Monday, March 11, 2013

Best Weekend Ever: Ohio Meets Texas! :)

This past weekend y'all? The best. 

I don't get many weekends "off" anymore, and I used to feel guilty when I was "having fun" on weekends and not editing, working, shooting, etc. but guess what!? I am human and I need days off too. You know what I mean vern!? As adults, I think it's more than okay to at least pretend you're entitled to having a mini spring break. Am I right or am I right!? :) 

If you follow me on instagram, you already know that this past weekend was SO much fun. I got to FINALLY meet The Krysh's and hang out with Steph and Kristen! Katie and Bill were supposed to have visited Texas this past summer and gone to the river with us, but it didn't get to happen due to a family emergency. :( SO, this past fall, Katie and Billy re-booked their tickets to Houston to stay with Steph & Beau, so you KNOW this past weekend has been blocked off on my calendar for what feels like forever now. When I saw this weekend was approaching closer and closer, the happy dances started and group texts were getting more and more exciting! 

I first read Katie's blog in the very beginning of my bloggers days (haha) and I remember falling in love with her instantly because not only is she just a babe, but she owns the cutest most loveable pomeranian Rocky. The fact she loves poms like I do was just an instant "I know if I met this girl, I'd love her!" Well, my gut was right. 

I love her. Love is a total understatement too. This whole group of girls are seriously wonderful. All of our personalities are so different, yet so alike, and we all just clicked like we've known each other forever. 

I'm so thankful Stephanie and Katie are BFF's and that I got the opportunity to meet them. Seeing Stephanie and Katie together in real life is exactly what you'd think. They really are two peas in a pod, and I feel lucky to have spent this weekend with them. 

Here is Kristen's recap of the weekend, and I know Katie and Stephanie will have baller posts here really soon. So until then, here is a mini recap of the fun via my iphone. 


Friday I had to drive back home 2 hours away to take Piper and Furlee to the babysitter (my Mom). Piper had me cracking up y'all. He is the cutest and loves riding in Drew's truck. 

 1. Sleepy Boy 2. "Yes Mom!?" 3. "Ahhhh I love dis life!" 4. "Zzzzz"

 I got home, packed the bags, and road tripped it to Houston. 

Before I rang the doorbell, I got super nervous, but when I walked in to Steph's house, Steph and Katie came running up with huge hugs. I knew it was going to be a blast from that point on.

 1. The Girls 2. Kristen is a ham. Love her. 3. Peas in a Pod 4. The boys having a good time. 

1. Card Game is about to begin. 2. Da boys. 3. Love her. 4. We are lucky girls. 

1. through 15. is Kristen cracking us up with her animations and putting our rings on her nuggies. Girlfriend made us laugh all night! :)

We spent the rest of the evening getting a house tour of Steph's beautiful new home, meeting Stephanie's friends, hugging Katie a ton and saying, "OMG you're really here! You're real! How crazy is this!?" and she is just the most precious thing in the world, let me tell you! :) 

The boys all got along really well, and played "throw the football into the trash can in the middle of the street" at midnight. Lol. Boys will be boys. 

We stayed up super late just talking and hanging out. Just good times, really. 


Steph cooked us breakfast (BEST hostess EVER, btw), and we all got dressed and headed to the Houston Rodeo. 

1. Mimosas 2. Good ol' grub made by Steph 3. Anddddd gooooo 4. Good boys cleaning the dishes ;) 

 1. The Rodeo 2. Us girls in the car excited to get the day started 3. My handsome cowboy and me at the Rodeo. 4. Girls photo! 

1. More Rodeo. 2. Me and Drew ready for the concert. 3. Start of the show! 4. Group pic! :) 5. Here we goooo! 6. The Band Perry!

1. Girls at The Stockman's Club at the Rodeo 2. Horse that reminded me of Nacho Libre. Me and my handsome cowboy about to head out to go two-steppin! :) 

1 & 2. Mo's! :) 

 1. So much love! 2. Billy holding down the fort of purses and being a good sport. 3. The ultimate photo bomb. 4. The picture we tried to take before the photo bomb.

Bull riding, bucking horses, drinks, fried Oreos, fried Twinkies, BBQ, Dancing and The Band Perry pretty much sums up our day. It was so much fun y'all! :) 


We all slept in, I had my first juicing experience and then we all had lunch at Lupe's. Katie got to experience her first ever Tex Mex experience, and of course, she loved it! Mexican food for her will never be the same! ;) 

1. Steph making us her special "Jesus Juice" as she calls it. 2. Not bad! Cheers! 3. Playing with my food at lunch. 

I soaked up the sun and the last couple of minutes with the girls in Steph's driveway. I didn't want to leave, but sadly, we finally packed up our things and said our goodbyes. I can't even imagine how hard it's going to be for Steph and Katie tomorrow when Katie gets back on the airplane. I know if you don't blog, this all sounds sort of silly, but seriously, these girls are the best. Katie, if you are reading this, just do us all a favor and DON'T LEAVE!

1. Typical bloggers. Sunshine. Love. 2. Love them. 3. Giddy Up Yo!  

1. Sad to be leaving. 2. Home and we were out like a light. ZzzzzZzzz! :) 

Kristen: You look amazing! I'm so happy I got to see you and Chris and hang out on with your crazy hilarious self! As always, thank you for all the laughs! :) I wish you could have hung out with us a little more, but I know I will see you again and SOON! :) Love you and your nuggies (as hard as it is to admit that!) ;) 

Katie: It was SO SO SO amazing getting to meet you. I can see why Stephanie loves you so much. You're just a doll! :) I enjoyed every minute of getting to know you! :) You're Ohio accents were too precious, and you and Bill are the cutest, ever. We will have to get a Austin trip planned in the near future! That, or Naples. I'm cool with both! :) I also wouldn't hate it if you guys moved to Texas. Make it happen! :) 

Bill: You're a cool dude. I love you and Katie together and I will always remember, "Can we get some more tomatoes?" :) Please move here. I love your wife too much. 

Stephanie (& Beau): As always, you guys are the best host/hostesses & friends in the world. THANK YOU so much for letting us stay in your gorgeous home, and letting us hang out with you this past weekend! Drew and I kept talking about how blessed we are to have you in our lives. We seriously can't thank you enough for all you did for us this weekend, and hope to return the favor one day soon! :) WE LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!

Be sure to tune in to Steph and Katie's blog for amazing recaps of the week/weekend. I know they won't disappoint. 

Man...and this week? So much going on. I have to get my house in order for an important visit tomorrow at my home (more on this SOON!), a volleyball game tonight, wedding albums to complete, sessions/weddings to edit, my Mom is coming to help pack up the house and bring my dogs back to me (I MISS THEM SO MUCH!), a wedding to attend on Friday AND a wedding to photograph on Saturday, SXSW (if there is time :-\) AND oh yes... I have to pack up my ENTIRE house THIS week and be out by Sunday for the foundation/plumbing/cosmetic work that is starting next Monday. We will be living with my brother and sister-in-law for a month (Thank GOD for amazing family members during this mess). If anyone wants to help us move out and move back in-in a month, let me know! ;) Haha jk. But seriously! I'm already exhausted thinking about this week. Yikes!

Have an amazing week y'all! I'll have some work tunes on the blog tomorrow! :) 



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    XO Jenna

  16. Looks like such a fun weekend!! Aww furry babies... your vine video of sleepy Piper was too precious :)

  17. Forgive me for JUST now reading this but ugh....makes me SO SAD that it's ALL over with!!!! Though I don't think my liver could handle it, I wish it never had to end! We seriously had THE best time with y'all...per usual. You and DDHP just light up any room. I know Katie and Billy loved y'all to pieces too. Miss you sister friend!!! See you soon! xo

  18. Shay bay bay!!!! This lovely post was just what I needed this morning. Forgive me too because I didn't get around to seeing it yesterday with being in the airport and all!!! Lord I love you and DDHP SO MUCH!!!! You two are the most down to earth sweetest couple and I KNOW we will be together again soon! :) PS-All these collages are priceless. I shed a tear (happy and sad) throughout each one. MEMORIES we will never forget. you're amazing. that's all.

    hi ddhp! love to you too!