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A big fat random post.


Happy Wednesday Love Muffins! :)

I totally planned on posting yesterday but I think I have the flu. Keyword: THINK. I woke up feeling really bad yesterday and it just got worse and worse as the day progressed. I still feel like I want to chop my head off and my stomach off and my head... I just feel like a giant glob of POO. However, instead of complaining more and being a big fat baby, I thought I would share some randomness with you...since random and I are BFF's.

1. I'm totally obsessed with coffee. OBSESSED. I never, ever in a million years thought I would EVER fall victim to the caffeine trap. I've only been officially drinking it over a year now...and now I can officially say my day doesn't seem to go as well if I don't have my morning fix. Tis true, and maybe a little sad.

2. Thanksgiving. I'm headed home tonight for Thanksgiving activities with our families. Lucky for my thighs, I get TWO Thanksgiving's back to back. I'm gonna gobble til' I wobble! :)

3. Black Friday. Can't say I've ever participated in this silly little day, but I have a lot of friends who do, so to those of you who are battling all the shoppers on Friday...GOOD LUCK! May the force and best deals be with you! :)

4. Thankful. Sorry y'all, but I'm about to go cheese ball for a minute. I am SO thankful for so many things. I haven't participated in that Facebook "I am thankful post every day", so I feel like it's TOTALLY okay that I use this moment to list all the things I'm thankful for:

-DREW (DDHP). He's been THE most amazing best friend, support system, shoulder to cry on, muffin head, lover bug, second shooter, business partner, finance and accounting dude, snuggle partner, companion, reality checker, and hands down, THE BEST HUSBAND I could ever, ever, ever dream of.

-DDHP's HAIR. DUDE. Love it. He hasn't cut it in almost a year and even though it's bugging him like crazy, I have to say he's pulling it off quite well...and I never thought I'd like a man with long hair? I stand VERY corrected.

-Family. This one is a given. But I absolutely LOVE my family.

-Friends. This one is a given too, BUT it has to be said. I have some of the most amazing group of friends. Old & New, Close & Far...I'm thankful for all of you.

-Health. EVEN though I debated on putting this on the list today thanks to my health NOT being my friend right now, I'm still thankful for it. Lord knows it could be much, much worse.

-My job(s). After a rough year of pulling 70-80 hour work weeks, I can finally say, hands down, that I LOVE MY JOBS! I'm still getting used to this whole working from home thing, and I'm still busy as all get out...but I really do enjoy what I do. I'm thankful for awesome bosses (including myself muhahahaw) and I'm thankful for the chance to do what I absolutely LOVE.

-My clients. Speaking of my job, I'm so thankful for my AWESOME clients. They keep me afloat, they believe in me, and they have become great friends. It doesn't get much better than that.

-Sour Patch Kids. Enough said, but I love those things.

-Blogging. THANK YOU for reading my blog y'all...I don't know why you keep coming back, but THANK YOU. It really means a lot to me, and I am so thankful for all of you! You guys ROCK my socks off. Mean it!

-Piper & Mr. Furlee. I love you two little fur balls. Thank you for being my little muffins and keeping me company all the time. You two may get on my nerves sometimes, but you bring so much joy and laughter to my life. I am the luckiest fur-mom ever ;)

 I am feeling incredibly blessed lately...I have so much to be thankful for even when people and things try to hold me down. It's not worth it to worry about the things and people you can't control. So to those of you who are wanting to make things happen and GO FOR YOUR DREAMS...DO IT. DO IT. You will be so thankful you did. :)

Now, back to my randomness.

5. Here are some of my latest clients...they made me LOVE my job even more...and I didn't even think that was possible!?

Gorgeous people, right? I have SO much to share it's crazy!

6. I absolutely LOVE this video. It made me smile & hopefully it will make you smile too. BE the good in the world.

I'm going to be getting off social media for the rest of the week to just spend time with my family. I think it will be a good detox and just a nice break from the norm to concentrate on what really matters. I will PROBABLY instagram some, but that will be the extent of my "social media break" haha. I mean, COME ON. I love me some instagram. Feel free to follow along here. My username is shalynnelson (super original, I know).

I hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday with your families!


P.s.) THANK you for your thoughts, ideas and opinions on my last post. I'm gonna think on this one for a little bit. :)

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    Stealing this.

    Have a merry thanksgiving with your families this week/weekend!

  2. Your posts always make me smile! You and DDHP are precious and so is that couple in your pictures!! Hope you and your family have a blessed Thanksgiving!

  3. Awww Shalyn, I loved that video. I hope you have a great Thanksgiving with your family.

  4. That video is amazing. I'm so glad to see there is still so much good in the world! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday with your loved ones :)

  5. It is SOOO amazing to disconnect from social media for a while- TRUST!! Have an amazing Thanksgiving with the family and long haired DDHP!!

  6. I may or may not have teared up while watching that video. Oh, dear.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!! We're double dosing over here, too! Score! ;)


  7. that video..that video made me cry.
    those are the videos that need to go viral, those are the videos that are amazing!

  8. Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving girl.
    And that video. THE BEST! : )

  9. Sweet Shay! You are so amazing at what you do. Don't ever stop.

  10. that video gave me goosebumps! and totally warmed my heart! Leave it to you, the sweetest, most genuine person I know, to find it : )

    I love you so much and am so happy for all of your happiness! and I too and thankful for DDHP's hair : )


  11. I Love your list and this video made my day - love seeing the world through a happy lens, instead of a newsworthy critical lens :) PS - my friends call me Shay too :)

  12. I randomly found your blog only to see two of my dearest friends {Toni Gail & Nick} up there! Small world. Your work is gorgeous!

    Xo, B

    And I knew your name sounded familiar.