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Hola Hola Heyyyy! I have updates! :)



I just wanted say HELLO annnnnnd let you know that there are a couple of small updates in my life! :)

For starters, you will notice that my domain is now FINALLY! (I'm going to pretend you are giving me virtual high fives mk!?) I've been needing to do this for FOREVER but I just left it on the to-do list month after month. Welp! Guess what TO DO LIST!? I'm conquering you and you're beginning to think I'm actually accountable! How about that!? BAM!

If you still type in my old url ( you will be directed straight to I'm happy about it, but a little peeved at the lady who won't let me have Haha. OH well. She doesn't even utilize the domain so maybe one day I'll get lucky and she will surrender it, but until then, will do! :)

Another thing: I finally updated the Q&A link over there on the left hand side. It's about time right? I get repetitive questions from time to time, so have a look if you're interested! :) I'll continue to update it as I get the same questions, etc. etc. Another thing off the To Do List? CHECK!

ALSO...if you're in the COOL club and follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that over the past year, DDHP's hair has been growing and growing and growwwwing. Y'all, it's been 1 year and 1 week since his last haircut and let me tell you something...I have NEVER been a 'long hair' girl. The whole long mysterious messy shag, the pony tails, all that...SO not my thing. UNTIL I saw Ashton Kutcher with his shaggy do on That 70's Show back in the day and I was meltingggg like the wicked witch of the west!

Back in January last year I told Drew that it would be cool to see what he would look like with long hair, and well he was totally up for the challenge! :) It definitely hit about 3 awkward stages lol (poor guy) but he dealt with it and managed to still look like a hot tamale (in my eyes anyway)! He got a lot of crap from dudes about it but a lot of ladies seemed to like it. (Way to be babe!)

It goes without saying that I fell in love with his long locks, but lately, it's been getting on his nerves BIG time. I wanted to wait until we had our photos done this year for our website and continue to stroke my hands through it on the daily, but he didn't want to wait, so I bit my tongue, got watery eyes and made the man a hair appointment.

It was a really emotional experience.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

 (I swear I'm never dramatic about his hair cuts, but if you knew how much I loved his hair long, then you'd maybe understand!? Okay, I'm being dramatic. Fair enough! :)

The first snip.

Me looking at the first snip on the ground.

Me holding his LONG precious curl.

LOL (Just so you know, as I'm typing this out, I'm laughing out loud. I'm not REALLY THAT crazy...just a little bit. WHY THE HECK AM I BLOGGING ABOUT MY HUSBAND'S HAIR CUT!? Muhahahaw!)

The hair dresser thought it would be funny to say, "ALL DONE!" in the middle of the cut.

[I nick name that bushy curl on the side of his head Slick Willy.]

THEN once she got to actually cutting the remaining length...I then realized how stinkin' HOT DDHP looked with short hair.

"Okay, okayyy, so you look really good...OKAY...REALLY REALLY GOOD! *Whistle*"

It was super cute though seeing him smile when his hair started to take shape. His neck could breathe again and he looked like his old self. Sometimes change is good...and changing things up is fun...but when all is said and gotta just suck it up and let your husband have his way sometimes! ;)

I's not like I'm that upset about it (anymore). Precious, right?

 I LOVE this man.

I am sorry I keep being so goo goo ga ga over my husband and yelling it to the world because I know how that can get annoying QUICK, but it's BIRTHDAY WEEK Y'ALL! :)

Yesterday was Drew's birthday (his twin sister's too, naturally) and I decorated our home with some birthday flare. I think he liked least he better have! :) I made his favorite cake and we went to dinner with his sister and her friend. It was small, and sweet and we had a gift card to the restaurant as well (Gotta love those Christmas stocking stuffers!) ;)

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who wished Drew a Happy Birthday. Seriously, though. He doesn't have a Facebook so he doesn't get the excitement of his phone blowing up all day long with Happy Birthday notifications, so to those of you who took the time (strangers and friends) to say Happy Birthday on Instagram and this blog, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH! :)

I wish I could give this man so many things...and hope to spoil him rotten with fun surprise trips and fancy dinners and really awesome gifts...but for now, sweet little dinners at chain restaurants will do. Haha! :)

Love you babe!

AND before I end my post, THANK YOU SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOOOO MUCH to everyone who commented on My Office. Just...WOW. The response has been overwhelming and just incredibly wonderful. I haven't been able to sit down and respond to about 90% of those e-mails, but I promise I will get back to you very soon! :) Y'all rock my socks off!!! <---- br="br" truth.="truth."> Make today a good one! :)

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  1. His hair looks so good short! I have to admit, I'm not a long hair fan usually, but DDHP made it look good! :) You're such a good wife!!

  2. You are so cute making those sad faces hahah... He really did look like Ashton with his hair long! He rocks the clean look though too. Love the birthday decorations!

  3. DDHP!!!!! i must say, i cant decide...i love the long longs and love the short locks. WAY TO GO DDHP for being able to rock both of them. Holla FO A DOLLLAA!!!

    i just died laughing thinking about kurt with long hair. he would look like a pervert or pedohpile i think hahahahha

    sooooo happy yall had an amazing birthday! i am pretty sure someone else just as special has a special day tooooo...ahem....tomorrow! EEEP!

    wish i could be there so so bad !!!!!


    1. Hahahahaha Erica!!! Kurt would look like a skinny cave man with long hair!!!

  4. Y'all are so sweet together & such a cute couple! My fiance grew his hair out last Winter for several months & I was SO sad when he chopped it off! But, like you I was happy to see the "old" him back! DDHP looks handsome with his new cut!!

  5. I have to tell you that it never gets old hearing you talk about DDHP. Ya'll are my favorite couple because you are just so stinking cute! He looks adorable with long or short hair, btw ;)

  6. I gotta admit, your man looks dayuumm good rockin both looks!!! You guys are just the best couple ever. For sure my fav blog couple. I adore you.

  7. YOU TWO ARE THE ABSOLUTE CUTEST! I love hearing all your updates! I just bought my domain name last week and it's still not working! did you get yours up and moving so fast?!

  8. Just found your blog and love it! Yall are precious together :)

  9. Aww DDHP looks so handsome!! Although I think it would have been pretty dang priceless if the hairdresser really did stop halfway through- that's a nice look on him as well ;)

  10. EEEEEEEEEEEE you two are SO cute!! & DDHP looks dapper with his new haircut. You are the bestest of the best wifeys on earth dear Shay XOXO your muffin

  11. I gotta say, I think DDHP is a short hair guy...lookin' good. :) Glad he had a good birthday!

  12. Just watched Sabrina's birthday video and couldn't help but smile! Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope it's an amazing one and I love your blog!


  13. I love me some DDHP!! And his haircut! You I like boy hairs high and tight!