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Go Blog or Go Home: Bawston/Salem (Part III)


Ahhh. Have you ever heard of THE Salem Witch Trials? Of course you have! When Erica tossed the idea out there that we were going to in THE Salem Witch Trials and where parts of Hocus Pocus were filmed...I first thought, WHOA and then got REALLY excited. I mean, HELLO!? I was going to be in SALEM on Halloween weekend! Talk about crazy cool! There were SO many people there, dressed up, and in the complete spirit of Halloween. Some took it a little too far as you will see in a second, but overall, it was the most awesome people watching experience EVER. We got up early that morning and took a train (my first train ride, might I add) up north it was just, too cool for words.

Look close. I know we got a little too close for comfort and I just sat there and scratched my head. I don't think she fits the meaning of "lady" bug.

As we were walking back to the train...I looked up and there was a rainbow with prism like shapes in the sky. KINDA creepy right? It was directly above the middle of downtown Salem. (Insert eerie music here)

We took the train back to Boston and snuck in a little nap to get ready for Halloween. We dressed up as Honey Boo Boo's and Drew and Kurt were blind refs. If you follow any of us on instagram, you will see that we had a blast! We also met up with one of the Blue Man dudes from the show the night before. He was so nice and a good time was had by all! :)

The next morning, we took (sad) showers and packed our (sad) bags to go home. I seriously HATE goodbyes or "See ya laters!" because if I had it my way, these girls would be living right next door to me. Erica and Kurt were THE best hosts and the trip was just PERFECTLY planned. On our route to the airport, Hurricane Sandy was starting to sneak in slowly but surely and the skies were gray. I like to think it was just Boston's way of saying, "NO! Don't go!" We stopped by Fenway Park (baseball lover, right here!) and hopped out for a few photos.

 It was then time to hug it out and in Kurt and Drew's case...chest bump. Erica and Kurt, THANK YOU SO MUCH for one of the most amazing vacations I've ever had. I just love y'all! AND Kurt, if you'd hurry up and put a ring on it, we will be out there A LOT sooner don'tchaknow? ;) I miss y'all so much and I can't wait to come back and visit again. Sabrina...I love you. I had a blast in a glass with your pretty little self and can I just declare that I'm really looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks!?  :) :) :)
 BAM! & that's a wrap people! :)

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  1. Looks like a blast! I love that you went to Salem on Halloween weekend!

  2. gorgeous photos!!! oh my word, i love them!! :) looks like an amazing vacation.
    question...what program do you use to edit your photos? do you use a group of actions as well?

  3. hahaha I love all of this! SO so fun and the pictures are wonderful Shay. I'm dying to know what you and Drew think of Boston now?! Like it love it hate it?! It is one of our favorite cities EVER. I think I've mentioned that..k k I'm annoying byeeee!

  4. Wow! Her booty was the first thing I saw! Ridiculous!

    Love your pictures! So much fun!

  5. I am so beyond jealous fyi! Can I come join? I wanna go to Salem where the trials was & where Hocus Pocus was filmed.. I love that movie!

  6. aaaaaaaw!! I'm so sad that your trip is over, for you!! So lucky that you were able to go to salem on Halloween weekend! That's a dream of mine. haha! And that rainbow, what the?!

    p.s. that lady bug... terrible!

  7. loving all the pics! except of lady bugs butt! what an idiot she was lol

  8. omg, Shay obsessed with this post. The pictures are stunning. Thanks for sharing, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xo

  9. Adorable pictures! Looks like a very fun trip!


    Happy Holidays!


  10. I am in love with these pics!!

  11. THE LADY BUG ASS!! lolol love that you got a pic of it!!

    ahh omg i cant read this without re-reading adn looking at all the pics an this an that. Makes me seriously SOOOO SAD

    and hey i did pretty good with your fancy snazzy cam capturing that pic of you an ddhp holding hands at that little table!! take me on as your assistant ;-) haha jkjk


  12. This is such a fun post! You ladies are all so gorgeous!

    LOVE your outfit for your plane ride home!