Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I had a dream last night that Betty White shot me.




My mind is going a million miles a minute today. I mean, faster than Usain St. Leo Bolt!

Well, hang on a minute. Maybe not THAT fast...but fast enough to where I'm currently super scatterbrained which means this is about to be a super random post.


1. I didn't sleep at all last night. OKAY, so I might have slept a little, but NEVER in my life have I ever tossed and turned like I did last night. Seriously. I'm that girl that can sleep at the drop of a hat. My head hits that pillow and BAM! I'm out like a light y'all! I think it's a gift ;) Nahhhh okay, so I'm tired! ANYWAY, I went to bed early which is something I've been trying to implement back into my life (Early to bed, early to rise sort of mentality I'm trying to conquer) and I swear I tossed and turned about 100 times and laid there wide away thinking, "WHAT IS GOING ON!?"

OH, and then when I did sleep: I had the strangest dreams ever. I mean, more strange than WEIRD AL.

Point in case:

Drew: Morning babe! How did you sleep!?


That REALLY happened.

2. I never, ever, talk about diets or my body, or my weight with y'all. I guess it's because I'm not the healthiest person in the world, and I'll be honest. I have yo-yo dieted pretty much since I was 14. I go up and I go down, and that's because I do REALLY well for a little while, and then I fall back off because Mexican food is just the love of my life, besides Drew of course. Anyway, I won't be posting much about this because I know ME and I know that I am not seasoned enough in the health category to preach, BUT I have been consciously eating a lot healthier for the last month. I've been working out with Drew after work 2-3 days a week and I've lost 8 pounds. You can't tell, but I'm just super proud of myself for even going this long. When Stephanie posted about YF on her blog, I challenged myself to start making more healthier choices (seriously ate Brussels sprouts for the first time in my life this past week and never thought I'd see the day) and well, I feel GOOD. I blame last night's sleep on my stomach growling for Nachos and Pizza instead of the big fat salad from earlier that evening. ANYWAY, wish me luck. I hope I can  make this a lifestyle change. Go check out Kristen kicking butt and taking names.


I truly feel that by making healthy food into smiley faces will make me feel happier when eating it. Don't hate! :) 

3. Last year I was obsessed with mo-peds and I still am. I begged Drew to let me have a cute little white one that I could call mine and he just looked at me like with that wide eyed stare in disgust like I was picking my nose or something. He didn't even have to say, "NO" because I knew the answer before I even asked. (I know I'm not the only wife that does this, right!?)

 He said it wasn't practical for where we lived (we don't live downtown), and sadly, he was right. I would only use it every now and again and it would be a waste of money for us. THEN this past summer I thought, "Well if I can't get a mo-ped, I'm going to get myself a super cute bike!" I've been on the prowl for a bike for years and I've just never made it a priority because 1) the cute ones I like are pricey and 2) I'm saving up for photography gear all the time! This past summer my best friend from California let me ride her new bike and y'all, I was bound and determined to get myself a bike after I rang that cute little "DING DING" bell of hers. I felt my heart explode at the cuteness. My friend actually lives in downtown Sacramento and rides her bike to and from work every day so for her, this was practical in every sense of the word. Well, I put the bike on hold because I quit my 8-5 job and well, pennies are tight and it wasn't a priority at the time (nor is it right now haha)! :) Well, I got the bike bug again this past December when I was browsing the internet. There she was, looking all sexy and pink and sleek and basically, screaming my name from the internet lands. I searched and searched for this bike and found that it's actually made in Europe. They then directed me to a dealer in Arizona, and then they directed me to a bike shop here in Austin. They HAD the bike, but they just sold it, however, they could order it for me no problem and get it to me in 1-3 days.


Until, the dude said, "It will be $1050."

Me: "You mean, $10.50 riiiiight?"

Dude at bike store: "No ma'am (laugh), I'm sorry to say it's $1050 BUT you can get it cheaper if you don't want the basket.

Me: "Well of course I want the basket, but at this moment all I can afford IS just the basket."

Heart was broken. I then proceeded to remember that the 450 (which was still like a million dollars to me) on the European site, was in fact in EUROS!

Yes, I felt like an idiot. AND I was. But I did give myself and the guy at the bike shop a good laugh. Whomp Whomp!

There is just no way that is in my budget right now. I mean, hello, it's a bike.

SO, I found another option. It's still pink. It's still cute. AND it has a basket (Not pictured here of course).

Well, hello you sexy thanggg you! I can't wait for you to be mine!

The price is much more manageable and I am saving every last extra penny I have until that sucker is mine. Hopefully soon I will introduce her to you, and then Jenni and I can gallivant around Austin together on fun little bike rides. (She just got herself a super cute bike too and I might just have to test it out when I see her tomorrow!)

4. Have you SEEN this PINK Kitchen Aid Mixer? I've always wanted one, and well, I still want hopefully one day when Drew and I move into a bigger and better house, this little baby will be mine. Doesn't it scream "SHAY COME MAKE SOME CUPCAKES!!!?" Exactly what I was thinking too. So glad we are on the same page today, friends! :)

5. I love you. Yes, you. This is me right now, lookin' super fly, I know. I only show these gross pictures of myself to the people I love, so you're welcome.

[Ew is right.When you work from home you sort of miss talking to people, so then you end up talking to your dogs and yourself and making the most stupid faces into your iPhone. YOLO! (Haaa jk,) ]



  1. You are so cute! Love the 450 Euro mixup, that sounds just like something I would do!

    I have been having crazy dreams lately too... lets hope for some calmer ones soon! xo

  2. I LOVE this crazy post! :) You definitely need that bike. And I'm a little jealous that I don't get pictures like that sent to my phone! HAHA

  3. OMG i was cracking up about your dream! Weird thing I too live in Sacramento & the kitchenaid mixer is wonderful (I have one in red that I LOVE)

  4. you live in ATX and rep an aggie sweatshirt. oh no! lol

    1. Lol I knowwww. I married an Aggie what can I say!? ;) REPRESENT! (This is also my brother's sweatshirt that he used to wear back in the 80's! It's one of my favorites!

  5. hahaha. after this post, i definitely feel like we could be best friends. I have a pink bike similar to that one :) i love it so much it probably gets washed more than my car ;)

  6. Haha I LOVE everything about this.
    1. Leave it to Betty White to make things interesting.
    2. Good luck with your diet/life style change! I yo yo diet hard freaking core but I'm doing a little of this and a little of that trying to make healthier choices. We'll see how that goes.
    3. Your bike is amaaaazing!! I need me one asap!

  7. I would love to have a pink kitchen aid mixer! Hello new best friend is what that little baby would be :)

  8. I dont know if you purchased your beach cruiser yet BUT check out! I got mine there! They ship and you assemble! There from San Diego or LA! Mine is going on 3 years and is amazing!!!

  9. You and Jenni will be sexy little thangs on your bikes. I have a mountain bike, but there is literally too many mountains around here for me to ride it. I will die trying to ride up these hills.

  10. YAY for losing 8 lbs.. that's awesome!!! And my husband would love your shirt - he's an Aggie. :)

  11. gurrrl 8 lbs is a lot! I'm sure people can tell. We need to have a YF partay!

  12. good for you! and what a crazy dream...I'll never look at Betty White the same way again.

    Have an awesome week!

  13. If DDHP made you move to Canada and before Betty shot you, you could just live with me :D hahahaha i love you!!

  14. You're such a gem! 8 pounds?! Holy moly!! You're going to shrink awayyyyy!!!!! I love you and your crazy stay-at-home-employee photos! ;) xoxo

  15. So, Mexican Food is my love too! and...

    I seriously just left Target and took a pic of that KitchenAid Mixer. I need it, bad!

  16. I LOVED THIS POST! It made me so happy..besides you getting shot by Betty White, because that is just awful. I work at home and talk to my dog and think I'm going borderline I'm glad I'm not the only one ;)

  17. Oh you are so cute! I have a bike almost just like that! Quick story- I was in the same boat as you wanting a cute pink bike with a basket like my life depended on it. They were too expensive. SO I bought an awesome japanese cruiser bike off some dude on craigslist for 40 dollars and by hubs painted it pink and added a basket with flowers and a bell. HELLO AWESOME. I'm sure I instagrammed it at some point... I'll tag ya.

    Go healthy food! It's a daily practice to choose the healthy stuff. So wise of you to think about what's best for your body in the long run! :)


  18. I think I laughed so hard, I cried over your bike story! Girl, I can totally relate.. ALmost 6+ years ago I had my precious bike stolen during mardi gras- and I finally re-bought my little dream bike last spring (Happy tax season to me)! So, that was my splurge :) I bought it from Target (in teal) with a basket too, duh! But of course every bike I wanted was well, an arm and a leg.. But target has some cute ones for sure! Glad you got your bike!!

  19. I live in Sacramento, too!

    But I don't have a cute bike. I actually don't really know how to ride a bike all that well so I stay off of them. It's pathetic.

  20. i really want a bike and was also on the hunt for a super cute hipster one too! i built my Republic bike on urban's site and then realized how crazy expensive it husband was all, how about this walmart bike?? ha. yours looks so cute though! i'm getting one the second it gets warm out!

    and way to go with the eating healthy/working out. i need to get on that train!

  21. I didn't know you're an Aggie fan!! I am in the process of taking a job at A&M and moving to College Station!!


  22. I too really want that pink mixer!! One day...

  23. Shay! Check out electra bikes! they are 400-600 (us dollars) and they have cruiser styles that are similar!