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I can't even fathom that it's September y'all. WHERE the heck did August go??? I am going to be completely honest...August was supposed to be a month of rest, prep, and productivity for me. I had the month off from weddings, and so naturally, I thought I wouldn't be as controlled by my schedule. Boy was I wrong. Yes, it was productive in a lot of ways, but the words "rest" and "prep" were non-existant. August was busy...very busy, and then all of the sudden, September shoved her face in my world and made me realize HOW MUCH THERE IS TO GET DONE and how much closer this year is coming to an end. The good news is I made a lot of progress on editing, found some short cuts (THANK YOU BABY JESUS) and was introduced to a few programs that I am learning at the moment in hopes of being quicker with my turn-around. Time management is always a constant battle when you are self-employed, but I'm making leaps and bounds and so far, I'm super proud of myself. I have a long way to go still, but progress is being made. August was a month of learning, noting the changes that still need to be implemented and I started a new work-flow system that so far is working for me. HOLLA! 

August, you were good to me despite all the changes that came my way. August 31st marked the "ONE YEAR" mark of me leaving my full-time position at a marketing company here in Austin. I remember being scared and knowing that I was making the changes I needed to get to where I am today. As I sit here and reflect on this time last year, can't even believe it. What a difference a year makes. I got through it, and boy was it hard. BUT I am happy to be doing what I love and FULL-TIME at that. Never in a million years did I think I'd be self employed, and guess what? I wouldn't change it for the world. 

August also was the one year mark for my baby nephew coming into my life who is the coolest little muffin in the world. He's changed my life in a lot of ways. Being an aunt it just awesome. It also marks the one year mark of one of the hardest times I've ever faced in my life. I have never been able to go into detail on this blog for the sake of my Mom's privacy, but I can report that things are so much better for her. It's amazing at how much can change in a year y'all...I'm in amazement at the work God has done and will continue to thank him each and every day for every lessons that I've been taught. 

Not only did August mark so many anniversaries, but this month alone I have met a lot of new friends, added a new member to the Nelson family (Hattie the Hedgehog), attended the Texas Style Conference, got a lot of editing done, a lot of backend clutter and filing completed, found a workflow system that is blowing my mind right now, feeling more productive, eliminating distractions and clutter and owning it, made a few mistakes in the process and learned the lessons the hard way but I'm just as thankful for them. I made hard decisions, said no more for the sake of my sanity and work load, and learned that I need to continue to work on balancing work and play. I can't work all the time, and I need to keep reminding myself of that as hard as it is. Closing the door to my office and not entering it until the next morning- physically and mentally. Also, I paid off my car in July (awesome feeling)...but life punched us like it does sometimes and well, it broke down on me three weeks later...forcing us to fix it. Then it broke down again, and again, and finally had to start thinking if a newer vehicle (a more reliable vehicle) would be worth the thought. If you would have asked me if I would be getting a new car two weeks ago, I would have looked at you like you were Miley at the VMA's...but everything happens for a reason, the stars aligned, and with all the travel that is in our future this fall, we had to bite the bullet. I didn't expect to be getting a newer car until babies were on the way, but thankfully, my brother is a finance manager at a HUGE dealership and worked his magic by helping us find an amazing car and for a REALLY good price. I love him, a lot, a lot. AND my car? In love. Big time. I want to sleep in it. All. The. Time. Haha! :) 

All of that said, August also was a month of BIG...BIG BIG life changing news for the Nelsons. I am still trying to decide how much I am going to talk about it, and how much of it I want to share because it's very personal for us. No, we aren't having babies yet, and yes, we are both perfectly healthy and in love as always. Things are FINE. However, we are just about to encounter a big schedule/life change, and I will have to adjust to being alone a lot more. Drew accepted a new full-time position that came out of nowhere and at the right time.  We are still working out the details, praying our hearts off, and once I have more details, I will explain a little more. In the meantime, if you could just pray for us, this huge decision we just made, and the big change our lives are about to take...I would be forever thankful.

ALRIGHT SEPTEMBER- Let's do this thaannnnng girlfriend. 

Plan Launch Party
Get LTN Website Ready to Launch
Work on wedding welcome packages (Progress)
Get files/receipts/contracts organized in my office
Work on back-end of LTN and So Shay (The not-so fun stuff I've been procrastinating with-whomp whomp.)
Blog my work more  (Work in progress)
Lead a more meaningful, healthy & productive lifestyle
Read a new book
Try something new (signed up for a calligraphy class I'm so excited about!)
Go to a Yoga Class 
Pay it forward (I love doing this too much to stop)
Start working on accepting professional sponsors
Draft the BEST NFL Fantasy League Team EVER!  Team ShayLo Green is gonna DOMINATE!!! ;) 
Visit family back at home
Look for new photo session locations in Austin 


Finish ALL editing from my summer weddings 
Get featured on a wedding blog
Continue working on LTN website
Continue planning launch party
Continue working on welcome packages
Do a proper introduction to Hattie Nelson 
Go to a Yoga Class
Look for new photo session locations
Speak on a panel about wedding photography with Kelly and Caroline on the UT Campus (Nervous but excited about this!)
Pay it Forward
Before/After Front Foyer
Go fishing with my Papaw
House Tour/Updates
Visit Amanda in Ft. Worth and work on our workshop coming up - GLOW
Be realistic with timelines
Under promise, Over deliver
Photograph Two Weddings
Plan a whole day with Drew to celebrate his new job
Start looking for an intern for the fall to help me with blogging my work
Purchase a new lens
Treat myself to a meal at my favorite Mexican Food restaurant
Participate in TREAT YOSELF DAY and blog all about it

I hope you all had an amazing Labor day friends! I'll be back here tomororow to recap it, and as always, I love you guys! I really, really do. I am off to the land of editing and post office runs to get photos out! :) I hope you met your monthly goals, and if you didn't, keep working towards them! :) I am so thankful for these posts because it either makes me proud, or gives me that perfect kick in the rear to keep going. What are your monthly goals!? Leave your link below so I can come follow along your journeys!! :) 

Happy Tuesday Friends! :) 

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  1. Oooh, intern? Does said intern have to be located in Austin? Cause I love the sound of that!

    And that dress looks amazing on you! Love the little hints of blue (or that may be purple, I'm going color blind!)!

    Have a happy September!

  2. Wow girl, you have a lot going on! Congrats on the changes, and good luck. I know how hard those big life decisions can be, especially w/careers. What marketing firm did you work for?

  3. Does the intern have to be located near you, or could the position be virtual? I know I would love working with you and would learn a ton!!!

  4. praying for you and can't wait to find out the big news! and congrats on the new car!! i cannot believe it's september. it's making me realize how much i need to get done and now i'm freaking out!

  5. Aww! Shay I just want to scoop you up & put you in my pocket! How exciting about a new car & and awesome good deal! That makes it more bearable. Congrats to Drew on the new job!! That is very exciting but, I can imagine that it's a little hard with the idea of you being alone more - that's never fun no matter the circumstances. Love all of your goals! Can't wait to see how the house looks & hear all about Miss Hattie! Speaking of... maybe making "Hattie friends" should be on your list!? LOL! Kidding!!! & Maybe just maaaaybe if you have time while you're in FW we can meet!? :))) <--- That's my BIG cheese smile!

    P.S. Thank you for posting your goals... it's reminded me that I needed to look at mine & I'm getting a swift kick in the booty for not completing most of mine! :)

  6. Hey girl-
    1. Let me know if you need help planning your launch party! Would love to help you.
    2. Yoga class - let's go next weekend! I have a ton of classes that I need to use and can probably transfer a few to your name.
    3. GET IT GIRL. You got a lot of stuff done this month!


  7. Love monthly lists! Also just read about your Treat Yoself Day and I'm so excited! I've written a few posts about "treating yoself" a couple of times since watching that hilarious Parks and Rec episode about it, and I'm so glad you decided to make it a day! :)

  8. Another great list. Here's to getting shizz done my friend!

  9. love love love you and your posts. i'm so inspired by you and your zest for life!
    curious on one thing - could you talk more about your workflow that you've recently started that has rocked your face off? i'm a graphic designer / photographer and i'm really struggling with that. i'd love some advice :)