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Kelsey + Zane | Engagement Session | La Grange, TX


Y'all...I can't even describe how much fun this engagement session was. Not only are Kelsey and Zane the sweetest two people ever...but together, they embody the most precious love. Hanging out with these two and their dog Lily in the middle of nowhere, made for the most romantic session. It was full of warmth, laughter, and the most beautiful light that truly captured the love of these two. I cannot wait to photograph their wedding in Charleston, SC next year. I already know it's going to be a wedding that I'll always remember.

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  1. What a cute couple and I love that they included their dog!

  2. how beautiful! and what a gorgeous dress and dog!

  3. the lighting in this is perfect.

  4. Adorable couple! I love how that dog wore the flower crown as a garland.

  5. Love love love you and all of the amazing photos!! :) We are going to have soo much fun at the wedding!

  6. Oh my word. I could freaking die - the doggy + them! I can just picture Bandit with a flower wreath around his neck!! Love these Shay :)

  7. GREAT pictures! And you are going to loooooove Charleston!!!

  8. All of these are awesome but, I think the last one is my favorite! So sweet that they included their fur baby!

  9. DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! My frands!! These are SO beautiful shay!!!! And the last one...holy swoon!! Ok and the one with the big tree, and the one of their heads cut off and the focus on Lilly.

    Holy shizz balls. I'm in love!!!!

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!! The wedding will be SO pretty! Charleston is a gorgeous area!!

  11. These are beautiful!!! The light is to die for. When I get engaged, will you fly to Baltimore to take my pictures?! ;)

  12. Wow, I love those pictures. Gorgeous! and I love the pup with the flowers, so cute. Great job!

  13. oh my goodness!!! i love these. like LOVE these. when i get engaged, i am so calling you!

  14. So, so beautiful sweet friend!! You totally rocked this session!

  15. Oh my goodness, these pictures are amazing. I love how they incorporated their dog! I think my favorite is the last picture. You do beautiful things with photography. You go girl!

  16. Beautiful photos and what a beautiful family (including the dog) :)

  17. I love all of these pictures! The ones with Lily make me grin :) So sweet. And that last pictures is perfection!

  18. Stunning! You are incredible at your job!

  19. These photos are SO gorgeous! I absolutely love the vibe and they make such a cute couple. Also, their dog is so cute, his tongue is GIANT. LOL.