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Modeling Monday!


First we were re-modeling.

And now we are ... modeling!?

You know...just a day in the life of a Nelson! :) I kid, I kid.

It's little late in the day to be posting I suppose, but y'all...this day has FLOWN by. My to-do list is rude I tell ya. Just raaaude.

This past weekend? A whirlwind!

I met Drew and my friend Jenni at my house on Friday and we then headed to the storage units to start getting all of our "garage sale" items. We didn't realize until we started sorting how much of it we were actually selling. We ended up moving out of one storage unit completely and hauled it back to our house. On the bright side, we are half way done moving y'all! What! What! But seriously. Never in my life have I seen SO much ... just...STUFF! I really think we would have been able to be on that show Hoarders! We stayed up until about 3 am on Friday, were up at 6 am, and had ourselves a garage sale of the century! Drew was dreading this, naturally, BUT at the end of it, he was a tired, but happy boy. We sold EVERYTHING. Not ONE thing was left, except for a sweater but I ended up just giving it to the last person who stopped by. It was super successful and as Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. said in Jerry Maguire...SHOW ME THE MONEYYYY! So naturally, Drew and I treated ourselves to Casa Ole afterwards followed by a nap. #highrollers

On Saturday evening, we went to my friend Brent's house where we celebrated my sweet friend Kristina's superrr later birthday. We had so much fun and I was so glad I got to attend! It seems that all I do these days is say, "Sorry! I can't...I have _________." I'm so glad that I've made myself really take weekends OFF from work (if I don't have a shoot or wedding). It let's me not feel burnt out, and I am able to not feel the stress/burden/guilt that I used to have. Anyway, that's a different post for another day! :)

AND Sunday looked like this...

Drew and I were asked by my friend Mylah a few weeks ago if we'd be down to be ... models ... for a styled shoot she was planning. At first, I was like, "Say whatttt!? Us? Models!?" However, we really haven't had our photos taken since our wedding (4 years ago) and it sounded like so much fun! We agreed, we went, got our hair did, and Drew ROCKED those HOT PANTS of his! :)

Here is a preview on facebook this morning that she posted...

 It was THE COOLEST experience, ever. The deer were so friendly, and LOVED me, (can you blame em!? haha totally kidding!), andddd I got to make-out with my man for a couple of hours. I'd say it was a gooooood day! :)

Also, can I just be honest and tell y'all that being behind the camera was super weird for me!? Haha! I felt really nervous, and vulnerable and thought to myself...

"So THISSSS is what my clients feel like!?"


Mylah did an absolutely AMAZING job, and we had such a great time! You can check our her photography page here! :) I'll be sure to post more when she puts them up in the next couple of weeks! :)

What kind of things did you get into this weekend?

I'll be back tomorrow with my Monthly Goals and a pretty baller playlist. Get excited! ;)

P.s.) Is Drew not a freaking sizzle fest in those photos!?!? THOSE suspenders and pink bow tie???? I could gobble that boy UP ch'yall! (saidinthehoneybooboovoice) ;)

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  1. How. Fricken. CUTE!
    You guys are very pretty. :)


  2. Ahhhhh I love you two!! I'm pretty sure you couldn't be anymore good looking if you tried. And yayy for selling everything at the yard sale!

  3. Can the two of you be any more good looking?!

  4. Good work on the garage sale! Every year I say I want to have one, and then we never do! :)

    Those pictures are AMAZING! You two are too cute. I can't even handle it. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

  5. Omg those pictures of you two are SO freaking amazing! Could you two be any more perfect?!

  6. PRECIOUS! Love these pictures!

  7. ahhh y'all are seriously my favorite...but I'm pretty sure you hear this every day from everyone. hehe Miss you but yay for your life slowly getting back to normal! MWA!

  8. Oh mylanta girl!!! You two are the absolute sweetest EVER! I just got goosebumps thinking about when you guys maybeeeee come to shoot my wedding! Whenever that might get here ;) But really, if photography doesn't work out (WHICH IT BETTER!) you've got yourselves a job in the modeling industry! XO

  9. those pictures are amaaaazing!! You look GORGEOUS! seriously flawless girl!! glad you two got to have some fun and get some pictures together (:

  10. Oh my gosh, stop it!!! ;) That last one is AMAZING!! What a gorgeous couple!

  11. OH MY GOSH. Seriously so freaking cute, it's unreal.

  12. those pictures are so awesome! how did you get those random deer to hang out so close to you guys??
    -- jackie @ jade and oak
    -- $50 shabby apple giveaway

  13. Hands down one of the cutest couples...everrrr!! Loving those pictures and the deers?!! Adorable.

  14. I love love love love looovvveee this!! how did you get those deer to pose with yall? ha! so shay i love it xoxoxox muffin!

  15. Love those photos of y'all! Love that the deer just hung out around y'all like it was no big deal!!

  16. those pictures of you all are stunning! gorgeous!

  17. y'all are adorable! So glad you had a great weekend.

  18. love this! you both are ridiculously good looking! and duh the deer liked you. you rock.

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