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April Goals


Gooooooodness Gracious. I have been absolutely awesome at posting my goals a little late in the month haven't I? I just got around to my e-mails after my mini vacation to Vegas with my friends, and in the subject line it said, "SHAY! WHERE ARE YOUR MONTHLY GOALS!?" Haha! :)  I thought it was absolutely crazy (and cute) that one of my friends thought I forgot about my goals for the month. That and the fact that SOMEONE (insert cricket noises here!) actually reads them and cares to follow along to see if I succeeded or failed makes me smile. Who would have thought? Anyway, I didn't forget. I just had a busy beginning to the month and had a few priorities that ranked a little higher on the list.  It's cool y'all. It's cool.

March was a whirlwind. It started my wedding season and boy is it in FULL swing. I am barely in the office these days it feels like because of meetings, photo shoots out of town, and when I am in the office, I am editing away and answering e-mails like a crazy lady. I realized last month that I am in need of some help around here. I've been weighing HEAVILY on the pros-and-cons of getting an intern (even for just one day a week) to help me with small errands and things that take up so much of my time. The fact that I'm even in a place where I can say, " I NEED HELP" or "I CAN'T DO IT ALL" is a really big blessing in itself. I never thought I would be here, but I am and it's exciting but scary. Do you have an intern? Do you have a good experience with it? My heart is really praying on it right now.

Watercolor orders have filled any and all free time I had. I am loving it and can't believe people actually want one from me. When I get e-mails about them, I just smile and think "NO WAY!" It has been the best creative outlet for me and is a great break from editing when my eyes start to go cross eyed and it also helps fill my evening time. Now that Drew travels so much, it's been nice to have this to help pass the time after hours. If you would like a watercolor print, please e-mail me at I'll have shop up in the next few months! My sister-in-law (DDHP's twin) also got engaged (YAYAYAY!) and she asked me to be the MOH! I've never been an MOH before so any advice is accepted around these parts! :) I'm so stinking excited! :)

Anyway- It's been a good kinda crazy over here, but I'm smiling and happy and trying to focus on all the good. I'm dealing with a few hardships at the moment that are private, but I'm trying to stay positive. Prayer Warriors...I need you reallllly bad right now! :) If you could say a big prayer for my family, I would be forever, EVER grateful. It would mean the world to us.

I'm actually yawning this as I type because I just got back from my Vegas vacation with my beautiful blogging babes that I met 3 years ago here (Erica, Rissy, Ashley, and Sabrina). We had so much fun and Vegas was so good to us! My body is craving sleep but it was well worth it. I'll hopefully have a recap up soon! :) Erica ended up taking a Go Pro too so be looking for a silly video in the near future! :) Those girls have my heart y'all! April is hands down going to be the busiest month in the world. I just keep repeating to myself...YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU CAN DO THIS! :)

OKAY- Let's see how I did with my March Goals.

Finish Editing ALL February Sessions
Post Ryan Ray Photos
Introduce Hattie (I am embarrassed. I know. But it's staying until I freakin' do it y'all!)
Celebrate 5 Year Wedding Anniversary with my HOT PANTS!!!
Photograph 3 Weddings
Photograph 7 Sessions

Get out in the sun more. My Vitamin D level is so low according to my recent blood work.
Anniversary Photo Shoot
Go to the Kite Festival with Drew (It got cancelled due to rain. BOO!)
Go to SXSW!!! (Freakin' pumped y'all!)
Explore those new branches I spoke about above

Start the process of changing my BLOG DESIGN with Kelly
Finish my website. Boom.
Pay it Forward
Get my hair did! :)
FINISH TAXES. Gross. Barf. Blah.
Re-evaluate my passion, the things that fire me up, and figure out how to find time to blog more

Start reading The Law of Divine Compensation
Go on more bike rides with my new BIKE with DDHP and friends
Take my dogs on more walks
Enjoy my down time because I set boundaries, office hours, and hope it's respected (So hard for me if I were to be honest. I am human. I need to rest more. I just hope I can train my brain to let me do it with Grace.)

Love the heck out of my man and squeeze his bum all day erry day.
Take a yoga class, and a cycling class because I NEED to get my rear in gear y'all. (I took a Pilates Plus class instead and I am HOOKED!)


Vacation in Vegas with my blog best friends (DONE SON! AND it was a blast!!)
Introduce Hattie for the zillionth time
Anniversary Shoot (Had to reschedule)
Get my hair did! :) 
Start reading The Law of Divine Compensation
FINISH my website. Boom. 
Finish Editing All March Sessions and Weddings
Photograph 6 Sessions
Photograph 3 Weddings
Finish my Blog with Kelly
Go on a date with Drew
Go to Charleston, SC to photograph a wedding (SO excited!)
Have another "Pretend you have a co-worker" Day!
Pay it Forward
Continue Tour of our Home

The end. :) Hibernation aka SEE YA ON THE OTHER SIDE WHEN I CAN COME UP FOR SOME AIR in my office begins nowwwww. :)

Playlist. Shake it.

Shaytastic Music Mix 13 by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark

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  1. I need to order a watercolor print ASAP!!! You are soo good.

  2. "I'm Ready" is one of my favoritest songs right now!

  3. I've been waiting for your goals too! If it makes you feel ANY better I just posted mine today as well! :) So jealous you're going to Charleston!! Gosh it's going to be beautiful!! You've got this next month though... & then it's MAY!! & we get to finally meet each other!!!!

  4. We are going to a wedding in Charleston this summer, you'll have to let me know fun places to eat!

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  6. You're amazing lady!! I just downloaded half of your playlist - it rocks. Also, if you're ever up for giving cycling a try I have been attending Ride downtown which is a rhythm based class, and I have a feeling right up your alley ;) would love to have you join!

  7. welcome to charleston :) let me know if you have any questions about visiting! you'll love it. so many beautiful things to photograph.

  8. I can't wait to see your pics from Charleston and your new blog design! Best of luck with this months goals.. you can do it!

  9. I've been waiting for these April Goals lovebug! You inspired me to start doing them on my blog and it makes a big difference in my motivation. Really keeps you accountable to know that at least a few people keep up with them huh?

  10. Wahooooo it's gonna be a great month!!!! :)

  11. Absolutely LOVE that print. I may have to order one soon! Sending prayers your way, friend.

  12. You have Pretty Lights & M83 on your playlist. LOVE YOU.

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