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LTN Shop Instagram Giveaway Winners


AHHHH! You guys. I was going to be so excited if even 10 people entered this watercolor giveaway on instagram...but y'all blew me out of the water. Seriously, thank you SO STINKIN' MUCH! Thank ALL of you for entering and taking the time to share your favorite water color. I wish I could send all of you a print! I wrote down all of your instagram handles on tiny white pieces of paper and put them in a box. I drew them out in order and got the following:

(Please excuse the sloppy handwriting; I was in a hurry mk!?)

1. @loveeashlyn (I accidentally left out your extra "e" in the photo above lol - sorry about that!)

2. @allthingspandp

3. @littlesquirrelbakery

4. @makenzilaine

5. @elisabeth_carol

6. @borrowednblueoccasions

7. @morgannalexandra

8. @caslee

9. @meltonbritt

10. @cherithompson

If you have won the giveaway, please e-mail me at with "Watercolor Winner" in the subject line no later than Thursday, October 23rd. After that date, the giveaway will no longer be valid. Please be sure to leave your full name and your mailing address! :)  Your print will be mailed to you in 1-2 weeks.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for entering and supporting this shop! I wish I could just squeeze all of you in half right now. I mean that in the sweetest way... I promise. :)
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The Shop is LIVE Y'all!



The shop is live.  (FI-FI-FINALLY!)

I can't believe I just typed that. I never in a million years thought I would have an Etsy shop. I still can't believe so many sweet people love these things. However, I am really, really, over the moon thankful. It means the world to this heart of mine.

Real talk though ... I'm super nervous and a little anxious annnnnnd a little scared right now... but it's UP y'all! :)

Fist pumps, booty dances, and high fives!

Please know that we are still getting familiar with the entire process of having a shop. We are extremely excited and can only hope that you will find a fun watercolor print to add to your home! :)

We will be adding more prints to the shop very soon. If there is a print you might have seen me post on Instagram (@shalynnelson #ltnshop) that isn't available to order, PLEASE do not worry. There is a really, really good chance we just haven't received our inventory for those orders just yet. Once we have those in, they will be on the site for you to purchase. As my Mom always said...Baby steps! :)


Unfortunately, at this time, we will not be offering custom orders. I KNOW. I'm bummed about it too. However, please check back in the coming months because this might change. Due to being a full-time photographer and smack dab in the middle of our busy season, it will not allow the extra time to whip up these orders. Once things slow down over here, we can hopefully, fingers crossed, start taking them on again. We super appreciate your understanding. We are human, not robots! :)


For the time being, we are only offering 8x10 prints. This will eventually change, but we want to see what our best sellers are first before we start taking on different sizes of our prints.

All orders will be sent to you between 7 and 14 days.

If you have any questions about our shop, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at or leave a comment below and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank y'all so much for all your love and support as we enter this side journey of AWESOMENESS. We can't even put into words how overwhelmed we are with gratitude.

Please be sure to head on over to instagram to see how you can win a free print too. Holla FO A DOLLA!

Peace and Hair Grease!


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October Goals


Hey love monkeys!!! :)

It's about that time of year when my friends and family stop asking me what I'm doing and what my plans are on the weekends. WEDDING SEASON is here and I'm officially in game mode. October is about to ra-ra-rock me to the core and I'm over here putting black ink on my cheeks saying, "BRING IT!"

I'm actually going to keep things simple, straight and to the point today...I know, you're like yeahhhh right Shay, since when have you done that!? OH, since...NOW! :)

I'm currently about to finish editing a wedding and a bridal session, headed to a Pilates class, which will shortly be followed up by prepping for a wedding this weekend, which will then be followed up by an airplane ride straight to Portland, Oregon! I need coffee, coffee, coffee and energy drinks in mass amounts starting nooooow.

OH! Real quick! :) For inquiring minds...just thought I'd let y'all know that the watercolor print shop thing I've been doing for, oh...FOREVER now...yeah. We finally have a launch date.

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th LADIES AND GENTS! Mark them calendars!!!! :) I'll be writing a post here later this month about how the shop will run, what will be available, etc. etc. I'm really nervous/excited y'all! I hope you are too! :)

Alright, let's get on with it shall we? :)



Photograph Three Bridal Sessions

Photograph Two Weddings

Pay It Forward

Finish ALL Summer Weddings to prepare for a busy Fall season

Repaint Kitchen

Finish Kitchen Floors/Countertops

Go on a date with Drew

Get Hair Done

Clean off Computer Desktops and Organize Hard drives (again)

Organize File Cabinet and DVD backup drives

Join Cycling or Pilates Class on a regular basis

Declutter Home

Clean out CLOSET

Re-Organize Office (I need a little refresh right about now) :)

Get Cameras and Lenses Serviced/Cleaned

Practice on my CONTAX more (Waiting on my first two rolls as we speak! SO excited and nervous!)

October Goals

Attend Erich McVey Workshop (!!!)


Photograph Three Weddings

Photograph Six Sessions

Pay It Forward

Go on a HOT date with Drew

Celebrate my Brother's Birthday

Meet my love muffin from South Africa Caley! :)

Go to the Pumpkin Patch

Organize File Cabinet and DVD backup drives

Continue attending Pilates Class - Add a Cycling Class during the week steps!

Declutter Home - Clean out CLOSET


Whooty whootyyyyy shakeeee yoooo booootayyyy! :)

Oh, and here's a playlist for you guys! ENJOY!!! :)

Shaytastic Mix October by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark

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Summer & September Goals - What It Do


Happy Tuesday Y'all! Thank you SO much for your incredibly kind comments on my last post and for being excited for me. It really does mean so much to this big fat emotional heart of mine. Y'all make my day all day erry day and I MEAN IT. I'm scared to start typing right now y'all because it's been over THREE MONTHS since I last posted my goals. I've been still keeping up with them over here, but I've failed to post them. I'm so awesome sometimes.

The reality is that this summer has been a whirlwind. I have barely been home, my head has been spinning between balancing my full plate of clients, weddings, the watercolor shop, family and friend obligations, and some behind the scenes happenings that I'll be sharing soon with you guys. I would say that "B" word that ends with "USY"... However,  I'm really trying to take that word out of my vocabulary. ;)

Before I go into my goals, a lot of people have been asking about the Watercolor Shop! :) I still can't even believe that this fun hobby has even had the response it's had...But THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! I actually started to open up the shop in May, but my husband reminded me of how crazy this summer was going to be, and how little time I would have to do them. And he was right. I couldn't balance my photography clients and the watercolor shop at that time, whatsoever, because my photography business comes first and foremost. SO, please bare with me while I get my ducks lined in a row. I still have some deadlines and photography related things to take care of, and as soon as I have some time to come up for air to launch this shop, you guys will be the first to know. I just haven't been home enough to even take orders or get my prints ready to send out. The good news is that we are close and it will be happening in the next few weeks. I have had to keep pushing it back due to orders, my schedule, traveling, and waiting on packing and packaging supplies to come in. It's more work than it looks, I'll tell ya that! :) I just want to wait until I am fully organized and have a moment to breathe before I say, "LET'S DO THIS!" :) Thank you for your patience and understanding as this little side journey has been a blessing for me in a thousand and one ways.

Let's see how I did with those May goals that were forever ago.

Introduce Hattie for the zillionth time (It's really going to happen this month or y'all can come and shave me bald. For reals.) Maybe being bald isn't a bad option at this point. See next goal. 
Get my hair did {screwed up}! :) Happened in June
Finish Blog Design  Done in July/August
Make Website Final Touches
Order Watercolor Print examples from local printers 
Photograph Two Weddings 
Photograph Four Sessions
Attend my friend Amy's Bachelorette Party
Attend and celebrate my sister-in-law graduating and getting her MASTERS from Texas A&M Photograph my first official editorial session for a fashion line - REALLY excited about this! 
Go to bed before 11 PM - Wake Up before 8 AM - Establish healthier sleeping schedule because I am all sorts of messed up right now. Yep. Still all sorts of messed up. 
Work out twice a week - No Shay, the stairs in your house don't count.
Take more work breaks to stretch and de-stress.
Go wake boarding! 
Drink MORE water. I'm getting bad about this lately and my kidneys are starting to kick me.   I TOLD YOU THEY WERE KICKING ME! HAHAHAHA. 
Continue Home Tour IF I am caught up on my editing…which leads me to my next goal…
Find a better system and schedule to balance work, editing, and my fun side of blogging to where it doesn't stress me out or spread me out too thin. I want to get back in a better blogging routine. It's going to happen. I just need to clear my list- baby steps. Didn't happen in May, but it's happening now. 
Pay It Forward. 
Go on a picnic with DDHP and make out with him under a tree or something. ;) YOLO! (I hate this term lol but it just seems appropriate right now.)

What went down in June? 

- Photographed a dear friends wedding in Galveston...with kidney stones, but I didn't know it until the next day. I was just in pain and thought it was a kidney infection. An urgent care, an ER visit, a Dr. appointment, a urology appointment, an x-ray, many pain pills, a surgery, a load of medical bills, and a ton of water and lemonade later... I am good as new y'all! :)

- Photographed a calligraphy class with LH Calligraphy. I also photographed this with kidney stones. CHAMP STATUS WHAT WHAT! I still don't know how I did it, but I did and that's all that matters.

-Photographed a precious wedding in Longview, Texas

-Went on a picnic date with DDHP and celebrated 8 wonderful years of dating

-Drew broke up the tile floors in the kitchen (AKA, BEST DAY EVER)

- Got a haircut and a terrible ombre' job. I'm still needing to get it fixed. You won't be seeing this head on any hair, ever. Haha.

And July? 

-We helped my sister-in-law move out of her apartment here in Austin.

-Visited with family back at home in Jewett / Family Obligations

-Watched a movie with my grandparents (loved this)

-Photographed a wedding in Conroe, Texas

-Attended my sister-in-law's bridal shower in Lufkin

-Photographed an engagement session (had an awesome time), but then realized I locked my keys in my car out in the middle of nowhere, had to call Pop-A-Lock, wait in a booth with a stranger guy for an hour (who was actually really nice lol) and then got a speeding ticket. ALL in a span of 4 hours. Good stuff. I didn't have my brain turned on apparently.

- Photographed a wedding in Dallas, Texas

- BOUGHT A CONTAX 645 FINALLY AFTER FOREVERRRRR (sandlot style) OF SAVING. I cried. I danced. I sang. I made out with it.

- Had dinner with some of my lovely photographer friends

-Got a new washer because our washer broke andddd four days later...

- Had to get our home AC fixed because it leaked water into our hallway and ruined our flooring. We JUST replaced these y'all. Poor DDHP. I am beginning to think this house is cursed. Seriously. Lol. #houseownerprobs

-Got new shoes tires for my car

- Attended my sister-in-law's couples shower/BBQ in Huntsville

-Photographed a wedding in San Antonio

-EDITING GALORE. Literally, hibernation EDIT went down over here. My social life was non-existent. Still kinda is season.

So, I guess you haven't missed anything too exciting. Especially if you follow me on Instagram. June and July were FULL of fun days, bad days, stressful days, and very, very expensive days. Life, you're funny like that. But I still love you more than ever.

Alright- I'm gonna ease back into this. Mostly because this post is already longer than the Nile River andddd if you're still reading, I want you to come over here so I can hug you.

And August?

August was looking to be a simple month about 3 months ago, but all of the sudden it got wham bam crazy-town . I'm okay with it though. There are some awesome things happening this month.

- Launch Blog (DONE SON!)

-Attend my awesome friend Brittany's Baby Shower in La Grange 

-Attend my super cool nephew's 2nd Birthday Party 

-Dinner with my friend Callie because SHE JUST GOT ENGAGED and I'm SO excited for her! 

-I was supposed to speak yesterday on instagram 101 at a workshop, but something BIG came up for the girl who was putting it on and so that is postponed until further notice. It will happen eventually.

-Stand by my sister-in-law at her WEDDING and as her MOH 

-Photograph the brunch at the 100 Event in Dallas

The Glow Workshop Prep / Set Date 

-Attend my friend Emily's Gender Reveal in Dallas because I literally have 26 pregnant friends right now and it's all kinds of crazy and awesome. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING Y'ALL. Drew and I must have not got the memo for baby making this year lol. I am going to be one awesome Aunt Shay Shay. I may be broke (HAVE YOU SEEN BABY CLOTHES!?), but at least I'll be well-trained in baby snuggles. BABIES! ERRYWHERE! And I love it. But I must ask...where is this water everyone seems to be drinkin? ;)

-Fly to Charleston, SC for 24 hours to photograph an engagement session

-Surprise Stephanie in Toronto, Canada and hug her face off

-Photograph two bridal sessions

-Photograph a wedding in Bawwwwston and see my love muffin Erica

-Pay it forward.

-Smile even on the bad days

-Play with Connie (my Contax, you KNOW I had to give her a name) and get acquainted. I'm hoping to send in my first roll of film...Even if it's of a pillow, a stick, dead grass or my pets. It's FILM!

-Shake what my Mama Gave Me!

-Keep up my coconut oil routine... (Y'all....Two Words: COCONUT OIL!)

-Get kitchen floors done (LONG STORY. Can't wait to tell you about it...Sigh...) (They are in my house as I type this redoing the floors.

-Pick the best Fantasy League Football Team EVER (haha) I AM SO READY FOR FOOTBALL! Sundays just aren't the same!

-Order Prints and Ordering Supplies for THE SHOP

And and and...Boom. (This reference is dedicated to my childhood friend, Hilary)

Y'ALL! It's September 2nd. This year is flying by Buzz Lightyear style. Yo clock...chillax.

Here are my September Goals. I'll be surprised if you made it this far! :) 


Photograph Three Bridal Sessions

Photograph Two Weddings

Pay It Forward

Finish ALL Summer Weddings to prepare for a busy Fall season

Repaint Kitchen

Finish Kitchen Floors/Countertops

Go on a date with Drew

Get Hair Done

Clean off Computer Desktops and Organize Hard drives (again)

Organize File Cabinet and DVD backup drives

Join Cycling or Pilates Class on a regular basis

Declutter Home

Clean out CLOSET & Garage

Re-Organize Office (I need a little refresh right about now) :)

Get Cameras and Lenses Serviced/Cleaned

Practice on my CONTAX more (Waiting on my first two rolls as we speak! SO excited and nervous!)

AND BECAUSE THIS POST ISN'T LONG ENOUGH ALREADY! Here's a playlist to get you through your work week! :)

So Shay Mix September by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark

As always, what are your monthly goals??? :) I love reading y'alls!

Peace and Hair Grease Y'all! Thanks for reading how much I've slackalacked. It happens.

*Knuckle Bumps*