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Happy Weekend.


I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed...and this week was a true testimony for time management, stress management, and by golly, it didn't help that the clock was moving quicker than a cheetah on speed. Learning the balance between work, family, friends and moving back into our house is not easy y'all. Not easy at alllll. However, I guess this is what photographers talk about when they say, "PEACE OUT EVERYONE!" and vanish into the clouds of work, editing, and anything and everything in between. I will say that having office hours has been a complete and utter blessing.

This weekend we are having a garage sale, celebrating a sweet friend's birthday, cleaning our house from top to bottom (just call me Mr. Clean!), moving in a little, and Drew and I are going to be models in a friend's styled shoot (say whaaa!?). It should be interesting.  

In other news, next week I'll be in Dallas visiting this pretty lady and working on a new venture that we will be sharing with you OH SO soon. Whoot whoot! 

ALSO, Drew and I will be revealing the new Love, The Nelsons logoooooooo here next week, too. We are really excited to share it with you guys! 

This is when that song, "Let the good timessss rollll" should be playing in the background. Ya feel me!? :)

Ohhhh and She Inspires is having an Anthropologie giveaway! You should go enter right now!?!? (click me) Just sayinnnn'.

Have an amazing weekend friends. I'll see ya here next week for the reveal. If you want to follow along our weekend adventures, you can do so  

Xxxxxxxo. (More kisses for you today. Ow ow! You're welcome! ;))

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  1. have a good weekend! sounds like it will be a very busy one!

    1. Thanks Michelle! You too!!! :) Busy for sure!!! <3

  2. i'm loving all the progress on your house and can't wait to see everything finished! ...have any beach ghosts photobombed anymore of your photos? :)

  3. You can do it! Have a great weekend

  4. Sounds jam packed! But, like I always tell my husband, it's a GOOD thing that we are always so busy - that means we're living life & that's exactly what we're supposed to be doing! Have a great weekend though! Can't wait to see y'alls logo!!!

  5. Yay! Can't wait to see your house!

  6. So many exciting things. I can't wait to see your logo! :)

  7. I hope your weekend brought all things happy, Shay! :) I'm happy to be back home and catching up on so many lovely blogs I missed while away, like yours! Big hugs to you!!! <3 I hope your garage sale was a success, but with you behind the wheel, so to speak, I'm sure it was!

  8. I hope you had a pretty awesome weekend! Let us know how that garage sale went! =)