Friday, March 29, 2013

A New Name.

Ohhhhhh man y'all. To say my heart isn't beating a million miles a minute right now is a complete understatement. The butterflies in my stomach are fluttering SO freaking fast.

It's time to announce the new photography name y'all...

Are you readyyyyyy?

AHHHHHH! before I do. I wanted to tell you about WHY I am changing the name of my business. DO NOT SCROLL DOWN YET OKAY!?!?!?!? I MEAN IT. DON'T DO IT! YOU MUST LISTEN TO MY TYPICAL LONG-WINDED EXPLANATION OR ELSE!!!!! ;)

You didn't scroll down yet, did you? Okay, good. ;)

It wasn't an easy decision, and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I was kind of sad to see my old one go. Having a business...and owning your own business is a big deal in so many ways. It's your baby. It's your pride and joy. Letting go of it and CHANGING something that is that important to well...a big deal. Atleast to me it is. Especially when you have been under that name for a couple of years and people already KNOW your business name. Why change it?

Change is good.

Especially when you like your new name, better. ;)

As you might already know, Drew has been my second shooter for the last two years. I never planned on making him shoot with me, it just kind of happened because he's been my number one cheerleader and motivator. And well, as our business has grown (SO THANKFUL FOR THIS), he's grown into the craft as well. He has assisted me on every single session of mine (besides the ones on weekdays) and he assists me at every.single. wedding. He has practiced-practiced-practiced and made me so proud. He's read a million tutorials. He's pretty dang good, y'all. We are a team, and we have discussed the possibility of being a legit husband and wife team one day. Our current clients know he's my second shooter, but they don't know this until AFTER we meet up and they are always totally on board with it.

The hardest part for me was thinking if I was forcing him to do this with me. Did he really enjoy photographing with me? Was it as fun for him as it was for me? Was he good enough? Have I taught him enough? This isn't his's I being selfish? These were all the questions I asked myself, and HIM a million and one times. I ONLY wanted him to WANT to be a part of this if he wanted to and I think I asked, "ARE YOU SURE!? 100% SURE BABE!? We can keep this my baby...either way, I am happy."

Y'all...when it came down to it...we both knew that we love being together. We love working together. AND we actually work really, really WELL together. Individually, we have our own strengths, obviously. However, when we are together...we are just, better. We are a team in life...and we want to be a team in business. He will still continue to work his 8-5 job, because well, we have bills and he will still continue to do what he loves. If he ever got sick, I will still have wonderful, talented friends and back-ups to help assist me, no doubt. However, Drew is my right hand guy. I will still be the front store of my business, NO doubt. He does all of the behind the scenes things like, invoices, taxes, and is kind of like my own little mini-manager. He's my number one support system and he pushes me, aggravates me, and does all those things that I have a love/hate relationship with, but I also know I need this push in order to be a better business. We still are a work in progress, but we constantly strive to be better and I know one day I will get those kinks worked out. I just know I have a partner, a compadre, a helper, and a constant support system right there to walk with me as I try to achieve those dreams.

We are just so much better together. We are more inspired than ever to showcase what we are good at...and that's loving each other, working together as a team, every single day together through this life. We are good at marriage. People are good at SO many things...and at the end of the day, we can both agree that our best quality is each other. It's okay to admit that if we're never good at anything in this life...atleast we know that we can both say, We ROCK at LOVING EACH OTHER.

And that was it. Our deciding factor. "Let's really make this a team effort from the inside out," we said.

It was time for us to decide...Do we keep it like it is? Keep it as Shalyn Nelson Photography and have Drew just be the number 1 second shooter? It wasn't a bad option as it's been working for us this far, right?

Then we played around with the idea of changing our name to actually reflect the both of us.

Letting go of that idea of someone seeing a picture I took and them knowing it was mine. "Oh, Shalyn Nelson took that..." or "That's Shalyn Nelson's work." Having MY name associated with my work was a cool thought...and I'm not quite there yet, and I am okay with that. However...I do know that when people think of me...they think of Drew. They think of my marriage... and we both quickly realized that the most prized possession we have in life is in fact, each other.

We are good at being us. Our marriage, our teamwork...that's our strong point.

Also, I've always been someone who likes to stray away from the norm. It's just in my blood. I like to walk to the beat of my own drum. The names in photography world are hard to remember unless you've been around for awhile, or if you've been published (a dream of OURS one day) and well, thinking about not having a "First name, Last name Photography" name was kind of intriguing. Scary to let go, OF COURSE, but in my heart, and in Drew's heart...we know this the step we both want to take.

We hope and pray you are excited for this change guys. We feel like this name reflects us and is just perfect. It doesn't have the word "Photography" in it either. I realize that it might be confusing for some to not have that word in the name, but like I said, we wanted to be different. We just pray that when people hear this name in the future, that they will automatically know, "Oh, yes! That's that super awesome husband + wife team that rock!" HA, wishful thinking. :)

One more thing...

We played around with so many names. I wrote down names ALL day, every day. I wrote them all over my chalkboard wall...I texted names to close friends and family. We toyed around with Golden Heart Photography, Two Gold Hearts, Heart of Gold Photography, Shay and Drew Photography, Shay Hearts Drew, ... SO many names were thrown around...and then one day I was listening to music in my office. I was having a productive day. I was doodling on my notepad and wrote the following:


"Shalyn...Drew...The Nelsons"

Drew texted me and said, "Babe, don't forget to write that card to my Aunt today okay!?"

"Sure thing babe!"

I'm one of those people that procrastinate a lot (EVIL trait, y'all) but I am learning to know my habits better, and thought to myself, "Shay, do it now or Drew will remind you again and you need to show him you can do something immediately!"


I got out my card and I wrote the letter to her.

When I signed the card...I wrote out what I signed my cards with all the time, but in that second, my eyes LIT up. I smiled so big, and I texted Drew and said..."BABE! I GOT IT!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG THIS IS OUR NAME! I JUST KNOW IT! OMG OMG OMG! I KNOW OUR NAME! NO MORE THINKING! THIS IS IT!!!!!"

I sent it to him. He said, "Wow...I really love it."

I texted the same close friends and family and every. single. response was "HECK YES!" "LOVE IT!" "THAT'S PERFECT!" "YUP. NAILED IT!"

And then our name was decided. We've been holding on to it since January. We got it legalized...and now we are here to announce it.





Love, The Nelsons

We are kind of digging it. :)

Dare we ask...What do you think!?!?!?!?

We hope you love it. We also hope this wasn't a let down! Either way, WE LOVE IT! It's us. :)

This is JUST the beginning y'all. I have a feeling it will be worth scary as it is for us. We appreciate ALL of the support and love we've received so far. It truly has meant the world to us...and when we say that...we mean that.

I will still continue to label my photos with "SHALYN NELSON" until we get our new logo and website. The next couple of months are going to be awesome...

Cheers yall! Have an AMAZING Easter weekend with your loved ones. I'm actually in Lufkin right now with Drew's family. His Mom is waiting on me to help with lunch, but I just wanted to get this off of my chest and SCREAM IT TO THE WORLD!!!!

WHOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Dance party? Anyone? Anyone?

Have a beautiful, blessed weekend y'all!

Wait for it...wait for it...


The Nelsons

BOOM! :)


  1. I was tempted to scroll down but am so glad I didn't. The best part of your new name (which I adore) is the reasoning behind it. And I dare to say I adore you both. You obviously are an inspiration to me and everyone around you. You just make people....happy. It just rubs off. So no matter what your name was everyone would love it because they love YOU (both). I think it's absolutely perfect. And very catchy I must say! :) I think I'll come to TX so I can have your new logo on my pics ;) Congrats to you both! So exciting.

  2. It's perfect. Just like y'all. Love you both.

  3. I've been in love ever since you told me. Could NOT be more perfect. :)

  4. i love this, the perfect name. i love that drew just naturally grew into the business with you too. so sweet.

  5. Shalyn!!!

    It's so quirky. So unique. So you.


    PS: The muuuuhaaaaaaaaaaw cracked me up!!

  6. ah! I love it so much. I'm going through a re-brand right now & it's on my heart & mind constantly...I'm in total limbo right now & constant prayer as to what I should do with my name change.

    I have two names I'm tossing back & forth, I'm hoping that soon, God just says "pick THAT one" and I'll know.. I'm so happy you guys found your name & feel peace with it :) It's perfect, I really love it.

  7. So cute Shay! I think it's perfect! Can't wait for Love, The Nelsons to shoot my wedding in about a bajillion years. Hope y'all aren't too famous by them :)

  8. The name and your explanation of it are just so sweet and absolutely perfect! Y'all are a truly beautiful couple through and through and the world's lucky to have wonderful people like you in it :)


  9. Shay this is so great!!! I love the new name. I went through the same thing when renaming my business. When I finally found the right name it just felt right, because it was inspired from a story and it had meaning. I can't wait to see where you and your husband are headed. So excited for you! :)

  10. Very cute I like it! And then you can still have which Nelson is taking the photos on them.. Adorable so glad you have someone so special to share your life with!


    sorry for caps i hit it by accident but basically i am screaming I LOVE THIS!!!!!

    such a perfect name i cannot even handle it!!! it describes you guys to a T!!!

    EEEEE love love love love love The Nelsons!!!

    xoxoox so excited for you both!!!

  12. You did an awesome job building up to the name haha. I was like "READ FASTER!"

    I LOVE the name! It's very unique.

  13. as perfect as "perfect" comes. love it!

  14. Oh I just love it!!! It's perfect for you guys! So unique and fun! Can't wait to watch you're business continue to grow. Now only if you could come to South Dakota and shoot :)

  15. "Oh, yes! That's that super awesome husband + wife team that rock!" = Exactly what was my opinion about you two before. Well, now I know this even better. :) Perfect!

  16. Omg!!! So cute!!! I absolutely love it!!!

  17. Not gonna lie, I saw the letters for most of "love" and "Nelsons" on your IG so I kind of guessed you'd left out two letters in the picture ;) Great name, super cute!

  18. Yay, I love the name! Y'all are so great together!

  19. Congrats on the new name! That is so exciting! It is also awesome that you are a husband and wife photography team! When we picked our photographers for our wedding that was one of the things I actually looked for because well I figure if the photographers are married they will be in sync & we will get much better pics :-)

  20. Love love love love love; the reasonings, the word "love" makes my heart happy, because you two do ROCK at loving!

  21. I think it is sooo cute! I am so excited to see what comes of this fun business for y'all! :)

  22. Congratulations!!!! What an amazing story that goes behind it and yet it's something so simple, so sweet, so YOU! I just love the new name and I am so excited for the two of you to continue onward together with it! :) xo

  23. Omg I LOVE everything about this. You & Drew are the cutest & I love that you said that if you aren't good at anything in this life, you're great at loving each other. I love reading your blog & I love seeing how amazing the two of you are together. It just makes me happy! Haha. Your new name couldn't be more perfect & I'll definitely be calling y'all to photograph my wedding when it happens!! Congrats Shay!! :)

  24. Haha...I was in such suspense scrolling down the page. You are such a tease. :) Love the new name. You two will be amazing! (Wait you already are.)

  25. It's is absolutely perfect for you both! :)
    Because of the reasoning behind it makes it that much more special.

  26. Congrats on the new name Nelsons! I think it's a perfect fit.

    Chelsea & The City
    Be sure to check out my eShakti giveaway!

  27. I am so proud of you and all you and Drew have done for the business together. Love the Nelsons is a perfect name for you guys and I couldn't be more thrilled for this new chapter in your business book :) Love you lots xo

  28. i love the name and that you two are a team. you guys rock! :)

  29. AHHMAZING! I adore you, and Drew, and your marriage <3 The love between y'all honestly inspires me and I hope my future marriage is as happy and loving and understanding as yours. The name is perfect, I love that is isn't blah blah photography. It's creative and will make people go "oh wait what is Love The Nelsons""omg amazing photos!" And I cannot wait to take our photos with y'all!! Zane has been modeling potential outfits over here :) haha love you and doing a BOOTY DANCE!

  30. Am I late to the dance party?! If so my apologies but hey we can always have another one! lol :)

    I love the name!! OH and darn you for making me say exactly that when I scrolled down and read "Mwahahah" I said "DARN HER" lol

    Have a good week Shay!

  31. I love it!!!!!!! I think it's totally perfect - it includes both of you and gives a wedding/love vibe without being in your face, you know? Finding the right name is t.o.u.g.h. and I think you nailed it!!! xo