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Christa + Brent | Engaged


Somehow I have been blessed with the most gracious, precious, and beautiful couples to photograph this year. This couple is no exception. Christa and Brent met back in college at a Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech tailgate in College Station. Not only did this Aggie bombshell get the attention of this Texas Raider quickly, but  there was no way that even their school rivalries could keep these two apart. They said as soon as they laid eyes on each other, they knew they'd be in each other's lives forever! :)

I had so much fun getting to know this sweet couple during our shoot. They were the most laid back, in love, and outgoing duo ever. It was the muggiest day in the world, but they both braved through the sticky heat with me without one single complaint. They even brought along their cute as a button german shorthair pointer, Hendrix.  I absolutely LOVE this couple and can't wait for their wedding day next Spring. I know it will be a blast! :)

 photo 21_zps6935cdc2.jpg
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  1. you are a GENIUS behind the camera, shay!! i've said it before and i'm saying it again... if i EVER need professional pictures made (which hopefully i will haha) i am flying your little butt up to NC!

  2. your pictures are gorgeous! what a true talent and beautiful couple :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! You are talented girly...I may have to fly out to Tejas for a personal photo sess ;)

  4. Great pictures!!! I wish I could like steal some people's hair...hers in gorgeous!

  5. Beautiful couple and beautiful photographs!

  6. Oh my, they are both so beautiful! Can't wait for wedding pictures! :)

  7. Great work!!!!! I love how you do simple shots but change angles b/c you move around the client!

  8. I Love everything about this! The boots the dresses... I swear the Hill Country rivers/creeks will never get old to me! I just love the way they photography! Great job doll!

  9. These pics are AMAZING! You did such a great job :)

  10. Absolutely beautiful!!! (Per usual!) :)

  11. Simply gorgeous: that hair, the yellow and white dress and that dog! It all makes me want to go shopping and maybe be engaged all over again - to the same guy of course! :)