Monday, April 8, 2013

The most random post, but I like it.

Happy Mondayyyy Muffin Sprinkles!!!

I am feeling random as all get out today. I think it's because I have A LOT on my mind,  a to-do list starting at me in the face saying, "WORK IT GIRLLL! GET ER DONE!" andddd life is just pretty random these days.

So, here are my thoughts for this Monday morning:

1. Drew and I shot a wedding on Saturday in Alvin, Texas. The wedding? Amazing. Every little detail made my heart SWOON with excitement. I love it when brides go above and beyond to make their special day so perfect. My little photographer brain didn't even know where to begin when I showed up. Everything was thoughtfully crafted and planned. THAT and the bride and groom rocked. LOVE my clients. A lot. A lot. 2013 wedding season has been so wonderful so far!!! (This is a special shout out to the lovely brides I get to work with!!! I am so thankful for ALL of you!!!!)

2. I miss my dogs y'all. Piper and Furlee are staying with my Mom while our house is being worked on (two hours away) and even though she lets me talk to them via the phone (I am SO lame, I know this but they bark and make whimper noises when I say, "Hi Pipes!! Hey Furlee!!! I miss you guys!!" which means they TOTALLY know it is me and are saying "I miss you Mom!"). Don't even try to convince me otherwise. Even with the daily picture of them just chillin like villians...I can't help but think, "I can never be a Mom...I am pathetic." This makes me just want to get back into my house ASAP so I can have them back in my life again. Furmoms...ya feel me!? :)

(Furlee...dressed as a Panda)

3. Speaking of house related talk...I haven't given an update in awhile. Probably because when I went to "check" on the house last week and meet up with a guy who was going to give us yet, another quote...I cried. Like a baby. Walking in and seeing it covered in dust and dirt...seeing all of the work we had done on it previously pretty much destroyed...and realizing that there is SO much work to be done...STILL. All of our doors will need replacing. All the trim is going to need replacing. There is a lot of cleaning to be done. It's just overwhelming. It's expensive. It's just sad. I walk in and feel instant anxiety overwhelm my body and y'all...I DO try to stay positive and most of the time my mentality is like this. However, I am human,  and a female which means we can be a bit dramatic, hormonal, and emotional. I CAN force myself to break the mold, but last week? Wasn't happening. It has to be normal to feel a little overwhelmed and sad seeing my house in this state. It was the first time I let myself get down, and I hated it. I was doing SO good y'all. But something inside of me that day just turned my switch for that hour and the man gave me a hug and said, "It will be okay! It will!" I really, really, appreciate the hearts of the people working on our home. We got lucky. OR they just feel really sorry for us lol. Either way, they have been great and the light at the end of the tunnel is still there. Just not as quickly as I'd like it. Patience is a virtue... ;)

4. Also, the good news is that the foundation work is done and the plumbing work is done. Now they are doing something (texted Drew to see what it's called just now: "We are having a tensioning cable tightened that had came loose and then an extendable foam for foundation support put in.") I want to make sure I'm putting out the right info. mk!? :) Because before I texted him I originally typed, "Having this bar put under the house called "re-barring" and then some guy is going to come put foam under the house." See. Close but not really. This wasn't originally planned at all, so just having more things come up happen (expected, just sucks); it can get to you. I do know that it will all be okay, and all of this will be over with soon. THANK the Lord. Drew and I are having our drywalls taped and floated this week (I do believe) and then the paint for the BIG area will be next week. In order to save money, Drew and I are going to be laying the floors ourselves and painting all the rooms in the house. The living room will have to be done by a professional though because our walls are wayyyy too tall to reach. We planned on pulling up the tile in the kitchen before we moved back in...but it looks like things are taking longer than originally planned, and obviously things have added up so fast, so we will probably be living in a construction zone for a couple of months and living upstairs for the time being. Not ideal, but it is totally okay. I feel like we need to contact HGTV and apply to that show where tv shows come in while you renovate your house. HAHA. What a disaster that would be. It would make for good TV though. I will have a post up soon for those of you who have e-mailed me and asked about that "WHAT NOT TO DO" post of buying a home. It's started, loves! I just have to finish it! :)

5. Writing all of that just made me stop and say, "I am thankful for a loving husband. I am thankful I have a roof over my head. I am thankful for my real, true friends. I am thankful for my family. Be content. Love more. Be thankful you're alive. Be thankful for everything you have. Don't sweat the small stuff."

6. And just like that...I feel better. Those things mean more to me than anything else. I am happy and I thank God every day for breathing. Life is good. It is. Perspective is so important. Someone will always have more...and someone will always have less. Be thankful for what you have...every. single. thing. Every "un-ideal" thing and every "awesome" thing that comes your way. Be thankful always.

7. I read my horoscope this morning...

Dead on. Like whoa. ;)

8. Drew and I had one of those amazing "why don't we have more of these chats" last night while winding down before bed, and y'all... It was a good talk. I get that "lovey dovey" posts are somewhat annoying from time to time, but he said something last night that just made my heart burst. We always say, "Babe, I couldn't imagine living this life with anyone else..." and things like "I'd be a bum with you under a bridge any day if I knew I could be with YOU...versus living in a mansion with someone else living "the good life" as they say. Even though these things are said often and are true... he said this and I just wanted to hug him til' he couldn't breathe. I don't know why I loved it so much...maybe it was the way he said it, but regardless...I will always keep this near and dear to my heart through this "through thickness and through thin" time in our marriage:

"Shay, I am sorry our life isn't so awesome right now...but I love being "un-awesome" with you."

Like I said. Don't know why I loved it so much...but I do.

Moving right along with my random thoughts...

9. Facebook feeds can be a little crazy sometimes and full of "my life is perfect" posts or "my life sucks" posts, (I'm guilty, duh), but in between that and Farmville posts, sometimes my friends will post some really funny or interesting things.

For example...

THIS ARTICLE. Way too funny not to read. LOL. People these days.

10. These two things:

1. Made me laugh. So true.
2. I did this more times than I can count. Haha...good times.

11. Cracker Barrel on Sunday with good friends hit the spot.

12. Last week I went on 6 coffee/lunch meetings. Love overload. I am meeting some really awesome, kind, talented, GOOD ol' genuine souls and this FIRES ME UP. I feel so thankful...Friendships, projects, and genuine relationships in this life are something that are hard to come by. When it happens y'all...hug it with all your guts. Don't let it go. Help your neighbor, and share your stories. It's crazy how much love can go around if you let it.


1. Love at it's finest.
2. Should have bought this dress while antique shopping with my friends Nycia and Cheri.
3. Deer antlers...because it's kind of the thing to do now. Just need some paint. #jumpingonthebandwagon


1. Uncle Doo Doo and my nephew, Ty bonding and being precious. Makes me happy. Drew has never held a baby, and will not until he holds his own, first. :)
2. It's hard getting out of bed sometimes. But, you gotta. Make today productive. You won't regret it. I promise.
3. Calling ALL Georgetown, Texas people. There is a cupcake shop called, "Kopcakes" and I swear...they are the BEST cupcakes I have EVER, EVER had. It's a local shop owned by a cop who loved to bake. He retired...and opened himself up a cupcake shop. Kind of crazy and kind of awesome. He is such a nice man and he said, "You wanna take a photo!?" He had no idea I was a naturally, this happened.

15. Back in December I got to fly to Santa Barbara, CA to attend my friend/blogger love's wedding shower. Head over to Megan's blog today to see some photos from her wedding shower.

16. Oh and do ya think my tractor's sexy?

Yo answer better be yes... :)

Kidding. Kind of. Muhahahaw. Okay, "Muhahhahahaw" is overdone.

Have a beautiful week loves. My advice?

Smile. Be thankful for the little things. Turn up the music and bust a move.


  1. I adore your positive outlook and definitely needed to hear that today. SO....... thank YOU! :-)

  2. Shay you're AMAZING!!! I love your posts so much. And your awesome love story! It gives me hope. :D Keep on keepin on b/c you're without a doubt such an INSPIRATION! Have a wonderful & blessed week!!

  3. i love this post! and the song is perfect!

  4. Your outlook is so inspiring girl and husbands are the best pick me uppers (is that a word? It is now) :) looked like a fun and fabulous weekend!

  5. a very random and long post but i enjoyed reading through every bit of it! the parts about you and your husband are so sweet and i love the "un-awesome" quote, so true and endearing :)

    rachel x

  6. You rock. You inspire me. You make me know that NO MATTER WHAT, everything little ting (yes, ting not thing) is gonna be alright (like the song). I'm glad you're being so honest on your blog. Makes you more real and reachable, although in the next few months I'll get to hug you in real life (still need to book my flight to Tejas). Chin up!

  7. You and Drew are really good role model for me. :) Great post! I hope your house will be fine soon. :)

  8. AHHH I live in Alvin!! How crazy! Awesome post btw. I hope everything starts coming together with the house. Prayers for you and Drew!

  9. It looks like you've been having a blast Shay! I loved this fun recap post.

    How amazing does that wedding look?!

    Chelsea & The City

  10. There is no doubt in my mind if we lived in the same town we'd be busting moves all day err day - WORK IT SHAYYYYYY-girl ;)

  11. I just love you so much. Don't forget I'll come be your assistant this summer. And if you forget I'll keep reminding you. :) love you and love that you and Drew have each other.

    P.s- if I told you Michael picked out that bow tie out of ALL kinds of different ones would you hold it agai st me....errr I mean believe me?!

    Can't wait to see your beautiful home out back together agin. Like Humpty Dumpty hehe

  12. Soooo random but I love it! Im glad that despite the messiness of life for yall, you both are staying happy and so darn cute!! Are you still possibly coming to Hawaii? I want pictures done before we leave the island next year and who better than the amazing Shay?! ;)

  13. Girlfriend you are SO allowed those moments of being down & letting it all out! It's only healthy & totally appropriate! I can't imagine being away from my little fur baby so, I'll say a little prayer for you guys! & HA! I saw Ashley's post about the wedding shower earlier & I would have sworn you have a twin! Turns out no twin... just YOU! HAHA! Keep the spirit sister! Y'all are in my thoughts & prayers!

  14. You are seriously so sweet. Can we be friends? Like best friends? I just love you and reading about you and Drew.

  15. So glad that slowly but surely, your house is getting fixed! I'm also so glad that your photography business is doing so well! You're so talented sweet girl!

  16. Horoscopes scare me. I'm an Aquarius and can see the beginning of my horoscope in that picture. I called my best friend from college the other day and told him I was so bored and wanted to get out of town, so I'm flying out to see him next weekend. Cray.