Thank you guys for your very thoughtful and sweet comments on my last post. My heart is warm and I have so much love for you beautiful "strangers" I like to refer to as my blogging family.

Drew Drew Hot Pants and I decided to drive back home from the deer lease late Saturday night. I was excited to get home because I wanted to decorate my freakin' tree y'all! I was so ready to get this Christmas decor a goin'. At 11:00 p.m. we pull in. At 11:15 we pull out the tree. At 12:00 a.m. we decide we are too tired to finish and decide to finish the next day. This will explain the change in clothes you are about to see.

Things you will learn in this video.

1. I look like a cow. No baby on board. It's just my food baby. Making me miserable and looking constipated. Key word: LOOKING constipated. Doesn't mean I am. #hadtobesaid
2. No make-up. Glasses. Looking better than the VS models in last night's fashion show. #naturally
3. We decorated our tree really fast cause we have super powers. ;)
4. Decorating the tree together is one of my favorite things to do with DDHP. Makes my heart go pitter patter. #pittuhhhpattuhhh
5. Pics of my Christmas decor and perhaps some tips on how to decorate your home on a budget. #shooooooooootiamforreal
6. #sorryforallthehashtagshahahahahahaaaaa

Enjoy :)

My fake heart attack.


It's been awhile guys...I know. Life is testing me in more ways than I can comprehend. I'll be completely honest for a minute and tell you that I'm struggling with words lately. I'm not able to focus. Stress has taken it's toll and quite frankly, I'm at the bottom of the barrell with my emotions scraping what faith I have in the phrase, "It will get better!" Don't you worry though...I do have my Faith and I am certain that I will get through this series of trials and tribulations happening in my life.

Before I could really appreciate the true meaning of Thanks this past weekend, I had something seriously scary happen to me last Wednesday afternoon.

I got off work and met Drew at the house. I was in a good mood, all was good in the neighborhood and I was so happy that I was going to get to go home to see my Mom that night.

Before we left town, we had to go pick up Drew's truck at the mechanic. When we left, Drew told me he wanted to run by Lowes to get some supplies because he was going to be helping my Mom put up some backsplash, and I decided to drive home to finish up our packing. So, there I was. I was rapping to a song on the radio, being that crazy lady you see driving down the road singing like a fool. Then I thought to myself, "Wow, it's really hot in here." I then rolled down my windows wicked fast, and then tried to crank up my AC (which doesn't work btw) and it kept getting hotter and hotter. At this point, I realized I couldn't breathe. At. All.

It felt as if there were 100 bricks on my chest and I was getting less and less oxygen. My chest hurt so bad. I immediately thought, "What the heck dude!?" I tried to keep calm, and then my vision went blurred and I broke out in a sweat. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't see. I couldn't believe I was driving and then went into freak out mode when my hands and feet went numb and tingly. My nose went tingly.

I started crying thinking, "OMG, OMG, I think I'm having a heart attack. OMG!"

I promise you from the bottom of my heart...I thought I was dying.

I went to grab my phone to call Drew and when I did, I realized I was in the middle lane about to hit another car. I swerved and went pulled into an Auto Parts store where I saw a middle aged man opening up his car door. I rolled down my window with one hand on my chest, and the other hand frantically waving my phone at him begging him to call Drew.

I saw his face go white when he saw me, and he immediately ran over and opened my door. He felt my head and my neck and said "Dear, can I call 911? I need to call 911."

He called Drew first, I thought and before I knew it there was an wambulance and a fire truck blaring their sirens right next to me. I think I blacked out at this point thinking, "Andrew, Mom, TURKEY!?" Haha, not really the turkey part but I know ya feel me.

At this point in the story, I'm sure you're thinking, "You're 25. You're a weirdo. Why the heck do you think you were having a heart attack!?"

That would be because I found out a year ago that I have INCREDIBLY high cholesterol. Like, try, 303. It shouldn't be over 200. Just sayin'.

Am I on cholesterol medicine? Well NO. I know, don't yell at me. I know. I tried two cholesterol medicines and both made me sick and both made me tingle and I couldn't stand it, so I quit. I've been trying to lower it with vitamins and eating better...which I can't say I'm successfully doing all the time.

Okay, where was I?

The EMS man came up to me and was talking to me and for awhile I could barely even make out what he was saying.

He calmed me down, took my pulse (wholy crap it was high) and the determining factor to my health was my PERFECT blood pressure (THANK YOU LORD!).

Ladies, I had my first full blown anxiety attack.

NEVER in my life have I experienced anything like this.

EMS man told me he gets this call a million times a day because it really does feel like a heart attack. Except for the actual heart attack part. ;) THANK GOD. THANK GOD.

But was so scary. I came home looking like a red lobster, and took a 20 minute nap. Woke up feeling like a champ! Haha.

We packed up, hit the road, made it to my Mom's house and had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. :) I was thankful for family, Drew, friends, downtime, food, and of course, the true meaning of LIFE. Regardless of how "testy" it's been with me lately. Just truly Thankful...

Isn't my Papaw the cutest haha.

My melt your heart cute as a button, Mamaw.

Football. Ignore my nasty feet. I apologize to those of you with a foot fetish. Muahahaw.

Now if this doesn't make you smile...haha. This would be my Uncle Larry. My Mom's brother. He's a retired Houston Police Officer. He grew his hair out because he can...and well, he'd thought it would be funny to wear pig tails all day and act like a little girl. Hysterical, I know.

I honestly feel slightly embarrassed about what happened to me. But I guess all the stress I've been under lately set it off when I was probably the least stressed (rapping in my car like a fool) than I have been in the past couple of weeks. Drew keeps joking with me and said it was the rap music that set it off. Ha. Rap music just fuels my soul y'all. Please sense the sarcasm.

Anyway, I don't plan on taking anxiety medicine simply because I'm stubborn and I HATE putting things into my body. However, I am curious to know if any of you have anxiety? Do y'all have an recommendations? Suggestions? I'm all ears.


Happy Blogsgiving :)


Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

I hope you're all full and fat just like us right now. I just wanted to write a little post real quick to tell you guys how incredibly THANKFUL I am for each and every one of you. I'm more thankful than you'll ever know.

LOVE Y'ALL SO MUCH and hope you are enjoying time with your families! I know I am! :)


You need to read why Ashley is the Guest Post!


I love Ashley. She's an Atlanta smokeshow. She's super sweet. She makes me laugh. AND she can run better than Forrest Gump. Don't believe me!? Go check her out...AFTER you read this post.

I love Shalyn
(and her blog)

I love her as much as I love Atlanta

as much as I love sugar and sweets 

As much as I love Ryan Reynolds….

You get the picture……LOVE!

Which is why…..

I Want to Go to Blog-Land

I’m not exactly sure where Blog-land is geographically but I just know it has to exist….

And I also know that

In blog land....Austin Texas is the next street over from Atlanta. Maryland, Massachusetts and Utah are in the neighborhood. And Spokane and Kennewick Washington?…..totally the next block up.

In Blogland, I get to see the Dream Team every day…..and we all wear

GO BLOG OR GO HOME Sweatshirts.

With BIG TEXAS Sister Wives hair and sunnies of course because…..well, that’s just sexy.

Since Blog-land is magically 90 degrees and sunny every day, we get paid to layout by the pool and have photoshoots with our photogs.

We have group fitness hour to keep up our supermodel shapes

We celebrate birthdays, half birthdays and basically getting out of bed with our Queen Party Planner

Every night we have family dinner on the BEST-decorated table in blog-land.

Where we all get tipsy off too much Diet Sun Drop

And then we play with Gunner and Colt and Shay-b’s fur-babies

And then we have a dance party......

Sometimes it's a costume party.....

Rob, Kurt, Stone and DDHP all come too….and DDHP shows off his fantastic dance moves. 

So basically I want to go to Blog-Land because I am OBSESSED with these girls

Who's coming with me?!



THANK YOU SO MUCH ASH! I love love love this! XOXOXO!

Have an awesome day y'all!

Rissy Rocks.


Hi friends...I'm getting really good at this whole not-blogging regime aren't I? Thank you for all your comments and I swear I will be writing you back soon! I have a ton of excuses but I've been too busy for my own good.

That said, I hope to be blogging in full swing again soon, but until then, I have a couple of sweethearts who kindly offered to fill up some of my white space.

Rissy has been on my blog before because well, she's the cutest muffin on the planet. I was texting her the other day and she kindly offered to send me a guest post. She warned me that she wasn't very good at following through when she said she would guest post...but she did. And I think she might have had a glass of wine or two before writing this. :) I love her and if you don't know her, go check out her blog. It will not disappoint.


Ahhh yes, the land of the love birds.
What a happy little land this is.
It is a place filled with rainbows, butterflies, and non-fat calorie free chocolate!
But some of us still live in the real world.
And in this real world, we are exposed to the lovey dovey world...
... but as an outsider.
There is one thing we outsiders have a hard time understand
--and that thing--
is the Pet Name!
You regular Shay readers probably know her hunky hubs Andrew as DDHP (Drew Drew Hot Pants)
This is by far the best pet name of all time. It is slightly tongue in cheek, totally hilarious, and acceptably used by all.
However, many pet names (and couples) are not half as awesome.
Here are some examples of those that do not measure up to the Shay, DDHP name (I found a register online of pet names):
* Lamb chop- I mean come on... who says that in public with a straight face?
*Tarzan- let's leave that in the bedroom
*Squishy (chunky)- because offensive terms of endearment are in?
*Sparky- commonly found on dog collars
* My king- it's 2011
*Tramp- I'm just going to tell myself that is a typo (?)
Now I have a request...
and it may be difficult...
because this is pretty personal...
But, what pet names do you use?

Thank you Rissy for helping me out! I'm so glad that Drew Drew Hot Pants is an acceptable pet name haha. It's pretty awesome right y'all!? HAHA. Just kidding. I mean, he has to love it because his name on Call of Duty is DDHP. We keep it cool here in the Nelson household.

Rissy, I love you and seriously adore the ever livin' mess out of you. I can't wait for you to have a hot dude with an Australian accent. ;) Perhaps call him The Thunder from Down Undahhh? ;) Jk. I know you will appreciate this.

Have a wonderful Monday guys! It's a short work week. Can I get a hellz to the yeah? Or an Amen!? Whatever floats your boat! This lady is ready for some turkey! :)

I was on TV this weekend. Say whatttt!? Oh, & a guest post.


I can't even put into words how awesome this past weekend was.

For starters, I was on the news.

I am still pinching myself. I was on TV!? So, so surreal.

You might laugh because I didn't have to talk, but it was still the most nerve wracking, adrenaline pumping, & most incredible experience EVER!

I feel so blessed.

I haven't mentioned I was going to be on TV here on the ol' blog because, well, I was nervous I wouldn't actually be on TV. It was up in the air until Friday night if I would be appearing on the news, or if I'd be behind the scenes, which would have been cool too.

I work for Inspired Events & Designs with my dear friend Nycia. She called me a couple of months ago and told me that KXAN had called and asked her to come up with a budget friendly Thanksgiving table.

After some brainstorming and crafty talks, we managed to keep the cost of this table under $50.00.

Enjoy y'all! :)

Thanksgiving decorations on a budget:

Catenya (the news anchor) was THE sweetest lady everrrrr! I couldn't get over how fun and down to earth she was! It was so cool seeing her in person because I always see her on the news.

Can y'all keep a secret? :)

We are doing a Christmas table for KXAN AGAIN in December which means I will get another TV debut. And, I'm pretty sure I will be talking next time. Ohhhhh man. I can already feel the nerves setting in! AHHHHHHHHHHH!:)

Happy Monday loves! If you want to read about what keeps me and Drew Drew Hot Pants happy in our marriage, go on over to Busy Bee and read allllll about it. :)

Self Doubt vs. Self Worth


This is a battle I have with myself daily.

There are days when I want to give up and throw the towel in and then there are days when I am motivated to the infinity power and nothing is going to stop me from achieving my dreams.


It's a mean battle. It's an inner fight I have with myself all the time. I find myself going back and forth between these two extremes all the time.

Last night, I wanted to literally punch myself in the face.

I let my self doubt win and my very own word vomit errupted before it's very eyes and exploded all into these wedding professional's faces.

I said things like:

"Yeah, I'm new. I've only been doing it a year..."

"This whole wedding industry is a little intimidating."

"Yeah, there are so many photographers and aspiring photographers, it gets a little discouraging."

"I don't have much equipment yet."

"I'm not really that good."

SERIOUSLY SHALYN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

How the heck am I supposed to be successful if I say things like this about myself? OUTLOUD at that?

SHAME on me.

Yes, I may be new to pursuing this dream of mine, but who cares if I've only been doing "professional" photography a year. YOU have to start somewhere right???

Yes, the wedding industry IS intimidating. However, so is this thing we call life. Every dream we have is intimidating, but if what happens when we don't dare to dream, and try to accomplish those dreams?


If you don't strive to accomplish your dreams, then your dreams will always be dreams until you decide to make them a reality. And y'all...I'm deciding right now that I'm going to make my dreams a reality.

I often hear from other wedding professionals at events I do and I hear, "Oh, you're a photographer...Yeah, there ARE so many really have to learn to set yourself apart." I
even get the occasional, "Good luck!" and one time, a lady said, "Girl, you're going to have to be awesome in order for anyone to recognize your work. You have stiff competition in this city."

You know what I have to say to that?

Watch me.

Sure, I have 240820423957 things to learn. The good news? I LOVE to learn. Learning=Experience. Experience=Professional. I will get there.

I'm tired of comparing myself to others and thinking I'm not good enough...yet.

I'm so tired of letting people make me feel that I'm not good enough to be successful at this.

I'm so done with letting my own self doubt defeat my self worth.

I will develop confidence. I will be PROUD of my work.

I may not be perfect & I may not know what the heck I'm doing...but what I do know is that I LOVE photography. I absolutely love it. It's a passion unlike anything else I have.

I have drive. I have will.

I have to learn to listen to the good things my friends & family have to say about my work and not focus on the negative. There will always be vultures who only want to see you fail. I WILL NOT FAIL. THEY WILL NOT KNOCK ME DOWN. It's simply not an option anymore.

And if Austin isn't going to welcome me with open arms?

Then I will open my arms and wait for them to come to me.

I AM good enough. I am. & SO ARE YOU.

So I challenge you...

DO what you LOVE & LOVE what you DO.

Don't ever let anyone,including yourself get you down.

Win your battle.

Because you're the only person that can make it happen.


Sometimes you just have bad hair days.


Last night, I put dry shampoo in my hair before my softball game because my hair was pretty much nappy. It had been two days since I had washed it (gross I know) and it was basically matted to my head.

I took my hair out of its rat nest of a bun and ...


I immediately heard this song in my head.

Please ignore how disgusting my mirror is. I gave the dogs a bath and then blow dried them and that is why you see hair everywhere. I'm happy to report I took a good Windexing to my mirror immediately after taking these pictures.

Wanna see my best Elvis impression?

Wait for itttttttttttt.

WAIT for itttttttttttttttttttt.


Ohhh you wanna see my best Donald Trump impression?

Wait for ittttttttttttttt.

WAIT for ittttttttttttttt.



I'm sexy and I know it.

Happy Hump Day muffins.

Oh, go read this post. It's a good one.

I can't believe I am showing you these. I clearly have issues. ;)

One week.


It REALLY has been a WEEK since I last blogged? WOW. I officially suck.

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I'm still drowning in responsibilities. Please forgive me.

That said, let me catch y'all up a little bit on what's been going on in my lil' ol' life.

1. Lovin' my hubby and helping him with things around the house. I have neglected our house (a lot) in the last couple of weeks which is NOT in my character whatsoever. I'm just a bit OCD and lately, you'd never know.

2. Spending more time with the pups. Yes, we look super awesome here I know. I've neglected play time with the lil' guys. I had to literally stop and go outside to throw around some toys just to let them know I still love them. :)

3. Halloween at work was a lot of fun and a lot of work. This required some time on the weekend to decorate, as well as help with things around the office. We were a "School of Fish"...and so we did a little twist on it. I was a cat fish, so I dressed up like a cat, and my friend Ketrin was a jelly fish, hence why she looks like a jar of jelly.

My friends Kelly and Manie got BEST costume...I wonder why? ;)

Those are some legit boobies if I do say so myself.

4. Photo shoots. & Editing ohhhh my.

This is me taking a break from editing. I think I sent this to Raven. Haha.

I swear I sound like a broken record, but I am so behind. So SO behind. Especially at updating my photography blog. I fully intend on updating it, as well as my new brand, business cards, and website...and possibly a wedding show in January. I'm going to try my best to not let this blog take too much of a backseat, but it might for a little bit so I can get my photo biz refreshed. It means a lot to me :)

5. My friends. It seems everytime a friend of mine asks me what my weekend plans are, they already know. I feel terrible always having something going on. What's sad (or good I guess) is that my weekends are pretty much booked out until mid January. Crazyness. I am thankful I have friends though that understand and send me sweet notes to remind me how BLESSED I am. Love love snail mail.

6. Sleep. Deprived. I was up until atleast 3 a.m. every night/morning last week. Yep, I'm crazy.

7. Softball games. I have these every Tuesday night and that's basically the gyst of it. It takes my whole evening. But it is a lot of fun! :)

9. Last Thursday, I met Jenni and Kelly downtown for "A Taste Of Home" cooking event. We got lots of good recipes that I can't wait to share and make. YUM!

9. This past weekend we went to the deer lease. It was Andrew's Dad's birthday, so we celebrated with lots of good food. Piper and Furlee had a blast as usual haha.

Want to hear a cute little story?

When we go to the deer lease, it's literally out in the middle of NOWHERE. We stay in what we call, "The Silver Bullet." It's a legit airstream trailer that is older than you can imagine. It's now DDHP's trailer because his parents got a newer one to stay in. Y'all, just having two people and two dogs is super crowded. Imagine the 6 people being in that thing, with dogs...oh yes. SUPER CROWDED.

Anyway, we were headed to bed at about midnight and it was really cold outside. We had two heaters on and the lights on too because let's face it, it's kinda scary out there, and we also had the music on to serenade us to sleep. Drew and I are freezing so he cuddles up really close to me.

Drew: *snuggling close* *BIG FAT SIGH* Awww this is nice.
Me: Mmmhmmm :)
Drew: *cuddles even cloesr* It's like our own little getaway.
Me: Mmmhmmm :)

The radio, the heater, and the lights all go OUT.

Complete silence and darkness.


Okay, so my description sounds sort of lame, but y'all, it was soooo stinkin' funny I swear.

Here is DDHP dancing with the flashlight trying to find the braker.

Did I mention Piper and Furlee had a BLAST on the trip?

They literally drove everyone crazy. Especially Rusty. Or did he?


We got home from the deer lease and I pretty much had 9 loads of laundry waiting for me. No joke.

The dogs got baths.

I experimented and tried to do a fishtail braid.

Fail? Ehhhh...

After a few household chores, I had a photoshoot with Nycia and her family in downtown Round Rock. It was a lot of fun! :)

After the photo session, I went to my brother's house and had dinner.

How was your weekend? Did y'all do anything fun? Tell me! :)

I guess I shall proceed with the 22940294920395 pictures waiting on me.

Peace and chicken grease! :)