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I'd like to know.


You know that feeling when your heart is so FULL and your passions are being ignited and ideas and wants and dreams are just bursting at the seams?

Well, I have that feeling. I call it brain gibberish.

I have so much going on upstairs right now I can't even keep up. My brain must be thinking, "LADY! YOU CRAZY! SLOW DOWN!" (I don't know why but I totally just said this in a Honey Boo Boo voice, Lord, Help me!)

My journal is full of words, doodles, dreams, desires, wants, wisdom, quotes, pictures, plans, YOU NAME IT.

It's an incredible, scary, buckle your pants, hold on tight, big gulps, wipe your forehead, hand over your heart, WHOLY FREAKING COW batman kind of feeling!

It's time for me to start sharing. I want to help. I want to inspire. I want to share my whole heart with y'all.

I am planning to start sharing my photography work more. I know I did in the beginning and kind of stopped. I have a thousand reasons why but now I think it's time to start again.

However, even though I have A LOT up my sleeve, I'm curious.

What is it that you want to know? Do you have any questions? Do you have anything you particularly want me to share with you?

I'm all ears.

But you should desire to follow my dreams is in full force at this moment. I haven't felt this motivated in a long time. I'm no longer scared of taking the leap. I'm no longer waiting for things to happen. I'm going to jump right in. NAKED!!! Don't you feel the most vulnerable when you're naked? The most insecure? Well, if not, HIGH FIVES and KNUCKLE BUMPS for you. Me? I just want to hide in a little ball, call Jenny Craig and beg for clothes to cover me up. SO, that's why I've decided to more or less, be naked on this blog. Naked as in I'm here to share my heart. I'm not hiding anything. Not even the cellulite.

You have ONE life. ONE heart. WHY not share it?

I've been talking to God a lot lately and he's pretty much smacked me on the head a few times for letting the devil make his way into my heart and enter self doubt A LOT.

The devil would say "You're not good enough Shay, Give up!" God would just come right back and say, "You're amazing Shalyn. GO FOR IT. DO IT. DO IT. FLY!"

Well, I don't know about you but that God of ours? He's Great. He knows what he's talking about. :)

So, now that I'm finally going for my dreams and have a few fun, awesome, SHAYtastic things up my sleeve...

What is it that you want to know? Any questions? Anything you'd like to see me share more of?

I'd love to know.

Have a beautiful day love bugs! :)

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  1. I love this post!!! :) That devil is WRONG! You're such an inspiring person! I can't wait to see what you come up with!!

  2. I love this post :) you and me and God have been talking the same language lately!!! :)

  3. There isn't anything in particular that I'd like to know, but I did want to tell you that I can totally feel the change in how happy you are, just based on your writing. :)

  4. Tell me EVERYTHING!!! I'm dying to know!

  5. ahhh!!! such a good post. i really want to study graphic design & get into public relations. i've always wanted to do that yet...i don't know why i always doubt myself. i want to put more time and effort into my blog....and i loooooooove when i mess with the design myself.........but i don't make that push.

    i need to.

    you're an inspiration with your story!

    and yes, share more photographs please.

  6. i guess id like to know how you got started with you overcame the "should i do this"? feelings...and what you did to get where you are now :)

  7. Shay! I think you are amazing and you have inspired me in so many ways with your blog and just how I see your relationship with DDHP! I think you are truly amazing and full of life! You are definitely someone I see doing exactly what their dreams are! Shine on girl!

  8. can't wait to hear all of it...and stinkin' Satan, just get out of the way!

  9. so excited for you and everything that is to come. i love that you have taken the leap and have followed your dreams and passions. i think there are just too many of us that are too afraid and never just go for it. we all just wish and hope, but never do. me being one of those people.
    i loveed reading this and i hope to read much more inspirations from you. thanks!!! :)
    cant wait to read about what youve got up your sleeve.

  10. Good for you Shay! You have so many talents, and I am so happy you use them to give God the glory. He has blessed you that is for sure. I love transparency, it is something I value the most, being able to share your heart. & my dear Shay, you have a beautiful one. Like God would say, do it do it fly! <3

  11. wow i love this! something I'm interested in just because of where I am in my life is how other people felt after graduating from college. I'm struggling to adjust and find that door to the next chapter, and I really want to fly, (like God is telling you to fly), but I have no idea what I'm supposed to do that would be 'flying' for me!

  12. It's so nice to hear how happy and positive things are for you! I am so inspired to hear about how your choices have led to this level of happiness and willingness to just jump!

  13. I'm just so happy for you and the place you are in! This is really, truly so exciting Shay. Your faith is also an inspiration to me... so thanks for being awesome!

  14. That God! He sure is the bees knees!! So happy and excited for you!!!