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Ketrin + Tiel: Engagement


Back before I was a full-time photographer, I worked for a marketing company in Austin. The marketing company wasn't my dream job (obviously) but it paid the bills...andddd I met some really awesome friends while I was there. One of them being, Ketrin.

Ketrin and I hit it off immediately and could be found being silly in our cubicles on a daily basis. We had each other to keep our sanity in tact on those long days and we would always talk about two things: Her marrying Tiel one day, and me one day going full-time into photography. Well, guess what? Both of those things have happened. Ketrin got engaged on Christmas Eve and texted me the night of saying, "I'm ENGAGED! Better get ready to take our photos woman!"

So, we did and I couldn't be happier with the way they turned out. These two are just beautiful together!

 Aren't they gorgeous!? Ahhh! Once we were done getting romantic in the creek, we headed over to a nearby field where Ketrin ROCKED some RED! 


 Total hotties right!? I can't wait for your big day in June you two!!! (And just in case you're wondering, her dress is BCBG.) ;) 

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  1. These are gorgeous! I love the white dress and the location of the creek pictures. Beautiful! If I lived in Austin, I'd want you to be MY photographer!!

  2. Oh my WOW. I FUCKING love this.

    Seriously. I had to drop the eff bomb becuase, UM WOWOWOWOWOWOWOOWWOWOOWOW

    sorry no more verbal diarrhea.

    You are so talented. I just love you.

  3. ah shayyyy i love them! you are the best. Thanks again for taking such great photos!


  4. These are beautiful! I love all the light!

  5. Oh my gawwwdddd I love the creek pictures. Where is that? Please tell me in a dog-friendly park. Cuz I want to pack up my baby and my pooch and go right now.

  6. Stopppp it Shay! These are incredible! Seriously gorgeous!!

  7. BEAUTIFUL LADY!!! She really is rockin that red and I think you and her kinda look a like?!?! is that totally off? anyways, loves ya!

  8. Beautiful!! She favors you a lot!

  9. Just beautiful!!! I love her red dress!! ♥

  10. Ahhh, gorgeous Ketrin!! And amazing photos, Shay :)

    Cannot wait for the big day!!!

  11. I love her red dress!! Can you ask where she got it?

    Your photography is wonderful too!!!! So simple and elegant!

  12. omgaahhhddd SHAYYYYY!!!!

    these are goooooorgeous holy SHNIKEYS!! Amazing photos!!

    and they are just such a freaking hot couple! love love love! that red dress? perfect!

    these are ah-mazing!! i have such a talented friend!! :D


  13. These photos are absolutley gorgeous! And Ketrin should never take off that red dress . . Amazing!

  14. Oh Shay, I really love this session! I agree with Jenn, Ketrin should ALWAYS wear that pretty red dress. Quick question, how do you decide where to take your photos? Do the couples suggest a spot they love or do you have a list of pretty settings?

    Chelsea & The City

  15. gorgeous couple and amazing pictures!! i love your work

  16. Wowsers!!
    What a sexy couple! They looks gorgeous and of course you capture all of it beautifully.