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Weekend and a Playlist.


Hi y'all!

How was your weekend? I hope it was awesome. I had a pretty good weekend. It was spent tackling a few things off my to-do list (mostly chores I've been neglecting) that were haunting me like the plague, but all-in-all, it was great. I needed it after a not-so-awesome week full of bad events and news. Was it me or was everyone having a bad week? It was almost as if there were like 10 full-moons in the sky? Yeah? The news was even depressing (isn't it always) but still. I feel like everyone I spoke to had something terrible happening to them. My motto for this week is just HAKUNA FREAKING MATATA! Ya feel me!? Here is a knuckle bump (*BOOM*) for those of you who are on the same page.  :)

I spent all of yesterday getting organized and ready to tackle this week with a clear mind and a happy heart. I'm feeling positive that this week will be a better one! :)

Anyway, here are a few photos from my phone that were the highlights of my weekend:

1. This is Hattie. My new hedgehog. She loves hats. She will be introduced properly here on the blog this week.
2. Rough week + Productive weekend = Thankful for this guy.
3. Beautiful sunset in La Grange on an engagement session.
4. Engagement session out in the middle of nowhere? Yes please.
5. Drew's new fluffy hat. ;)
6. Just trying to look as sexy as possible with my friend Kristina.
7. These two :)

On Saturday morning and after eating a million cinnamon rolls (nom nom), we decided to take Hattie the Hedgehog out to play. I went to take a picture, and right as I did, that little diva bit Drew's finger. Needless to say, I couldn't stop laughing for a good minute. What can I say? She has good taste. BUT I think we might need to wash our hands next time, babe. ;)

I have a mountain of work to get through this week, BUT the good news is I have an awesome playlist to listen to while I crank it all out! :) I thought I would share it with you because I'm nice like that! :)

So Shay: Mix It Up Yo by Shalyn Nelson on Grooveshark

I have a little DIY coming tomorrow. I hope you like it :)

Peace and Hair Grease! :)

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  1. Ohmigoodness... that hedgehog is adorable!

  2. hahahah poor DDHP. I still can't believe you guys have a hedgehog. SO random

  3. Hope this week is better for you!!! Love your hedgehog by the way!! So cute! :) Also..I love your pillows on your couch. Where did you get those??

  4. Can't wait to get properly introduced to Hattie! :)

  5. HAHAHAHA! that last picture cracks me up! i really needed it today.
    ps how is papaw? i have been worried about him. he seems like the best.

  6. What a little cutie!

  7. Happy Monday! I read your instagram post last night and I'm praying for a better week for you than last week.

  8. That sunset is GORGEOUS!! Hope this week is brighter. :)

  9. Those two pictures of Hattie biting have made my monday! haha seriously i laughed harder than i should when reading a blog in the office haha :D

  10. Love it and you friend!! Here's to your best week yet!!

  11. You make me want to get a hedgehog! I don't think they are legal in California though. :(

    I love Drew's expressions in the hedgehog pictures! Perfect timing on your part!

  12. Hattie is adorable! Can't wait for her proper intro...and hubby's are always good for the rough two are adorable :)

  13. Oh, I love your Hattie the Hedgehog! Such a cute little critter. Please formally introduce her to us!

    Ana Paula
    {Visit me at Mommyhood, PhD}

  14. Aww! Hattie girl is just so cute! La Grange is BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm an avid Junk Gypsy tv show watcher & they are based not too far from there in Brenham! I'm constantly writing down all of the funky places they go to shop because I'm determined to take a long weekend trip & go junkin'! They go to La Grange a lot & I just want to stop on through so bad!