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Guest Post: Meet Stephanie! :)


Hi love bugs! Today I have someone I really want you to meet. Have you ever just, you know...met someone who you literally just immediately connect with and just want to hug the ever loving mess out of? I mean, I haven't met this sweet lady in person yet, but she shares the same heart for God as I do, she's drop dead gorgeous, a photographer, and just TALENTED as all get out. I admire her to the core and I'm SO excited to introduce you to her. READ it. It's amazing. You can thank me later! :) 

Hello So Shay Readers!

Stephanie here, from

I’m a lifestyle blogger, photographer & print shop owner.

I’m so happy to be here, I know Shay shares her beautiful heart on here with you all and while she is away I thought I’d share something that has been on my thoughts.

Lately I have felt so inspired to make more choices to being happy, I don’t know if it is because of the book I just finished, “The Happiness Project”, Shay’s post on Thursday about the trip to the pumpkin patch amidst her tough time or my Faith in God, but it’s already making such a difference in my life. It all just resonated with me that being happy is a priority that should be on our checklists. We fill our calendars up with so many things, from, but how much time do we make for ourselves in a day to be present and make ourselves happy?  

There are a few simple tricks that aren’t a huge secret, and it can make your life happier. The answer is not fame, or fortune. It is the little things like cutting out bad habits and doing things with intention to be happy. Maybe you need to lose your phone for a while and step away from all technology, maybe you’re not taking enough time in the day for yourself to just relax and laugh, maybe you’re too busy criticizing every little thing that happens to you in a day. If you start your day and spill coffee all over your shirt before you have to leave, that’s okay! So many people fret over the first thing that doesn’t go their way and then it snowballs in to “the worst day.” 

Essentially it is a choice we make to be present, you cannot rely on other things or other people to make you happy, it’s all about your perspective and attitude. I’ve come to understand that although we do not have to be grateful for the horrible or tragic things that happen to us, we just have to have gratitude about life altogether. I read a quote once that said, “someone else is happy with less than what you have.” Now we all have our days where we can get down and let our emotions pour out, because it sure is no good for them to stay in there and weigh heavy on our hearts. It just means that you are happy not because everything is perfect, but because you choose to be. The lesson I am learning about life is that gratitude is the key to happiness, because it is gratitude that turns all that yuck we tend to feel at times, or during unfortunate circumstances, into bigger and better blessings.

Well look at me getting all deep on you here & we just met! That’s how I do :)

I am also making conscious decisions to stay on a positive track, and usually when I commit to things I make lists! Yep, I’m one of those list makers, I can’t get anything done without one. These are super easy and we can all do them:

1. Eat Healthier (being aware of what I consume! I sure don’t need that donut, okay maybe just one *wink* )

2. Don’t procrastinate (valuable to all students out there, who feels me!?)

3. Sleep more (this improves my happiness drastically)

4. Don’t complain over trivial things (let it go, let God)

5. Be a blessing to someone today! The little things are really the big things in life.

I thought I’d end off by sharing a bit of my happy with you all in the best way I know how, pictures!…

My sweet boy, Bandit.

My husky & I are obsessed with each other, I am probably more extreme than your typical “crazy dog lady.” He is getting older and that scares me a bit, because I don’t think I could bare the thought of the day where I enter the house and he isn’t there wagging his tail at me, jumping and licking with excitement. I choose to enjoy every precious moment I have with him and keep him as healthy as I possibly I can. Dogs bring me so much happiness; I don’t think I could ever live without one, especially this special boy. He is so good, a sneaky little wolf, but he puts the biggest smile on my face.

My Best Friend.

Neal is my long-time boyfriend, but more than that he is my best friend. He is my biggest supporter and does things regularly to make my heart smile. Little things every day & big romantic gestures too. I think it’s the little things that mean the most to me though, because they make up so much of who he is. He doesn’t need a day or occasion to celebrate or show me how much he loves me. He also co-photographs with me! I wish I had more eloquent words to describe what an amazing man he is and write out the long list of charming, sweet things he has said and done for me. I wish for this kind of a love for everyone.


This sets my heart on fire! I have found so much peace and joy in this work. I have been doing photography on and off since 2010, but recently launched my own business earlier on this year. It has been a huge blessing; I have been able to meet such sweet and amazing people. I love what I do; it brings me fulfillment and happiness.

So, happy is the buzzword of the day. I know you can find it, all you have to do is adjust some little things and you will see a huge change in your health and state of mind. I had so much fun guest blogging and talking to you all today, and hopefully you took away something positive to apply to your life too.



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  3. You all are so sweet! So nice chatting with everyone on this beautiful platform.

    Thanks for having me Shay!! xoxo
    Big hugs & kisses from T.O.

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    AND I miss you a lot. It was sad not waking up to you today :)