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Jessica | Maternity


As you might know, when I started photography a few years ago, I took on every single job that came my way. Naturally. We all do it. Whether that was newborn, maternity, families, weddings, couples, etc. Any job we could get was nothing short of a blessing. Over time, and after I had a handful of sessions under my sparkly gold belt (of course) - AKA "experience" - I quickly discovered that I was overly passionate about LOVE and documenting everything that had to do with it. It goes without saying that "Love, The Nelsons" specializes in love, couples, and weddings. However, once in a blue moon, and when time allows, I'll get asked my dear friends to photograph maternity photos. I'll be the first to admit that newborns are so not my thing and I completely and royally don't think I'm good at them BUT maternity is always okay in my book. Probably because the baby is still tucked away inside lol, and I'm sure my views could change when I become a Mom one day, but y'all...all these silly thoughts aside..Give me a beautiful, kind, and loving Mom (and Dad) to be, water, rocks, nature, a perfect little baby bump, a floral crown, and a drop dead GORGEOUS sparkly gown...then I'll be that crazy photographer you see with hearts in her eyes, jumping up and down after every single shot. Yes. It happened. And you're gonna see why right now.

Picture overload but I can't help it. I'm obsessed. 

Jessica, you're the most beautiful pregnant muffin I've ever seen. Your little baby boy who is on his way (and SOON!) is the luckiest little guy in the world. He has no idea the amount of love that is about to surround him but I know he will agree with us all and say, Motherhood looks absolutely stunning on you. 

(Floral Crown by the sweet Meredith at Bristol Lane Florals )

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  2. Absolutely, positively, drop dead gorgeous! Obsessed!

  3. Oh my, what beautiful pictures!! Congrats to mom and dad! And that dress... Perfect.

  4. These are gorgeous! What camera do you use? And what editing program so you use? I'm a photographer as well but I am still learning and new at the business.

  5. Beautiful job!!! Love love love her dress!!

  6. I NEED to know where she got her dress!