Monday, September 9, 2013

Weekend + Playlist

Happy Monday! :)

How was your weekend?

Mine looked a little like this:

1. Waking up on Saturday morning to see that a photo of one of your clients that I took was in THE WALLSTREET JOURNAL. We saw it online first, and ran to our Barnes and Noble to see that the article was on the stinkin' FRONT PAGE. Pinch me. You can read the fun/interesting article here. 

2. The view from the wedding Drew and I photographed on Friday. Uh-stinkin-mazing.

3. Being fanned by something incredibly sexy. Also known as, "Do what it takes to cool off when your AC goes out" and "I have the best husband, ever." #duh

4. A little school rivalry between Drew (the Aggie) and Me (the Bearkat). A&M beat SHSU...but atleast the Bearkats scored a few times. :)

5. Drew's truck broke down at his job last week so we had it towed BACK to our house. That was fun.   #lifeyoustinksometimes

6. Brunch with Hattie the Hedgehog. After brunch, she decided to find her way under our dishwasher. Needless to say, we had to take out our dishwasher to get the little diva. Time out was a must.

7. No AC = Miserable. This would be DDHP PASSED OUT LIKE A CHAMP lol. I've never seen him sleep like this. I couldn't stop laughing.

8. Meeting my blog friend Tess at the wedding we photographed on Friday and had NO idea she would be there. So fun!

9. Furlee is not a laptop case as much as he tries to think he is.

Not Pictured: Me being sicker than a dog yesterday. Editing. Football.

We were scheduled to go home to visit my Mom and Grandparents this weekend because we seriously haven't been home to visit-visit since Christmas (I KNOW, I KNOW)...however, due to the tow truck situation and our AC situation, we had to stay home. It was a productive weekend though and these days, those are like GOLD in this hizzzouse.

That's about all she wrote! :)

Here's a little playlist for your work week bc I'm cool like that. :)

Shaytastic Mix 3 by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark



  1. That Hattie is one cray cray little girl!! And how awful the AC goes out now? Hope that and the truck is back up and running today..and you are feeling better!

  2. Your weekend truly looked fantastic! Love it! Your hedgehog just makes me cute! :)

  3. the truck and the AC? i am crying for you! that's not fair! ps i really want to come play with hattie.

  4. I cannot imagine no AC in this Texas heat! At least you had adorable Hattie and the hubs to fan you!

  5. Love you and love hattie! Ahhh she makes me smile when I need it most. Just like her momma!

  6. Hattie is just. too. cute. I can't even take it! Glad y'all had a great, productive weekend :)

  7. Hattie and Furlee...I CANT HANDLE! so cute

    it must have been furlee who buried himself under my clothes in my suitcase when kurt and i were there...hahah i wish i had taken a picture of it! he loves to burrow himself

    DDHP fanning you...its so funny because I look at that and I'm just like, "oh thats totally normal because ddhp is the type of guy that would do that without even being asked!!" what a sweetie

    love you muffin doodle<3

  8. So cool & exciting about your pic in THE Wallstreet Journal! Hattie & Furlee are too funny & cute! What do the pups think of her?? I hope Drew's truck is able to get fixed soon, if not already AND your A/C!!

  9. Hattie and Furlee are too cute for words. It's so unreal. So adorable.

  10. I've been wondering, how do you not get poked by hattie!??

  11. Love you sweet Shay. Ecstatic to see your talent displayed right where it belongs on that front page of the WSJ! :)