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December Goals


[Last year's Christmas Card]

December is here! December is here! I am so excited that the Christmas season is here! Twinkly lights, hot cocoa, stockings, lots of cookies, and Christmas music has gracefully made it's way into my house and I couldn't be happier! :) November was a busy month for me, and this month is shaping up to be no different. However, tis' the season friends! I'm going to embrace this month more than ever. I want to begin next month with a fresh heart, a fresh set of eyes, and a fresh outlook! It's important to me, so let's see how I've done with October and November goals! :)  

October & November: 

1. Clean out all of the closets in my house & DE-CLUTTER my house. This makes my stomach turn just thinking about it. All of my closets are just complete DISASTERS. It's time to clean out, throw away and re-organize. Simple is more. ALL is DONE but the garage! I call that a win!

2. Finish organizing my office and REVEAL what I've been working on for the past two months. Can't wait to show you! Insert Goldmember voice here: I LOVEEEE GOLDDD! :) Office is organized. I just need to take pictures! :) 

3. Work out three times a week. I can feel the screams my muscles and cellulite are making as I type this. This hasn't happened exactly, but I did join a new gym closer to my house last week. I joined Thursday night, worked out Thursday night, AND on Friday morning. I head back today, so I'm on track to implement this into my life. Fingers crossed I can keep up because the 15 pounds I've packed on this year is making me MISERABLE. MISERABLE I tell ya! I'm marking this off because it's on track! I'll make sure I keep it on this month's list though. 

4. Post all of my summer sessions and weddings on the blog. WORK in progress. I'm so overwhelmed. 

5. Make one homemade meal from scratch and set my dinner table (via candlelight, oh la la) for just Drew and me. :) DONE!

6. Go on a date with Drew and leave my phone at home. Sometimes a social media break is OKAY & much needed, y'all! :) DONE! And it was so much fun!

7. Put pictures in my frames in the house. Errrr....Still not done. I suck!

8. Do a giveaway. Just because. :) Haven't had time to even think about this's coming! :)  

9. COMPLETE ANY AND ALL WEDDINGS BEFORE THE FIRST WEEK OF DECEMBER. I think I can. I think I can. I was hopeful, but I'm still working on them! I'm winding down though...Holla! :) 

10. Make my Christmas Cards and get them ready to send out. Don't even get me started. I ordered something in the mail two weeks ago to be on top of this, and it's STILL not here. If it isn't here by the end of the week, I might have to start thinking of a new idea for our Christmas card. Yikes!

11. Adding another DIY project to the list, just because it's FUN.

I'm so happy I got most of my items marked off! I've done better than I would have if I didn't make these lists, I'll tell you that! :) So what shall I add for this month?


12. Finish up every session, and wedding from 2012 and post them on the blog and on Facebook. 

13. Plan a snowboarding trip with friends. :)

14. Finish up my homework for my new brand. I'll address this more soon. I have SO much to catch y'all up on!

15. Try a new recipe.

16. Make it a point to not work past 5:30 p.m. JUST relax and let my mind rest. I haven't done this since...I started my photography business and it just isn't healthy. I'm tired and I deserve time off from working sometimes. Rewarding myself with a little down time on the couch watching a show sounds small to you, but that to me is a BIG deal. We'll see how it goes.

17. Travel to CA with only one suitcase and one carry on :)

18. Work out three times a week.  

19. Have the MOST amazing Christmas with my family. 

That's all friends. I can't believe 2013 is right around the corner. It just is crazy how fast time flies when you get older. I'm excited for next year...there are so many amazing things to look forward to and it just makes me giddy thinking about it! :) Whoo-hoo! Have a blessed holiday season y'all! Mark those things off your feels GOOD I tell ya! Almost like you're getting things done and making things happen!? Here is a pat on the rear for ya...*Pat Pat* :) Get er' done friends! Get er' done!


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  1. You did great on your list!! :) And I just know that you'll do great on this next one too!! :)

    I gained like 10 lbs this year, and I have been feeling disgusting! I started tracking my calories on My Fitness Pal, and it's working! Down 8 lbs! WHOOP! Maybe that would help?

    1. I love that app! We should make a group for all of us working towards loosing weight or just getting out to do some cardio. Isn't that the app that you can track your friends progress? It always helps if I know that people are watching/know what I'm doing/not doing! :)

  2. You're well on your way, and have inspired me to do a goals post :) You go girl! Xo

  3. I love the Christmas card from last year! That is too cute...

  4. y'all are the cutest!

    you did really well with your goals. i'm sure December will be the best one :)

    i hear you about the weight thing. i was doing so well up to October and then bam, just went down the drain. not sure why. i'm trying to get my act together that way i don't punch myself in the face Jan 1st.

  5. Your christmas card from last year is so cute!

    I love your idea about not working past 5:30,
    I'm horrible at managing my evenings.. I end up working all night.

    Thanks for the idea to do a goals post!

  6. I love love LOVE your Christmas card photo from last year. It's so good!

    Also, good for you for working out three times a week! I try to do the same and some weeks are just better than others. Also, it's SUPER easy to gain weight when you are super busy and stressed so don't feel bad. I gained like 10 lbs my first year of law school and wanted to die, so I feel you. But if I can take it off, so can you! YOU CAN DO IT! P.S. had you not said you gained weight I wouldn't have ever known - you are gorgeous!

  7. When are you coming to Cali? I'm in the Sacramento area so holla!!!

  8. Maybe I need to make this list to keep me accountable! :)

  9. I think the one about stopping work at 5:30 is important for you Shay. You do so much and you need a break too or else your constantly working and becomes work and not passion. Everything always gets done in the end and your work is fantastic. Love you and don't forget my offer about being your assistant. Espeically over the summer because I get BORED! <3 you. Thank you for being the best photographer EVER!!

  10. This might just be one of the cutest pictures EVER!!! Adorable, and I'm in love with the lights! Yay for reaching goals that feeling when you can cross them off! :)

  11. you go girl you can do this!!!

    i wanna come see your gold office IN PERSON!!!!!!

    1 suitcase 1 carry on to cali...... hmmmm...heheheh :) loves you

    lets have workout dates. we can facetime on treadmill HAHAH

    i need to do a goal list of some sort. I need some motiviation like you!


  12. shay baby LOVE these goals!! I so need to bad! and add shalyn-erica-sabrina-rissy-ashley trip to 2013 :)

  13. Love your Christmas card! How fun! I always end up doing a serious card-I don't know why?


  14. Your Christmas card from last year is fantastic - I love it, haha.

  15. I love your Christmas card from last guys are too cute. :)

  16. Cute Christmas card from last year! I want to try my hardest to try a new recipe once a month! Ugh...I need to also try the not working past 5:30 thing :)

  17. I need to use your list idea for myself. Seems without one that I don't get much accomplished.