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The Road to a Solid Foundation: Thank You AND Day 3 of Chaos!


Happy Thursday Y'all! I can't believe how fast this week has gone by! I have an overwhelming list of things to work on today, but I just wanted to stop in for a minute to say this.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the messages, comments, phone calls, texts, you name it, after my post yesterday. It felt good to finally reveal that to y'all. I have been wanting to share it for a long time, but I'd get scared and Drew would always say, "Shay, the world doesn't have to know everything. It's okay to be private sometimes ya know." And he's right...we def. are private about other matters that aren't necessarily ideal to us at this time in our life. We've had a rough go this past year and when I think it's getting better, something else will happen. We just have to force ourselves to focus on ANY positive in our lives and hold on to that for dear life! :) So far, so good. We've just learned that we are being tested and taught these lessons for a reason. We aren't really sure why all the time, and I'd be lying if I told you I never got angry, or resentful, but deep down, we trust that it's for the best. Everything happens for a reason. EVEN if those reasons just flat out SUCK. ;)

Anyway, thank you. Thank you a million times for your prayers, support, encouragement, and love. It means more to us than you know and we just can't thank you enough. Drew stopped by the house yesterday (Day 3) to see what the house looked like and I just couldn't believe my eyes.

Are you ready for this?

This is our hallway that connects the living room and the bedroom. We had brand new laminate flooring here that we did...and it's gone now. That board is covering a HUGE hole as you can see. 

This is our laundry room. This is also the tile that Drew layed down in the very beginning of our rennovations. As crazy as it is to see this, it's also kind of cool? Yeah?

This is the side of the house where our bedroom and bathroom are. Crazy stuff.

Oh hi backyard that we never got to prettify. I guess it's a good reason we never did because dang Gina! This is a disaster. The back door is now broken and cracked too (according to Drew's report).

This is our driveway. Anyone want to go deep dirt diving? I know a good place you can do this.

This is the front of our house by our porch and front door.

 The view from the side of our house looking at the street and driveway.

Our driveway and Drew's cute little shadow. I'm beginning to think that Joe Dirt lives here. Haha.

Well, I guess all this mess means PROGRESS. WHOO-HOO! :)

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  1. Wow!
    Do you have to pay out of pocket or does home owners insur cover it?

    1. Sadly, out of pocket :( We have done everything under the sun to see what we would get covered, lawyers, insurance companies, you name it. It's a long story, but all I can hope and pray for is KARMA. :)

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! They've done so much work already!

  3. Wow, so much work. Praying they get it fixed soon so you can move back home!

  4. Sending some prayers your way! But it looks like God is already working his magic in your hearts and also getting things moving forward! Encouraged by your attitude!

  5. Man! Just so unreal! At least they are getting work done, son!!!! Praying all things come together for y'all <3

  6. wow, this is SO crazy! hope they fix it up quickly (and solidly) for you guys!

  7. wow! such a frustrating time for you guys...but hopefully you'll have an absolutely BEAUTIFUL house very soon!

  8. Look at it this way Shay slowly but surly your home is going to be as beautiful as you want it to be! They've also have got right to working because it seems like they're making headway in a short period of time. Thoughts and prayers are with you! ;)

  9. Woohoo! I'm sure any amount of progress makes the end feel that much closer. And thank you for sharing something so personal! Keeping you guys in my thoughts.

  10. must be so scary to see your home all torn up like that but just keep pushing through!!! It will all be worth it in the end. I read through your post yesterday and it sounds like such a nightmare--definitely not what anyone wants to have squash their HGTV-fueled dreams! :( Thanks for sharing this part of your journey, good thoughts are coming your way!!

  11. Wow I never heard of that happening before and cannot believe all you have gone through. To move all you did by must both be exhausted. What do they think caused the foundation to do that? Hope things get better soon!

  12. I've been a reader for a while and I never knew you guys were dealing with this! I can't imagine how stressful it must be mentally, emotionally, etc. Yay for progress, though! Good luck with everything

  13. WOW, what a lot they've done in just a few days... I hate the situation so much for y'all, but I know the end result will make you so happy! Your home will be beautiful again. :) Did they say how long it would take?

  14. You are getting a lot done indeed...just think of how accomplished you will feel when it is all done and how awesome it will look!!! Also, you are welcome for any support, you deserve it and we adore you!!! :)

  15. I'm a realtor in the Houston area. Not sure where this house is, but foundation problems can be a real issue here. I've had many of my inspectors catch early foundation problems and then I went out to bid for the work, and had the seller eithe fix the problem or compensate for the price. Sounds like you can really go after the seller for non disosure on the seller's disclosure. I would not let this hinder you on your next purchase. I'm 29 years old and have been doing real estate for 9 years and have bought (personally) multiple houses and have sold hundreds for clients in those years and your unfortunate prediciamate is rare. But using good professionals along the way are a good way of insuring this will not happen again. My inspector would have caught this foundation issue durring the inspection. Ps- inspectors are not allowed to tell you their opinion wheither you should or shouldn't buy the house. Just tell you the facts onthe items he found wrong with the home. He can't even suggest and price On the repairs needed, that is why i go out to bid on the items my inspector finds wrong. - I also own my own Real Estate Firm
    Ryan Hajdik w/ Pinnacle Realty Group.
    Hope this helps.

  16. Wow, that is alot to be done!
    Wishing you good luck and peacefulness during this time and that you can get back in with an even better home.