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August Goals: Late Edition


"Hey Guys! We're in the home stretch for the rest of 2013!" Love, Piper

Happy Monday everyone! Piper and I are over here stretching and yawning from a long, but amazing weekend! I also realize I am a few days late with my monthly goals (*cough*slacker alert*cough*) but it's just been a hectic few days ya feel me!? :) This past week, Amanda was in town visiting and we were basically just having the best time ever at Texas Style Council. I am SO glad I attended this year and I'm so excited about all the things to come!

Anyway, more on that later. Promise. What BETTER way to start off a Monday than listing out my monthly goals? :) I'll be around much more this week as well with some styled posts (say whaaa?) and a recap on #txsc13. SO many things to share y'all! We also got our photos back from the amazing Ryan Ray and I'm excited to share those with y'all as well! WHOOT WHOOT! :) 


Branding Photos with Ryan Ray (Best day, ever and already DONE!)
Announce new exciting venture with Amanda (TOMORROW!)
Top Golf with Drew lol (FINGERS CROSSED!)
Shoot one wedding
VACATION and ENJOY IT! (No stress allowed)
Photograph Styled Shoot with Ellen
Plan Launch Party
Get my house back in order/unpacked
Get LTN Website Ready to Launch
Surprise a friend with a gift
Finish all my edits and weddings

Progress. That's all that matters right!? ;) 


Plan Launch Party
Get LTN Website Ready to Launch
Work on wedding welcome packages
Get files/receipts/contracts organized in my office
Work on back-end of LTN and So Shay (The not-so fun stuff I've been procrastinating with-whomp whomp.)
Blog my work more
Lead a more meaningful, healthy & productive lifestyle
Read a new book
Try something new (signed up for a calligraphy class I'm so excited about!)
Go to a Yoga Class 
Pay it forward (I love doing this too much to stop)
Start working on accepting professional sponsors
Draft the BEST NFL Fantasy League Team EVER! 
Visit family back at home
Look for new photo session locations in Austin 

What are your monthly goals!? Please leave your link below so I can hop over and read them y'all! I will be using the month of August to get organized for the rest of my year (Sept, Oct, and November are busier than the streets of NYC y'all!), perfect my schedule and routine, and I'm hoping and praying to have my mind and heart clear of clutter before I tackle the last few months of 2013. I can't believe how fast this year is flying by! It's just crazy, but a good kind of crazy and I can't help but just sit here and feel thankful and blessed. Fall is on its way (my favorite season) and well... God is good y'all. Don't forget it! :) 

Here is a playlist for your day/week! :) Loving these tunes right now while I work. XOXOXO! 

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  1. So glad to see you back and I can't wait to hear about TxSC! I so wanted to go but couldn't! Hopefully net year!

  2. Such great goals! I hope you have a happy, healthy and productive August! And PLEASE blog more of your work, it's so gorgeous and I love drooling over it. :)

  3. I need to make my August goals, too-- sometimes just making a list makes you feel much more accomplished! :) Can't wait to see more of your work blogged! You know we all love it! Happy Monday, girl!

  4. wow! you have accomplished so much! my list for this month includes go to texas, and then actually come back home.

  5. You are pretty awesome at completing goals each month! I still need to start doing posts like this.

    1. Actually now I have mine all ready to post tomorrow

  6. I love your goals! Go for it gal! :)

    And enjoy it while you do it :)

  7. Girlfren, you are pretty awesome!! Always happy to see you have blogged, you are one of my favs!! And that crazy dog of yours cracks me up!! ;)

  8. Piper is so flipping cute!! Love that shot.
    Go get it, girl! You can do it :)