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DIY: Business Cards


I've had a business for about 2 years now and GUESS what. I've never had a business card. 

I KNOWWWW! I deserve a big fat F-MINUS. I'll just do us both a favor and insert the big ol' "L" to the top of my forehead. It's cool, I TOTALLY deserve it. 

I'm aware that this is just plain ridiculous. I blame it on my indecisiveness and since I'm still in the process of rebranding my company...I haven't ordered cards because I don't have an official logo yet. 

I just haven't wanted to spend the money on cards that either a. I'm not proud of or b. going to change in just a few months when I have my brand new...BRAND.

However, back in May I booked my trip to Making Things Happen 2012: Chicago and I promised myself that I would have business cards. At that point, I thought I was going to have my website up, my official logo, and the whole big bam boom enchilada...but guess what... I don't have those things yet (longggg story). And here I am, TWO days away from flying out to this conference/seminar/kickbuttpeptalkforbusinesswomen and I have NOTHING to hand out. 


NOT acceptable, RIGHT!?!? I went into HOLY CRAP BATMAN mode and knew I had to come up with something.

I grabbed my sweet friend Nycia and ran to Hobby Lobby & Michaels for the business card crisis. Here is what we came up with...

Things You Need: 
1. Cardstock/Glitter Paper (Or any color that matches your brand/business)
2. Sharpie
3.Decorative Tape
4.Hole Punch (This can be any shape to your liking. I chose the heart for the gold heart theme my brand will be centered around.)
5. Back up heart hole punch (This particular one is smaller than #4, for variety)
6. Scissors
8. Clear Plastic Bags

Step One: Hole punch your decorative paper. This paper can be any color you prefer. I love gold, so naturally, that's what I'm using. :) 

Step Two: Lay out your hearts.

Step Three: Print out your information out on your card stock and cut it out. I cut mine out in squares, but you're free to cut it out in whatever shape you would prefer.

Step Four: Sprinkle your confetti shapes into the clear plastic bag.

 Step Five: Place your card stock into the plastic bag & fold the bag towards the front of your card.

Step Six: Use your decorative tape to seal your bag.

 Step Seven: Admire your pretty new handmade business cards! :)

Kind of fun right? If you love squares, circles, stars, triangles...incorporate those in with your bag. What's YOUR brand centered around? I chose this tape because the wall in my office is a big gold chevron pattern (Office Reveal coming SOON) and I chose the gold hearts because I feel that they define me and my business.

Have fun with it y'all~ and embrace the DIY. It's easy, fun, and something different than your average business card. I can't believe I waited this long! *Face Palm*

P.s.) The rest of this month is INSANE. Today I'm working alllll day, have to PACK for Chicago, have to go visit my Mom in the hospital (prayers, please), AND I have a wedding out of town tomorrow. I'll probably get home at about 3 in the morning and then I'm up, and out for MTH2012. I can't wait to meet Lara,  Emily, and Gina! I also get to room with some awesome ladies including my  sweet, talented and beautiful friend Rhiannon Muffin Pants from Hey Gorgeous. I'm pretty PUMPED!

I have three guest bloggers that will take over Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday that I'll be gone, but I'll be back Thursday to recap my trip! Then it's meetings, work, and another wedding that next Saturday, followed by my trip to Boston to visit Erica and Sabrina. MY oh MY is this month cray cray or what!

It's my first to Chicago EVER so hopefully it's cold! I LOVE cold weather! EEEEK~ Alright, my to-do list is overwhelming like WHOA and I should probably get started on that right meooow.

My thoughts are obviously all over the place. Bazingaaa!

Love y'all so much! Thank you for the prayers...they are appreciated more than you'll ever know! XO!

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  1. STOP IT RIGHT NOW. I am OBSESSED with these. You are brilliant!

  2. THESE ARE ADORABLE SHAY!!!! I'M OBSESSED. Also, you are SO close to me when you will be in chicago!wah!!

  3. holy moly. my heart cant take these! they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  4. LOVE the glitter hearts! so sweet!

  5. SHAY THESE ARE SO CUTE! It is my secret dream (and will totally happen once I move) to start a custom confetti/banner company, you're hired!

    P.S. I want one of your totally amazing business cards please!

  6. Such a cute idea! I was busy with glitter last night DIYing some greeting cards :) It's so much fun to buy pretty supplies and turn them into something even prettier! :) xo

  7. Love, Love, Love your idea!!! Have fun in Chicago!

  8. They are so perfect! Of course, you and Nycia together would make something so fabulous. Love!!

  9. Shay these are fabulous and so you! Great idea!

  10. I would say you did one heck of an amazing job, sister!! You go!! If I had a business to make cards for I would soooo be trying this. Maybe I'll just make "Julia is Awesome" cards, instead.

  11. Those are the most adorable business cards EVER!

  12. These are the cutest business cards ever!! Love them.

  13. Such a cute idea! They look great!!!

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  15. Those cards are absolutely adorbs xx


  16. These are precious! Such a creative idea!


  17. These are so cute!! I would definitely take note of whatever business it was that gave me a card like this.

  18. These are perfect and adorable and look great..i will definitely consider this when design plastic business cards.

  19. This is the best idea everrrrr! So freakin adorable!

  20. Who wouldn't want a Shay card sprinkled in gold hearts <3

  21. like the post..that's what i want to do same with plastic cards.

  22. Those cards are SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love them!

  23. You’ve managed to be without a business card for two years. I think you can manage for a little longer. I’m not encouraging you to go with this lack of business card thing, okay? I just see your point in not wanting to spend money on something you can’t be proud of. In marketing, consumers buy (and this is an observable fact) from those who know how to promote their products. Good luck in rebranding, Shalyn! Remember that a good logo builds trust.

  24. These are so ADORABLE! I want to make these. Hope your enjoying Chicago! If you need any shopping/restaurant recommendations let me know! The weather is beautiful here this week. Enjoy your trip!

  25. Simple and easy to design..your approach towards designing inspires me a lot, can you share video tutorial with us.....

  26. OH MY GOSH. These are PERFECT! So adorable. You are so talented!

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