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Last fall, I had the opportunity to photograph and meet this beautiful singer/songwriter, Leah Nobel. Her shoot was featured HERE, just in case you missed it! :) That was the best day ever, and thankfully, a couple of months later, I got a message asking if I'd be interested in taking a few head-shots for her. "Ummm. HECK. YES. DUH!" were my thoughts! :) She was inspired by Free People so bada bing, bada boom, we made it happen. Not only am I in love with these portraits, and Leah, but I also found out that I really love photographing shoots like this. It was SO much fun and it fired me up! :) 

You can check out Leah's website HERE, and be sure to listen to her music. It's pretty stinkin' outstanding. This girl is a true talent, and just a gem to be around! She recently won the Indie International Songwriting Contest for her song, "Ride the Butterfly" too! See?  stay tuned! Her new music video is being released next week! You don't want to miss it! :) 

Leah, You are a real, true and drop dead beautiful talent. I'm so thankful we met, and I'm truly honored I got to take some photos of you. You ROCK my socks off gorgeous girl! :) 

Until next time... :)

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  1. You seriously have the most gorgeous models ever!! You are one talented lady!

  2. These are so very very gorgeous! I love all the variety and all the different light angles... :) wonderful! she's beautiful!