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Aggie Traditions.


Good Morning Muffinheads!

Lately, for the past two years I have been the schedule keeper. I make the calendar. It's not that I am one of those, "It's either my way or the highway" kind of wives, it's just that photography literally OWNS my weekends to the core. I had a bridal shoot scheduled for Saturday, but since the weather decided to cool down and stay wet, we had to reschedule. This opened up the calendar to go visit Andrew's best friend in College Station earlier in the day than we had planned.

This weekend was an Andrew weekend and I gladly tagged along. Happy Husband, Happy Wife? OK so that's not how it goes, but sometimes, I have to just accept that my husband does have plans and I have to willingly accept. ;) .

So, since plans changed, Drew and I headed to College Station earlier than we were planning, and met up with Kristen and Chris. We watched the Aggies beat SMU, and scored some kisses in the meantime. (An Aggie tradition is to kiss the girl your with every time Texas A&M scores...makes football a lot more fun for us ladies if I do say so myself!)

You see, Aggie's are sort of HUGE with traditions. If you aren't an Aggie, or married to an Aggie, you probably won't understand, BUT if you are familiar with their pride and traditions, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

After the game, Kristen headed to her friend's ring dunk, and we headed to Andrew's best friend Cody's house. It's a long story, but Cody is probably one of the smartest people in the world (got accepted into MIT, full-ride to Texas A&M, etc. smart) and let's just say he's had a couple of things get in the way of getting his degree. However, he's getting his degree in May in Aerospace Engineering and we are all very proud of him. It was a BIG DEAL to be there for Cody this weekend.

Another Aggie tradition (a HUGE Aggie tradition) is that when you have a certain amount of hours under your belt, you can order your Aggie ring. There is a Ring day at their school, and your family comes in and witnesses this, takes pictures, some people cry, it's just a BIG DEAL. After you receive your ring, the next tradition is to dunk your ring. Dunking your ring means that you have to fill up a pitcher of beer, drop your ring in it, and time yourself to see how fast you can drink the pitcher of beer.

When Andrew dunked his ring back in 2007, he did it in 72 seconds. Granted, he threw up in between those 72 seconds and yes, my feet might have been in the path of destruction. GROSS, I know. Well, since Cody dunked his ring THIS weekend, Cody made it a point to make sure Andrew dunked his ring with him.

We counted down and the dunking of rings began. Andrew came in second place with 48 seconds, and Cody came in 4th place. The theme for the weekend was, "It's about Gawddunk Time!" Pretty clever, right? :) We had a blast and as always, it's always great to see old friends and make new friends.

On Sunday, we met Andrew's parents at the deer lease about an hour outside of College Station. With deer season quickly approaching, Andrew's Dad is in need of help in order to prep (move deer stands, mow, weed eat, fill feeders, etc.) and I have to pretty much just accept that this is time of year I don't see Drew as much. Sad, but true.

We moved Andrew's deer stand, got bit by fire ants and chatted with my sweet mother-in-law. Drew and I rode in the back of the trailer in these little plastic chairs and got pulled by the in-laws. It was hilarious when the trailer came off of the gator and Drew and I fell back laughing because we almost tipped over. Bahaha.

We got back home late last night, and now my work week starts. These next couple of months are just crazy packed with events, weddings, photo shoots, trips, birthday's, meetings, etc. As crazy as it all sounds, it makes me happy. I have tons to share with y'all.

Have an awesome Monday love muffins! I may or may not be planning a video to celebrate 1,000 followers. THANK Y'ALL SO MUCH FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! WHOO-HOO! :)

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  1. Sounds like a great weekend!! :)

  2. An Andrew weekend. I love it!! :-) GO AGGIES!!! i want an aggies shirt!! hahaha

    this sounds like a fab weekend and i love the part that says these next couple of months includes TRIPS because i know one of those involves a trip to MEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love you dear and am obsessed with your design


  3. Love the dunk your ring idea! Sounds like fun. I'm also jealous of the whole "kiss your girl" everytime your team scores tradition...I might have to start that with my team :) Have a great week, Shay!

  4. Whoop! Love seeing the Aggie traditions! Ring dunks are always fun! (sometimes embarrassing) I may or may not have come in 2nd to last place out of 12 girls at my ring dunk! And I'll always love College Station! :)

  5. I've never told you this but you and DDHP are my favorite Aggies...and being a Longhorn sister...that was tough to say...(lez just hope the brother doesn't find this comment or OFF with my head!)

    SO be it. I just love y'all!

    Oh-and what the hell??!! How do you and Kristen keep getting to play all the time?! I mean, I looked for you everywhere in Kauai but never found you! ;)

  6. Ughhh I have a love/hate relationship with ring dunks! They're always fun because I'm excited for my friends that just got their ring but hate to see them dunk it! After dunking my ring, I STILL get a sick feeling in my stomach watching someone else do it.

    So glad you guys had fun in CS! Gig Em!

  7. 1,0000 followers?! girl you are so fly!! and i love this post...i miss football tailgating so much!

    PS - whenever i see pics of you and bang swoop on instagram it makes my heart so happy. and we are like real-life friends now on FB and instagram. i'm kind of really excited about that!