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Good News and Bad News.


Hey sweet muffins!

Whew! Lots to catch you up on! :)

Let's start with the Bad News.

Our foundation.

Well, since I've shared so much already with you, I will let you know that we have experienced some set backs. It turns out our foundation is even worse than originally thought, and they are having to put even MORE piers under our home...which means more dolla dolla bills y'all :( . The plumbing company is out this week working on our home too...and they called us yesterday to tell us there were MORE problems than they thought, too. Which also means more 'cash moooney'. I might cry. Okay, I cried. But just for a minute until Drew hugged me and said it was going to be okay. That man...

He's my angel.

I think I also might be the first person in the world to ever send a plumbing company a card.

They will either be shocked or think I'm wacko. I'm cool with both.

HOWEVER, since I hate bad is some awesome super good news.

Drew went to the house yesterday to check out what's been done. The cosmetic damages are worse (more cracks) BUT...BUT...

WE HAVE WORKING DOORS!!!! Y'all! Our doors shut! :) I know this sounds silly to be excited about but OMG when Drew sent me this video yesterday, I squealed and tears filled my eyes. This whole experience has been so hard, and so emotional, and so hard (did I already mention that!? ;)) but that feeling of things being "fixed" is the best.

AND MORE good news!?

It's Drew and my wedding anniversary week.

This makes me happy.

WAIT...MORE Good News (because good news is the best...)...

If you follow me on instagram, you will see that we will be announcing our new photography name this week!

We are SO excited and can't wait to share! We really hope you love it as much as we do! :)

Be blessed y'all. Make the best of this day, and every day. Seriously. I am finding joy in the small things lately and MAN it sure does make a difference. Stay positive. Choose happiness.

OH and some more Good News just because there is always room for more... :)

It's Tuesday! We are one day closer to Friday! :) And this Friday is GOOD Friday. Doesn't get much better than that.

Oh, and I had a Save The Date session with one of my best friends this past weekend. We have lived in Austin for 4 years this May and y'all...we've never got a picture in front of this popular wall. Until now...and we might have got carried away. Thanks Kelly!!! :)

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  1. your heart is so big. & you are so strong to be going through all of this + staying as positive as you both are. this experience will change you and you will be so much better for it :) muffin, I am so excited to hear this new photog name of yours. Oh & happy anni my sweet friend! Can't wait to Skype soon! Love you!

  2. I love your positive outlook on all of this! You are destined for greatness my friend! And I LOVE your wall pictures, ya'll are too stinkin cute!

  3. Happy anniversary week toa couple that is SO positive during hard times and continues to make each other smile and laugh... what more could you ask for in a marriage!

  4. Happy anniversary!! :) Those pics are SO CUTE! I am so glad that your house is getting fixed... but boo to more money!!!

  5. Those pictures are adorable! Especially the one with you holding him - so cute! Good luck with your foundation issues! XOXO

  6. Goodness y'all get cuter and cuter I swear! Sorry to hear about mo money :( BUT I'm so happy that everything is getting fixed! You are going to have one beautiful house filled with beautiful people when all is said and done :)

  7. Your house looks soo cute in the video!! The video made me crack up! What a good man sending you that!! Glad things are getting fixed!!

  8. So stinkin' cute you two are. God is working great things in you Shay, soon all of this will make sense. Stay faithful! God is good :)

  9. Happy anniversary week and TGFD (Thank God For Doors)! I'm sorry to hear about your foundation problems but I hope you have an amazing week and can't wait to see your new photography name.

    Chelsea & The City

  10. Y'all are so cute! I am so glad that you have working doors! So amazing what can make our bad days good again, huh?

  11. OMGoodness DDHP is the sweetest thing! I can't imagine not having working doors.

  12. yay doors! :) :) (as someone who has a house with random things that don't work i know how exciting it is when they do.) hopefully it will all be done soon.

    ps those pictures of you guys are sooo cute! i am trying to convince my boy we need to go to austin this summer and i really want a picture there! (i think talking him into a trip will be easier than him agree to a picture.)

  13. It's truly amazing that you're staying so positive during this process! Your happiness despite everything is an inspiration, and I wish y'all all the best in getting the house issues fixed so it can finally feel like a home! :) You deserve every happy that comes your way, sweet girl.

  14. i love reading your blog. i always feel so upbeat and positive..ready and rearing to take on the world after reading one of your adorable post. and adorable is definitely not a word i throw around lightly, either.

    i have definitely started enjoying the small things in my life, staying positive, too. it really makes for a much happier jessica when i stay positive and am thankful for my life instead of resenting what others have. talk about a breath of fresh air. ahhh

  15. It sounds like there are many wonderful things in store! Happy anniversary week to you love birds! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that more and more good news will keep finding its way into your life! :)

  16. Those pictures of you 2 are great! Happy almost anniversary!

  17. i love YOU both so much. And I love that sign

    you guys are seriously SO positive thru this whole experience. YAY FOR THE DOORS!! I need to make a visit and see for mahh--sellfff :-) Austin you are on my horizon. I miss that city!!

    ANNIVERSARY WEEK HAAAYYLLLL YEAH!!!!!!! :-) I'm singing will smith, Getting Jiggy With It. If ya know what I'm saying hehehe

    love you girly<3


  18. These pictures of you two are great. Good news is the best and it brightened my day seeing your optimistic spirit through this tough ordeal that could be easily looked upon negatively. I also love your use of the word y'all because it makes me feel better about my overuse of it. Xx

  19. those pictures are awesome! definitely wall-worthy!

  20. I love those wall shots, you guys are so goofy! :)