Tuesday, June 4, 2013

June Goals and a Playlist!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm a few days late, but here are my monthly goals!  I am on my way to Dallas today to visit this sweet girl. We are working on something that I'm hoping to share with you very soon! You can follow along on instagram here if you'd like!  :)


Lay floors in home with Drew
Paint the hallways, laundry room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms
Throw away ALL the clutter 
Start cutting back on my sugar intake slowly but surely
Photograph two weddings
Clean out my car
Have a garage sale
Participate in a random act of kindness every single week


Move back into my house
Go to the new Top Golf in Austin with Drew
Reveal the new Love, The Nelsons LOGO!


Move back into my house
Go to the new Top Golf in Austin with Drew
Reveal the new Love, The Nelsons LOGO (Happening THIS week!)
Photograph three weddings
Start on my portfolio
Announce new exciting venture with Amanda
Order new business cards for LTN
Update Wedding Collections
Work on my Wedding Welcome Packages
Shoot one editorial styled session
Work out three times a week
Celebrate my 7 years of "being together" with Drew (I'm so that girl, I know)
Have coffee with a new friend
Pay it forward

Dangggg y'all. Big month about to happen. This is going to be one crazy, busy, yet exciting month! :)

What are your monthly goals!? :) :) :)

And because it's Tuesday Tunes...Here you go! :)

So Shay: Tuesday Tunes Mix 4 by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark

Have a fantastic day!!! :)


  1. GIIIRRRRL you did so fab in May!!!

    7 years of being together :) :) :) you guys make so so so happy

    also i think a june goal should be---finalize vegas!!!!!

    love you muffin!!!

  2. I love reading your goals Shay! You did AMAZING in the month of May, can't wait to see everything June has in store.

    Chelsea & The City

  3. Oh, June is going to be SO busy for me and looks like you too! Can't wait to see the LOGO! So exciting!

  4. Love Love your playlists gives me something new to listen to at work! Can't wait for you to get all moved back into your house!

  5. i'm totally "that girl" too and i'll be proudly celebrating 7 years with my boy in july :)

  6. Bless your heart still not in your house! Hope that happens earlier in the month rather than later! And I can not wait to see the Love, The Nelsons logo!

  7. You are the cutest!!! Great goals, you kept to most of May...just things get in the way ;) CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOUR LOGO!!! :)

  8. Love the playlist Shay! I'm like you.. I can go from dubstep to rap and rock in about 2.5 seconds. Drives the boy crazy! Yay for completing those goals! Can't wait to see y'alls new logo!

  9. You kicked May's booty! I'm definitely one who celebrates dating anniversaries! (Duh since we just got married!) But still, I think they're important too! Working out is on my goal list for sure! Maybe then I'll do it!!

  10. You are inspiring me to start a new monthly goals series on my own blog. Great way to publicly hold yourself accountable, plus it's just plain inspiring! Thanks, girl! xo

  11. you did really good with may's goals. and i cannot wait to see the new logo. :)

  12. i think you should have coffee with meeeee!!

    how's the house situation going?! and i cannot wait to see the new logo!!

    PS - Tell bang swoop i said hello and that i hope her summer is going amazing!