Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Why I can't ever be a style blogger.

Hi Y'all! :)

I've been a little quiet lately and for good reason. I like to think that being quiet sometimes means that awesome things are in store. I've been preparing for a lot of big changes, and I'm more or less trying to figure out a few things along the way. All good things, of course. I am currently preparing to start sharing some updates, and things I have been working on! :) I'm really excited to start telling you more!


Meanwhile, today I want to talk about how I can't ever be a style blogger. I envy how well most of the style bloggers put themselves together. Beautiful clothes, flawless make-up, perfect hair, and the poses? Style bloggers WORK IT OUT, and WELL might I add.

I've noticed that since I've started working from home that my outfit of the day (ootd) usually consists of my PJ's, or a t-shirt and shorts. (Rawr baby rawr!) I can't even imagine how much work goes into styled posts. Most days I don't wear make-up, and my hair? Let's not even go there. It takes a good 10-15 minutes to look that good ya know!? ;) I have started to feel really lazy appearance wise, so the other day I actually woke up, looked at myself in the mirror and said, "GET READY YOU SLOPPY JO!"

And I did it. I got dressed for the day.  I felt more productive, and I actually felt, like a real life HUMAN Y'ALL! :)

Drew has been practicing his photography a lot lately, and when he got home from work, the first thing he did was rub his eyes and said, "Wow babe! You look...dressed! I mean, beautiful!"

Gee. Thanks babe. I'm glad I don't look like a dead caucus today. You're so very welcome.

He then said, "You want to go take some photos? This might actually be something worth documenting."

Ha. Ha. Ha.

He had a point.

We grabbed the camera, drove down the road and Drew played photographer and I played the role of the super awesome awkward model. The wind was insane. My dress kept flying up and kept giving me a HUGE front wedgie (sexy stuff right there). I gave the people who were staring at me across the street a show and hope they aren't scarred for life (SO sorry peeps!). No telling what was going through their minds, but it made me think about how style bloggers are so BRAVE and CONFIDENT. I had the brave part down, but I still need to work on the confident part. How do they do this so often!? It wasn't easy that is for sure.

I also forgot how weird and uneasy I feel when I am in front of the lens, and realized that I really prefer being behind the camera. Maybe I'll do more of these, maybe I won't, but it was fun though and I guess that is all that really matters.

Front wedgies, white legs and all.

Dress & Boots: Forever 21

I don't know why I feel weird posting a lot of photos of myself. That's another thing that as a style blogger that you just have to be okay with. You know...OWNING IT. EMBRACING it and being okay with your face being all up in everyone's grill! :)

I mean, my face, white legs, and bruised knees from volleyball just totally just vomited all over my blog. In order to be a style blogger, you have to take care of your appearance and sometimes that is just a lot of work! ;) ;) (Kiddddding, kinda)

Also, I'm sure you noticed that I posed the exact same way in every shot. Hello, arm-hold-other-arm-and-squeeze-for-dear-life? Oh, I guess I should caress my hair so I can do something with my hands. Lame-sauce!) The fact style bloggers are not only just stylish little warriors, but they can POSE like champs. Obviously I need to work on this.

I bow down ladies. I give MAJOR props to style bloggers. Actually getting dressed takes effort, and then doing it every single day while maintaining an awesome style and then not looking awkward? KUDOS to you girls. I give you ten fist pumps, a high five, a chest bump, and a slap on the bum. Job well done! :)

Side note: One of my New Years Resolutions was to be more bold in my style. I really want to start trying to make more of a stylish effort this year. Maybe I'll do more of these little sessions and hold myself accountable. Or maybe I won't. We shall see...but regardless, make today a good one. Give yourself a pep-talk first thing in the morning. Get dressed. And just watch how much more productive you can be.

Zee end!


  1. You are GORGEOUS, don't ever forget it ;)

  2. Beautiful Lady!!! Getting up and getting ready in the mornings makes a huge difference. I try to even get up on the weekends and get ready even if I'm staying home to clean. Of course I don't have an amazing man coming home to see me but you never know when Prince Charming might end up on my doorstep!

  3. Love the pics! And you should be a style blogger - it's easier for me to get on board with a style blogger who reps F21 than DVF, etc. Kills me to see an amazing dress on someones blog and know that yeah, I can't have that...this dress and boots? I love! and are totally attainable! :)

  4. you can completely be a fashion blogger! you are gorgeous and have style!

  5. LOVE that color on you, so pretty! whenever i attempt a style post it is SO awkward. i give lots of credit to style bloggers and their flawless looks / poses too!

  6. excuuuuuse me miss but LOOK AT YOUUUU!!! you are such a lil fashion blogga pro! loving the entire outfit

    okay so im SO in agreement with you. How the heck do people get dressed up so fashiony every day and look flawless? i need their secrets. SABRINA!!! ARE YOU LISTENING??? HELP A SISTA OUT!!

    but shay if you didnt say anythign about not being a fashion blogger an i didnt know you at all, i would TOTALLY think you were. You look amaze

    and props to DDHP for the pics! AMAZE!

    though im proposing you do a DDHP outfit post. haha that would be FAB


  7. HOW beautiful are you Miss Shay!! Don't worry I get wedgies all the time, and pretty much look like a sloppy jo to school, working from home etc. The days I shower & put on nice clothes, must be documented!! Haha :)

    Also you are just as pretty in pjs and messy hair, that i am 100% sure <3

  8. I don't see any awkwardness at all! You look like a natural :)

  9. you are just stunning Shay! And heck I go into work everyday and basically look like a scrub. I love dressing cute on the weekends and for outings but man is it hard to get up and get dressed fully at 630am. I am definitely looking forward to a mommy uniform of yoga pants and vnecks! But you're right.. embrace it!

  10. You look like a natural! Beautifulllll!

  11. What is the name of that gorg dress?!!! I cant find it on the website of F21.

  12. Girl you're rockin' it! No worries about that :)

  13. you look great! i dress horribly for work because we have no dress code and even if i do wear a cute outfit, it's going to be covered by 3 layers of jackets since our office is freezing all the time.

  14. Those are so cute! Drew did a great job taking the pics!

  15. Giiiiirl - you just preached to the choir. If I am not at school - I am at home (I work from home too) and I am such a hott mess. more of the mess. I don't know if it's my laziness and the fact that I am just sitting in bed doing my work..or if I know that 'hey, i am not going out in public soooo'..but it definitley makes it hard to get up and get ready in the morning when all you are doing is sitting on the couch or at the counter doing work. If I am home, I am comfortable. I guess we could rock cute yoga pants & a tank -- then just do our hair and makeup so we look more of the HOTT and less of the MESS. haha

    -Ashlee Michelle

  16. You are beautiful inside and out!! Wow just love those photos!!!

  17. So pretty! You are a natural, do pictures more often! :)

  18. You are gorgeous!!! I love your hair color and your boots!!!

  19. you look gorg. and i agree, i don't know how style bloggers do it! not to mention i totally cannot get my husband to take photos of me just because i'm wearing a decent outfit, he thinks it's silly.

  20. You look completely like a style blogger. For real!! The outfit is super cute, you are gorg (love your hair) and you look adorable in the photos!! You have no need to worry so much! (Says the girl who's never posted a fashion post...I'd probably be scared too)

  21. It's true, style blogging is so tedious. Which is why I don't do it often. You look gorg Shay!! I love this splendid color on you, just beautiful!!

    XO Jenna

  22. Girl, you are so comfortable in front of the camera. You are gorgeous, dressed up or dressed down. Just gorgeous. Own it!! Love the darker hair too! :)


  23. Just saw on Hey, Sweet Pea that you graduated from SHSU as a Mass Comm major! I'm a freshman at SHSU doing the exact thing! So cool to meet another bearkat blogger!