Wedding March Madness: Groomsmen & Bridesmaids Shoot #


Good Morning sweet friends.

I hope you enjoy these pictures because they sure do make me smile. I love my friends so much and I am so thankful for all of them.

My Mom was my Maid of Honor, and sadly, she missed out on this photoshoot. She was stuck in traffic due to a wreck, and didn't make it to the church in time for these.

I'll start out with my hubby and his groomsmen.

Such a happy little fella huh? I wonder why? ;)

And now for the girls... :)

This is probably my most favorite picture, ever.

Haha, just a little windy that day.

That's right, we workedddddd it out baby! :)

Have a blessed day!


  1. i love all the photos!!
    You are so sassy -- I adore it =) you look beautiful and I am loving all the parasols!

  2. Love all your wedding photos, and your blog!

    Found you from the spring blog swap :)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! You were a beautiful bride and your dress is stunning! I'm an Austin girl too! Just stumbled on your blog and it's darling. :)

  4. I loved the guys' photos, particularly the B&W's and the close-ups of your hubby...
    ....BUT...the you and girls! WOW!
    Those. were. gorgeous.
    The use of the colorful parasols made it all pop. I loved every picture!
    I cannot tell you how sad I am that I did not use a photographer that had a truly creative, fresh eye. I got married just before the digital age (that's really making me sound old! Ha! NO...I just got married really young!) and styles have changed so much now. That's why when I do photoshoots I strive to bring in that fresh perspective. I think I'm just scarred. Haha!

    Love your pics. What a pretty bride you were.

  5. Great photos. You were a gorgeous bride! And I love the umbrellas. So unique, yet brings so much color into the shots. :) :)

  6. I absolutely love looking at the wedding pictures... (especially when boy with a coin is playing in the background)

    Those parasoles were such a cute idea!

    Love how the silly Bridesmaids pics end up sillier than the Groomsmen most of the time haha.


  7. I love these pictures! Where are those cute umbrellas from?!

  8. Awww thanks y'all! :)

    Jasmine, I got the umbrellas at Hobby Lobby! :)

  9. You look beautiful, great photos!

  10. So I have to ask since you are just now starting your own Photography hard/difficult was it for you to pick/decide on a wedding photographer for your big day? Were you truly happy with the results? I'm such a freak about photos I'm terrified of that "big day" and not liking any of the shots they take!

  11. These are gorgeous! I love that it looks like you guys are having a blast in all of them - instead of your typical stiff and formal wedding party photos. Your dress is beautiful too, and the umbrellas are such a cute, fun idea!

  12. Your colorful parasoles are just, so pretty and super fun!!!

    Liesl :)

  13. Your pictures are beautiful and I love your dress!



  14. Yes, it was me that emailed you!!! Glad you found my blog!!! I commented back to you via mine, but I just said how addicted I am to blogging already and how jealous my fiance is that I spend more time blogging than focusing on him! Haha!! Have a good rest of the week! We will talk soon!

  15. apparently I feel the need to contact you every time I am listening to "Boy with a Coin" so um Hi again!

  16. Oh my gosh... I LOVE LOVE all of these pictures! The colors with the umbrellas are amazing, and your dress was GORGEOUS!!

    Thank you for your sweet comment about Maximus, I am so glad he is starting to feel better!

  17. i LOVE these of you and your beautiful friends. the umbrellas are fantastic and YOU missy are utterly stunning!!

  18. I should NOT have found your blog tonight.. I can't stop reading! (

    Way cute photos :)


  19. JAW DROP - STUNNING! - that's A WEDDING PARTY right there!!!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  20. uuummm k I need to be able to email you.. cause I love u.
    so email me!!! [email protected]