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Go Blog or Go Home: BAWSTON (Part I)


Happy Tuesday Love Bugs!

I've been staying busy with work and life lately, so blogging has been taking the backseat. However, I'm here today to play a little catch up! :) This past weekend while Drew was at the deer lease, I was in Houston photographing some awesome couples (I seriously didn't think it was possible to love photography more than I did...but I fell even MORE in love with it after my last two, WHOA, Joey from Blossom style!) The beautiful Mrs. Stephanie also opened up her beautiful home to me and we had such a great time! I absolutely love that girl so much! (Thank you again Steph for your hospitality, letting me write in chalk at the new house being built, the sausage, letting me snuggles withchu, allowing me to take Beau's place for a night, taking me to this Mexican restaurant, introducing me to Magic Mike, shopping, letting me sing, "I'm a Cat, I'm a Kitty Kat! And I dance, dance dance" to this poor stranger in Urban Outfiffers, and for my gold heart earrings...I LOVE them...but not as much as YOU! Adore you so much and I can't wait to come visit you in your BRAND NEW BEAUTIFUL home!)

So, I guess it's obvious that I've made some really amazing friends through this blogland we all visit so often. I've met girls that literally just make my heart burst. I'm so thankful for the friendships I've made here...near and far. I know some people don't get it...(pshhh :)) but if you're reading this, you probably do. ;)

I've been back from Boston from a big bloggercation for, oh, 2 and a half weeks now and I've yet to BLOG about it!

Guess what? I'm blogging Part I today. Yeehawwww! Raise da roofs! It's a miracle! ;)

If you follow Erica and Sabrina, you will see that they've done their blogger duties and have deserved an A+ with their recaps here, here, here, and here. I just love those girls!

There is so much to be said about my time in Boston, y'all. Last year when Erica and Sabrina came to Texas to visit me, I remember being SO nervous but after that weekend I knew I had friendships that I'd cherish forever. When they left here at the airport we made a pact to plan the next trip a year from then and guess what? We did it. We decided on Boston so we could also meet Erica's boyfriend Kurt and explore the beautiful east coast! :)

Let me tell you...We. Had. SO. Much. Fun. I needed this trip and so did DDHP. We counted down every day and then BAM! It was here before we knew it.

Drew and I left Austin and had a layover in Baltimore, MD and as soon as I landed, I texted Rissy, who just moved there for her new job:

AND y'all...I literally was at the back of the plane jumping up and down. I kept saying, "OMG! I'm about to meet Rissy babe!!!! OMG OMG OMG! She's REALLY coming!?!?!?" Talk about random and spontaneous and freaking awesome! Rissy and I have been trying to meet for oh...forever!? We walked RAN down to baggage claim and we literally just started squealing and running toward each other like crazy girls.

It happened. And my little blogger heart was full.

She is THE cutest thing on the planet. I just kept hugging her and saying, "RISSYYYY!!! You're REAL!" Don't worry, she didn't think I was a freak. Atleast, I hope not. But I am proud to say I was the FIRST blogger she's EVER met in person (patting self on back now). I hope I didn't ruin it for ya Riss! :) Let's just say another meet up is very, very soon. ;) We said our goodbyes and hopped on our flight to BAWSTON where Kurt and Erica were there with open arms.

After big hugs and a few screams, we made our way out of the Boston airport where Kurt and Erica gave us a quick little mini midnight tour of the city. We headed to their precious apartment and talked and talked and talked until 4 in the morning. We woke up anticipating the arrival of Sabrina, but sadly the airlines were being major turd buckets and kept her from us until MIDNIGHT. SO, we ended up driving around Erica's hometown and that's when I spotted leaves...but just not ANY leaves...a freaking HEAPINGHUGEBIGGIGANTIC PILE OF LEAVES THAT WERE SCREAMING MY NAME. I asked Kurt to turn around and he was all, "You're serious!?" "YES! I'm so serious Kurt!" *Insert tire screeching noise here* BAM.

My little Texan heart was so happy.

And yes, you saw that right. I got lost in that sea of leaves...and my shoe disappeared for a bit. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time; Makes me laugh just thinking about it. I felt a lot like that old man in the commercial (Hoovearound, anyone, anyone?) "Help, I'm falling and I can't get up!"

After we brushed ourselves off, we headed to the beach for a little photo session with Erica and Kurt. I plan on posting these separately, so be looking for those really soon! :)

We had so much playing around, being silly, and admiring these precious little pups I wanted to take home with me named Pebbles and BamBam. I lied. Here is one picture from our shoot...Just for you Erica! :) 

Love love love you guys. 

We then went to dinner with Erica's friends from childhood (they were SO nice!) and then we headed to the airport to pick up our little Washington love muffin! We headed back to Erica and Kurt's, & exchanged gifts... I gave the girls sweatshirts that I designed and had made (new and improved from the ones we made in Texas) and Sabrina won the boys over with Superman costumes. They loved them a little too much ;) and they didn't want to take them off. Needless to say, the first day and a half in Boston was SO fun. And now that Sabrina was there, it was complete. It's unreal how much love I have for those girls...and you too Kurt! :) 

Stay tuned for Part 2! :)

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  1. This looks like entirely too much fun. I want to come next time. Beautiful pictures.

  2. this looks like too much fun! so glad you got to meet rissy on a whim! and i love all of these pictures.. especially in the leaves. and did you notice the lady walking the dog haha. for some reason that made me laugh.

    that beach looks beautiful too. and who can resist a cute pup, too!!


  3. this just makes my heart so so so happy. I truly believe this blog world is filled with amazing people and I love reading and seeing pictures when peeps get together!

  4. Looks like so much fun!! :) I love all your pics... and can't wait to see Erica & Kurt's session! EEK! :)

  5. could you and drew be any cuter? The leaves pictures needs to be submitted for some sort of contest, not sure what haha, but it does! Glad you guys had fun! You are all over the map!

  6. the puppy, the leaves, the good friends! What fun! I looovvee that white house pictured in the background, looks like a beautiful place to call home!

  7. This just makes my heart so happy! I love the friendships that come from blogging. I'm going to meet some of my faves in Chicago in 2 WEEKS and I can't wait! Reading about ya'lls trip to Austin made me know I had to do it! Ps. Pictures are gorgeous!!

  8. You are quite frankly adorable...hope that isn't creepy. Looks like y'all had a blast and made memories for a lifetime. You are also a rockstar at photography!

  9. This is such a wonderful, full of love post!! I am so glad (and jealous) you got to see so many wonderful bloggers!

  10. Looks like so much fun! I love those pictures... you are such an amazing photographer! What equipment do you use?

  11. OH MY LANTA!

    i miss you guys SO MUCH this is fantastic!!

    and the fact that you met Rissy just ties the whole thing in a perfect lil bow! should have packed her in your suitcase!

    AHH i need all these pics!! i am so so so happy you guys had a blast!! WHY DO WE LIVE SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank the lord we stopped for those leaves

    cannot even get over those sweatshirts i am obsessed. and the superman. Hahah seriously can we go back to this weekend :(


    EEEEE love you chicka! until our next trip!!! ;-)

  12. You always have THE best pictures on your blog!

  13. Y'all just have entirely too much fun! :)

  14. this looks like a blast! i'm so thankful for my blog friends too :) xox

  15. i LOVE this! ahh, i need to meet some blogger friends like yesterday!

  16. Fun fun fun! :) Loved this and your pictures are incredible!

    by the way, your post title reminded me of a Lecrae song that says, "Go hard or go home". You didn't happen to steal it from that, did ya? :)

  17. Your photography? just so awesome. I wish you lived in So Cal so I could use you all the time!!

    The ladies of blogland are just so amazing, right?? Glad you had a great trip with them!