) Send me your link! I'd love to read them. 

I would also like to say THANK YOU for all of your incredibly KIND words last week when we launched our new name! Thank you for being excited for us, and for supporting this time in our lives! It truly warms our hearts and we just can't thank you enough! Y'ALL ROCK OUR SOCKS OFF...FOR REAL! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!

Have a fantastic day y'all! Do me a favor and lift someone up today! :) 

Spread some at a the door for someone. 

Today I was downtown leaving a coffee date with a friend, and there was a man working on something near the sidewalk I was walking on. He had a cord that crossed my path and I had to step over it. When I stepped over it, he kindly said, "Have a BLESSED day, ma'am!" AND y'all...I almost stopped in my tracks and hugged this man. I didn't...but I just smiled and said, "Thank you so much! You too!" He tipped his hat and we went our separate ways. I don't know why, but even just a simple hello to someone you don't know can just bring a sense of happiness to your day. There are days where I encounter impatient, rude, and grumpy people and it's just refreshing to see small little acts of kindness every now and again. I challenge you to do that. Be all of those simple every day things that we do on a daily basis. Maybe hold the door open and wait for that person who is 10 steps behind you. Make eye contact. Say HI in a happy upbeat voice. Spread some positive energy! :) When someone asks how YOU are doing...instead of saying, "good" why don't you say, "Excellent! And yourself!?" I always find people are surprised when I ask THEM how they are. It's the small things y' really, really is. 

Things like this can just go a long way.

You know what I want to say right now? 

Also, Texas has been getting hit with thunderstorms like crazy lately. My friend Amy posted this yesterday on her facebook page and I couldn't help but smile. I want to be this lady's friend. 

ALSO, my friend Chris Perez just launched a new magazine here in Austin called CITYGRAM. You should check it's awesome. If you look close, you might even see a familiar face!?!?!? ;) 

Photo Credit: Love, The Nelsons LLC


  1. You've inspired me to blog my monthly goals, girl! I'm going to start next month. Look out for them on!

  2. your golf date should be at Top Golf because I think it is set to open this month!!! And I pray pray pray you guys can be back in your home this month :)

  3. "Dose, chokers were big" lmao

    Thanks for the laugh so needed that.

  4. Yes! Hilarious! I think we need to find this woman and take her to lunch at Waltons. ;)

    And here is the link to my April goals. I swear, I was just posting my March ones. You're right, the time is flying by. I was actually able to get them up on April 1st! KAPOWYA!!!!

  5. It's so true how doing your daily activities with just a little bit of extra kindness can have such a positive effect on yourself and others.

  6. Monthly goals are such a good idea! And I know - HOW has this year flown by so quickly?? It was JUST New Year's!

  7. I love monthly goals! Here is my latest :) I made almost $8,000 in side hustle income, best month ever for me!

  8. I need to have a social media free weekend too! I seriously don't know if I could do it though! AH! :)

  9. Done is better than perfect!! Best thing I've read all day

  10. KABOOYAH + DO IT videos made my freaking life.

    Also to add to your list, "love people who don't deserve it" they need it the most! :) just a suggestion XOXO

  11. Great goals! I'm just now catching up on my blogs so I should have made that a goal - stop getting so behind in reading! LOVE your new brand, so exciting!

    Here are my April goals:

  12. I love spread the kindness idea. I broke my ankle 2 weeks ago and while being on crutches sucks I can't believe how nice everyone is! I mean everyone - strangers smile at me, open doors for me, ask if they can get me something when I'm shopping, or just stop to talk to me. It's been amazing. A little kindness goes a long way in improving someones day! Spread some Kindness!

  13. Love all your goals! You should do a monthly link-up with goals!! I always get inspired by reading other goals and it helps to write my own.

  14. Well done March - you did so well :)
    Bring on April x

  15. I just discovered your blog and I love it!!!!! Did you design it yourself? and I love your name!!! so pretty!

    great idea about putting your monthly goals on your blog! I might have to try this. and what a great goal to buy a stranger a meal or coffee.... LOVE it!!! Can't wait to keep reading your blog.


  16. I can't believe it's April already either!!!

  17. I'm glad you included things like "lay in the grass" in your to do list. We all have to remember to stop and smell the roses. Sounds like you are good at knocking out your to-do lists, though!