Guest Post: Meet Lauren!


Hi friends :) Chicago is AWESOME.

So, while I'm Making Things Happen with some amazing girls, I have my sweet friend Lauren filling in today. Lauren is a beautiful person inside and out, so y'all, FEEL her words. The girl can write like you can't believe and she's just an honest, genuine and an amazing soul. I'm so lucky to know her.

Hello new friends!  I'm Lauren - a fiesty redhead who love football and dr. pepper and lives in the middle of nowhere because the love of her life that she met in high school is a youth minister and small towns are where it's at!
I also tend to talk in run-ons.  And use parenthesis entirely too much (you know you do it too) so just prepare yourself now...this will be fun!  I met Shalyn loooonnnggg ago when she and I were up and coming pageant queens!  That's right... the redhead in the picture with her in one of her latest posts wearing the Ralph Lauren dress with a little arrow pointing to her saying "Lauren".... that's me.  I've since learned how to fix my hair (thank the lord) but all that to say, me and Shalyn go WAY back!  Like I mentioned earlier, my hubs is a youth minister at a church in our small town and I work at the most adorable boutique called The Scarlet Ibis and blog all about the journey of marriage at my blog, Love, Milk & Honey.  While Shay's away and asked me to come say a little hi to you guys and I believe her exact words were: Share about whatever you want.  So, today, we are going to talk about my wisdom tooth that's been poking it's way through my gum since June as a 26th birthday present to little ole me.  Ok, not really... I mean it really is killing me but that's not what we are going to talk about.  I'm coming atcha this week with something that I like to call the "Sassy Girl's Guide to Conquering the Busy Workweek."  
Raise your hand if life has ya busy..... 
Yep, thought so.  Juuuuusssttt about all of you are with me.  Sometimes between balancing life and work and relationships all while making sure you are wearing a matching pair of shoes can be rough!  So I've got a couple pointers and a fun little printable for quick reference.  I have mine right behind my debit card so I see it often.  So, hold on to your to-do lists and take this 3 minute read (sidenote: my introduction rant is not included in those three minutes.) with you this week!  I promise it will make a difference!

Onto the pointers!

1. Do it with GUSTO!  Your attitude sets the tone of the environment you are in.  Make a conscious effort to be positive in your dealings with your kids, your hubs, your co-worker and anyone else you may come in contact with along your busy way.  I guarantee if you approach people with a positive attitude, the majority of them will respond with the same.

2. Preparation!  Before you bash me for adding a few more to-do’s for your everyday list, give this a chance.  For 1 week, before you go to bed, lay out your clothes for the next day, determine a place for your keys and purse to rest and make sure they are there, do a 10 minute pick-up of the house, and pick one wind-down activity such as reading a book, taking a bath, or a creative activity that you enjoy.  Once you develop this routine for yourself, help the other members of your family do the same.  This cuts down on the morning chaos and lets you go to bed feeling prepared and settled. *For me, this has eased my need to write to-do lists on the ceiling and tossing and turning all night trying to remember them.  Truly, it makes a huge difference!

3. Say No.  Some of the most promising businesses and most capable women in this world have single-handedly run themselves into the ground by saying yes to every opportunity that came their way.  YOU are no different.  You have limits and you need boundaries.  Another mom can handle making snacks for the soccer team, you don’t have to stay after and make those extra copies for a co-worker, and you certainly don’t need to put voluntary obligations in front of family.  It’s okay to say no.  Politely declining with the accompanying reason that your family needs that part of your day will help keep those priorities in line….not to mention it will speak volumes of your character.

4. Check your heart.  Once a day, at 3 PM I have an alarm go off on my phone that is labeled “grateful fors.”  By 3 in the afternoon I am usually at stress-con-5 and this serves as my reminder to look for the positive.  I take a few seconds and physically write out 5 things I am grateful for that day.  It ranges from simple things like coffee or my desk chair and funny things like good hairdays or my new purse to meaningful things like a sweet text from James (that's my hubs btw) or an encouraging email from a friend.  Regardless, taking a few moments to re-center my thoughts helps me to keep my emotions in tact, realize that a day is just a day, and move forward with renewed strength.  And don’t hesitate to share your “grateful fors” either!  Sometimes I email them to a friend or text them to James.  Sometimes I even blab them on facebook.  It serves as a great reminder to those around you to do the same!

5. Keep perspective.  One of my coping mechanisms is to break the day into time segments.  If I’ve got 200+ emails to answer and no idea where to start, I take out my timer, set it for 15 minutes and tell myself, ” you can handle anything for 15 minutes.”  Nevermind that I tell myself the same thing while panting my way through a workout on the treadmill… but truly, break it into time segments and give yourself the perspective that each task is just that, a task.  Place your mind over the matter, keep your head in the game, and complete the task at hand so you can move on.
Each week will be exactly what you will it to be.  Wake up each day, tell yourself it’s going to be a good one and get to conquering!  I’d love to hear your stories or any other pointers that help you out during the busy times of life so leave them in the comments or send them my way via email lauren{at}  

You guys are great!  Thanks for letting me chat with you guys today in Shay's stead.  I'm sending BIG hugs and coffee your way!


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  2. I love this post so much! Especially the 3pm alarm one! Great advice!! :) :) :)

  3. What a great post!! Some clever and inspiring tips - thanks girls

  4. I love the 3pm reminder. So great

  5. You guys are too sweet! Thank you so much for the warm welcome! In case the link for the printable doesn't work for y'all in the blog above, here is another link so you can have a reminder to keep conquering!


  6. this was awesome! love the 3 pm reminder, also. but my favorite is "say no." i have such a problem with taking on more things. typically they aren't bad obligations but they wear me out to the point of really having nothing left.

  7. Nice to "meet" ya Lauren! I love meeting other wives of youth pastors :)

  8. Love this so much! I'm definitely stealing it for a daily dose of happy. Also..pesty Wisdom teeth are the worst.