I'm still pinching myself.


Warning: The following story is really long, full of long run-on sentences and grammatical errors... BUT I think it's well worth reading. Let's just say my husband is absolutely the most wonderful man in the entire world! :)

I honestly can't even put into words how amazing this weekend was. Why am I still pinching myself? Well, keep reading and you will find out.

First off, my computer right now says 64 degrees. I mean, really TEXAS? REALLY!? If I could, I'd hug mother nature right now. I told Drew that I wanted to sleep outside in a tent it feels THAT good...if only we had a tent :)

Okay, so Friday was great. We had a date night...we did a little shopping, went and ate at Chili's, and then came home & watched Date Night. Haha. Such a cute movie; I totally recommend seeing it. Then I went to bed, and let's just say I didn't get much sleep. I think I got a small dose of food poisoning because I couldn't keep anything down. So, most of the day Saturday I spent sleeping off a stomach bug. Fun stuff, right? Wrong. I was totally out of it, and hated that my Saturday was a complete waste UNTIL...(Here is where it gets GOOD!)...

I knew hubs mowed the lawn, and I heard him playing his NFL Madden game most of the day, but at one point he told me he was going to run to Home Depot to return an item we bought, and to get something or another to fix something (I wasn't completely listening haha, but I knew he said he had to go to Home Depot, etc. whatever.) He also said he was going to H-E-B to get some Sprite and crackers (I heard that part haha) so I just snuggled back into bed and continued to count sheep.

Also, one of my friends from work was having a going away party that night because her husband got a job in San Francisco so I was trying to feel better in order to go. Hubs came home and asked if I still wanted to go, and I said yes, even though when he asked me I was leaning over the bed...and ya know. Well, after I had some Sprite and crackers, I felt somewhat better and moved myself to the living room. I then fell asleep again on the couch. I heard hubs cooking, but that's about it. About two hours later...(if you are still reading, thank you! I can't ever shorten my stories, sorry!)...

I wake up. Lights are off. Candles are lit. And he is sitting next to me kissing my forehead. He hugs me, asks me how I'm feeling, and surprisingly I'm feeling better. He says, "Jenni called, go check your phone." I'm totally thinking, "Why can't you just bring me my phone!?", but I get up and grab my phone. The background on my phone is a picture of a note that says, "Hi sweetie. I hope you are feeling better. Come join me at the table for a meal."

He's standing in the kitchen and so we eat and all that good stuff. I'm asking him what was up with the note on the phone and all he said is, "You'll see!" SO I'm totally loving this, but I'm also still in my PJ's (it's about 7:00 at night lol) and looking like I got hit by an 18 wheeler and then slept with the pigs. :)

After dinner, he says, "Dessert is in the freezer."

I then go to the freezer and on top of my FAVORITE Blue Bell ice-cream is a note that says, "You're next clue is sweeter than this. Go potty!?" LOL, so random right? But everytime it's potty time for the dogs we say, "Go Potty!?" over and over again and the dogs get all excited and run to the door. So I laugh, of course, and go outside.

Wrapped around the tree is the next clue. There are about 4 more clues all around the house, and the last one ends up on Piper's collar. It reads "Hi Mom! Dad sure does love you. What is something you deserve, something you've been wanting & saving up for for a long time, and something that is going to make you pee your pants!? Proceed to the spot you have been in all day." SO automatically, I know it's the bed.

I run to the bedroom...and there is nothing on the bed. So, I'm thinking, "Huh?" and hubs is just standing there smiling. He says, "Well you gotta LOOK for it honey."

I look under my pillow...and O...M...G...

THE most beautiful thing sat before me. I didn't know whether to cry, scream, or jump for joy...so I did it all at the same time.

It read, "All because I love you and I believe in you. Now go and knock em' dead sweetie."

I got it. My Canon 50D.

I STILL cannot believe it is in my hands, and that it is ALL mine. This precious baby slept with me last night. All night. I haven't stopped staring at her. I didn't know I could LOVE a camera this much.

My Mom showed up the next hour and surprised me. I totally thought she was coming in today (Sunday) but instead she decided to drive in and surprise me! I felt so bad though because I didn't get to go to my friends going away party. The rest of the evening I spent catching up with my Mom and playing with my new best friend (Miss Canon).

Today was awesome. I felt good, I went to a crafts show with my Mom, the weather was absolutely GORGEOUS, the Cowboys beat the Texans, we went to a movie with my brother and his girlfriend, then out to eat for Mexican food (my fav) and then for frozen yogurt afterwards.

All in all, my weekend was absolutely perfect...minus the getting sick part. I have the most wonderful husband. I love him so much...and I couldn't be any more thankful. I am blessed beyond words. I mean, just look at him.

He's my everything :)

I am STILL pinching myself :)


  1. awww that was so sweet!!! PS those pics of your hubs are about the ones I get of mine haha =)

  2. My hubs surprised me with a canon last month!! Isn't the most precious gadget EVER?! Sorry you weren't feeling good BUT what a sweet hubs you have!

  3. Aww such a cute story! So nice of your husband to surprise you like that! :)

  4. What a SWEET hubby you have! Enjoy your new camera :)

  5. how sweet! i hope your feeling better.. i'm pretty sure that a camera would make me feel better instantly!

  6. Too sweet! You two are so cute surprising each other!

  7. What a GREAT surprise. :) :) He really is a keeper!

  8. What a sweet, sweet hubby you have! That is SO FUN :)

  9. you two are too sweet! surprising each other like that! i love it! what a great gift!

  10. Just found your blog and had to say hello to another Texas girl! I am so jealous of your new camera. What a sweet hubby you have! Can't wait to read more!

  11. awww...what a good hubby you have!

  12. My hub surprised me with my Nikon a couple years back (JOY)...er...except without the whole adorable treasure hunt. Is your hubby available to give mine some pointers? Ha! :)